Dana White: “Brock Lesnar is Not Coming Back”

February 2, 2014

BrockLesnarUFC116_0035-460x270The speculation of Brock Lesnar returning to mixed martial arts can now stop.

UFC president Dana White ended the rumors during the UFC 169 post-fight press conference in Newark, N.J., on Saturday saying Lesner is not returning to the organization.

“No, Brock Lesnar is not coming back. Brock Lesnar is not fighting. Does he want to come back? We’ve talked about him wanting to come back,” said White.

“He feels like he wasn’t 100-percent while he was here. He feels like he sold himself a little short, and all the stuff that I’ve told you before. But no, he’s not. We have no deal with Brock Lesnar. He’s not coming back anytime soon.”

Lesnar (5-3) won the UFC heavyweight title in his third fight in the organization, defeating Randy Couture at UFC 91 in November 2008. He defended the title twice. He retired in 2011 following back-to-back losses to Cain Velasquez and Alistair Overeem.

The 36-year-old pro wrestler turned UFC champion returned to sports entertainment following his retirement from fighting. He is currently under contract with the World Wrestling Entertainment and will be through 2015.

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  1. Well of course he wasn’t 100%. How can any fighter be 100% after diverticulitis?

    In his last fight against Overroid, Brock left “a great striker” with a bloody mouth – probably Alistair kissed couple of teeth goodbye.
    The fight ended after Overeem landed a knee to the most vulnerable part of Lesnar’s body, the part that had a serious operation – a stomach.
    Overeem has nothing to be proud of here, and healthy Brock would’ve done to him the same thing he did to Herring.

    • I think Brock was maybe healthy the first two or three fights. His cardio during the herring fight was incredible. He was relentless. It seems right after he beat Couture is when he didn’t seem himself. While he didn’t have all of the tools of some of the more accomplished fighters, he seemed to be absolutely learning, hence the arm triangle choke on Carwin.
      If had started younger, I think he would have been a devastating fighter.

      • Why didn’t he have the tools do become an accomplished fighter?
        His BJJ was improving all the time, his fists have enough power to knock down opponents and to finish the fight.

        The tools were there all right. The disease made him unable to use them properly.

        • hahaha Alex, what are you Brocks little bitch, I could care less about Brocks future, but if Brock were to pull his sack out, there would be Alex swanging and dangling from his nuts. Get a life bro instead of being a internet gangster everytime someone says something about your imaginary bestfriend

          • If I’m the internet gangster, you’re the internet rape victim.

            You can hate all you want, Brock doesn’t care and neither do I.
            Seems like you are butthurt because someone had a better career, then you’ll ever have in your life – well, deal with it)

          • I don’t think gangsters synonymous with rape you sick bastard

          • haha…no disrespect but this was the funniest rant of all time from top to bottom and your comment was a nice ending…haha

          • haha you obviously do care. You’ve responded to every comment criticizing Lesnar.

        • Brock’s a wimp and couldn’t take a hit so he left and went back to the fake crap at WWE. Apeman is terrible.

        • His bjj and striking are non-existent. A class wrestler, but not much more.

      • Other than wrestling, I don’t think Brock had any, let alone all, of the tools of an accomplished fighter. The man is a world class athlete, no doubt, and his agility was extremely impressive for a person his size. But his striking was horrible, he hated getting hit, and if Carwin wasn’t utterly gassed Brock would have had no chance of pulling off a submission…he had the BJJ of a first year student. Carwin gave him that choke because he was punched out and had nothing left. Brock really helped transform the heavyweight division by showing that a large man could have cardio, agility, and could dominate more skilled fighters (Mir, Couture) with his sheer power and athleticism, but put him in the cage with Cain, or JDS, or Browne, or Werdum, and I think he loses 9 out of 10 times. Brock was good for the UFC and great for the division, but his technical skills were never going to reach a world class level, and he should stay retired from MMA, in my opinion.

        • LOL saying in one sentence “Brock didn’t like getting hit”, and then mentioning the fight where he got his zillion of times, took it like a man and then came back winning.

          Brock busted a face of “K-1 champ” Overeem open and knocked down Herring with a punch hard as a truck.

  2. Huge Brock fan always will be and I would love too see him back was looking good in the overseen fight even cut his eye I would have loved to see him start mma ten years ago

  3. Damn……wanted to see that puss get hit again and then see him take a year off then come back and get hit again then take a year off then come……you get the picture. I cant decide which thing he fakes better…WWE or that hes not gay!?!?

    • The only puss here is you, loser.
      Brock took all the punches like a man, Carwin hit him with everything but the kitchen sink and did he tap from strikes? No he didn’t.
      Unlike Overeem, for example, that was tapping from strikes numerous times during his career and got stunned from every serious punch that was thrown at his face.

      I understand that you want him to be gay, but sorry, princess – he’s not into boys, so you won’t have a chance.

      • Easy thier Alexia…..I never said he couldnt take a punch i said he TAKES A FKN YEAR OFF AFTER HE GETS PUNCHED TRANNY!! And you go and bring up Overeem WHO KNOCKED HIS PUSS ASS OUT?? REALLY?? Then you say i want him to be gay and call me princess?? Queer boy?? Brock sez scratch your chin….. CUZ HIS BALLS ITCH!!

      • Brock got whooped by the pride!

    • Take the steroids away from Brock and the apeman weighs 165 lbs.

  4. The only fights Brock’s winning these days is beating up Sable behind closed doors.

    • Brock has more money than you will have in your whole life, and has been with prettier chicks, than you only can imagine masturbating in your mother’s basement.

      He used to be a #1 heavyweight fighter on the planet, while you’re only #1 in amount of lunch money that your classmates beat out of you in