Dana White: “Cain Looked Insane, He Was So Good” (UFC 155 Aftermath Video)

December 31, 2012
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A quick knockout for either man, yes. Perhaps a submission, sure. But a five-round, domination by Cain Velasquez? Now that, nobody saw coming.

Velasquez’s five-round domination of Junior dos Santos at UFC 155 was one of the most lopsided title fights in UFC history, but even so, dos Santos showed the heart of a champion by never giving in and forcing it to go bell to bell.

“Imagine if that had been the first fight on Fox… damn it,” remarked UFC president Dana White when all was said and done.

“In a million years, no way did I think that thing would go five rounds.”

Check out what else Dana White had to say following the UFC 155 post-fight press conference in Las Vegas…

  • Timothy Malone

    Does Dana really think this would have been a better fight on Fox? I personally enjoyed the stunning 2 minute knockout over this fight that was basically over in the first but with Velasquez too tired to finish during the next 20 minutes.

    • stevemcz11

      Velasquez might have finished if he wasnt so tired from having to break Dos Santos grip on the cage for almost every takedown. I count a minimum of 10 times Dos Santos grabbed the cage to help him stay on his feet and its probably a lot more. The count was 3 or 4 before Cain dropped him in the first round. Guess we will never know how badly Junior would have been beat that night if he had fought fair

      • Timothy Malone

        But did he even need those takedowns? There were several points where it looked like Velasquez could finish with a flurry against the cage and he never delivered. He either was too tired or was playing it too safe against an opponent who was barely in the fight. Either way it doesn’t make for an overly exciting performance in my opinion.

      • Darin

        I have no problem with Cain, I think he’s an awesome fighter and a worthy champion. But every time he fights I can’t help but notice……he sure has a lot of angry dicks for fans.

        • stevemcz11

          Well if all they do is state facts then the problem is more than likely yours

  • Mike mckinney

    I seemed to have watched a different fight than a lot of other people.
    Had jds landed a big shot in the last minute of the first round we’d all be talking about how embarrassing it was for Cain to be flopping around on the ground chaseing an ankle scared to death to be standing with jds. I’m not one to call fighters scared ever, but holy crap. Cain acted like there was a sniper in the rafters looking for a clean shot.
    Cain then for 22 minutes of a fight had jds dead in the water, and could put him down.
    It was a good ugly win for Cain, but the only impressive thing was that he figured out a way to not get knocked out.

    • stevemcz11

      Yeah you are right. You watched a different fight. Check out UFC 155 main event to see what people are talking about. But be warned it is brutally one sided

    • Oswald Cobblepott

      Ya you did watch a different fight remember JDS gettin floored by right hands and suplexes? JDS still cannot eat a full meal or see out of his left eye. The only impressive part of JDS’s performance was how he stayed on his feet. Your an idiot go back to hooters meathead.

      • Sumo Charlie

        That’s freakin hilarious. Cain Haters will say anything but your response hit it right on the nose. Cain was in “give me my mother*&^% belt back” mode…yet people want to showcase how it started rather than how it ended, with JDS out of commission, JDS is a good guy though, and very worthy fighter!

      • macgrubber

        go back to hooters? you must be gay cuz last time i checked hooters has hot big breasted women who feed me food. I dunno how thats a bad thing bro.

    • Darin

      Yep, that’s how I remember it too. I’ll watch it again.

    • Jay32

      Well reactions like this are how fans and 99% of the worlds population is. Blinded to the reality of what was really shown and happy with the illusion pulled over their eyes. Was this a dominate devastating victory for Cain? Hell no, and even Cain knows it and immediately explained he has lots of work to do. When you cannot finish a person whom simply is just standing, it says a lot about the ” LACK ” of power and skill set you poses. Who is really surprised that a Black House fighter lost because he was out wrestled. The only things proven in this fight are simply the following. Cains gas tank is not half of what the media makes it out to be.. He was gased himself at the end of the 3rd round. JDS needs to seriously reconsider is training location and methods. When the only input your corner has is to keep throwing uppercuts, you need to find yourself better management/corner men. JDS should have been far more aggressive with Cain on the ground after missing take downs. He should have been using straight jabs to keep Cain at bay and off balance. In worse case using heavy combos and knees, while pulling full guard if Cain went for a take down, instead of running back and being placed against a fence with him in mount or side control. Lastly he needs to figure out how to be a conditioned boxer.. If you can’t throw punches after 2 mins of wrestling, you got serious problems. Moving to the states and working at high altitude will immediately start working on his conditioning and how muscles use the oxygen.

      • DANGABLE

        JDS was out wrestled out struck and outclassed for 5rds. To quote JDS after the fight, “he was just better than me.”

      • macgrubber

        if u want people to read your comments dont write a novel bro.


      The whole world watched a different fight than you. For 5 rounds Cain beat JDS in every aspect of MMA. He dominated Junior to the point where it was painful to watch. Any heavy weight can knock out any other with a clean, well placed shot. JDS had 5 rds to try and duplicate what he did in the first fight and he proved that it was a lucky shot by not doing the slightest bit of damage. The question you should be asking is what is more impressive a guy who wins via one lucky shot or the guy who completely dominates for 5 rounds.

      • marcus miles

        I wouldn’t say it was a lucky shot. He knows how to box and knows how to land shots. The thing is cain was able to land a hard overhand right early on that set the pace for the fight. Not everyone can clear cobwebs after a blow like that. Cain was on jds not allowing him to breath. Jds didn’t have an undefeated record with a grip of ko’s by a series of lucky shots. Cain was just that good and anyone could win on any given night.

  • Yannick Messaoud

    Cain could have finish the fight he is so damn powerful, i feel he wanted to make a statement and did he ever. This guy is an enigma, i feel bad for Dos Santos i really like him has a fighter, and he got owned in a terrible way. I really hope they get a rematch down the road. Overeem made a dumb comment on is tweeter account saying Dos Santos looked pretty, for a cheaping bastard like he is and coming back he should keep is mouth shut. I am looking forward for him to comeback but he should stop acting like a douche bag

    • Dino

      I think Cain has a glass jaw! The fight was fixed to promote mexican fighters to have an event in Mexico! Check Congo dropped Cain and Cain went to he’s knees and grabbed Congo and summited Congo! Roy nelson, overeem,mir,etc…can beat cain!!

  • Maddawgmar

    My question is, where are all the JDS fans that was calling him the greatest heavyweight of all time. I like JDS, but he got schooled. I am really looking forward to JDS working his way back to a title shot rubber match. Two totally different fights, a third would be amazing.

  • DanaWhiteMobster

    After watching the first round, it was pretty clear to me something was funky, JDS was clearly avoiding touching Cain’s face at all costs (re-hash of pikers final fight on Snatch)… last two rounds confirmed (what was he doing bounced around in the 5th round if he had gassed out on the first round?). JDS threw the fight, took the biggest official check home (plus the $pecial comission for being a team player) and allowed Dana to keep selling heavy weight league to the dumb masses that would otherwise be bored to death will ******* brazillians owning belts permanently.

  • These guys will fight again. JDS, Cain and The Reem are gonna go back and fourth fighting each other. They are the elite of that division for sure.

  • Credit to Cain for putting on the performance of his career and dominating JDS, no one saw that coming.

    However it was apparent that JDS was not himself. He was not aggressive, he looked bewildered and confused by the pace that Cain set, he just wasn’t ready for that type of relentless aggression.

    JDS didn’t put together combos, he wasn’t aggressive, he kept looking for that one big right-hand that he never had time to throw because Cain didn’t give him time to even think.

    Cain clearly had the right game plan and JDS did not.

    This reminds me of the first fight, JDS had everything right and Cain had everything wrong, and this time it was reversed.

    I can see JDS coming back with a better game plan and knocking out Cain again.

    I think it would be best to throw Overeem in there to mix it up against either one of them, probably JDS is a better bet since they have beef, then the winner gets Cain.

    I don’t see Overeem beating either one of them, but will be a fun fight to watch nonetheless.

  • bajafox

    The belt is back where it finally belongs but for how long who knows? I’d be willing to throw Big Country’s name in the hat to face JDS, Reem or Cain in 2013. Should be a good year for the HW division as long as they can stay healthy

  • DWM

    Fight was fixed, end of the story.

  • Bweave

    That was the worst fight iv ever seen, you people really think that lop fest was championship level??! Absolutely pathetic

  • minimoosemma

    I thought JDS was going to beat Cain standing up, just figured Cain couldnt get him to the mat…..boy was i wrong

  • Mike mckinney

    The last thing I am is a “Cain hater.” He’s just looked much better in other fights
    Yes, jds caught Cain last time. I don’t call guys lucky. The thing is Cain caught jds in the 1st in this fight. The difference is jds put Cain down and out with his. However, Cain put jds out, but on his feet for nearly 2 1/2 rds in this one.
    I was amazed that jds was able to get up as easily as he did. Outside of the end of the 1st rd I’m not sure Cain had him down for more than 30 seconds at a time. I wouldn’t be surprised if this fight set records for takedowns/attempts/stuffs.
    Cain was better in the fight, but the fight was really sloppy.
    There were only about 3minutes in the fight that both guys were in their right mind. Cains ankle chaseing was a bit embarrassing.
    Also, yes Cain out landed jds but its not as if its because he’s a better striker. It seems like people are trying to imply that.

    • Mike mckinney

      Jds got to a point where he was soley defending the ankle chaseing and wasn’t being a “striker” anymore. That was exactly what Cain wanted. Smart plan, but it doesn’t make him a “better striker.”

  • Manny

    Yea I see a lot of denial here, guys refusing to see the excellence of cain’s performance, he outboxed jds left him the typical hamburger face, out wrestled him, out grappled him, outpaced him, and outclassed him… Yes jds took it like a man but he was simply destroyed! Type all the little ‘could of done this’ scenarios you want for Cain but the evidence that he is the better man is undeniable. And to the mike mck guy, yea you definitely saw another fight.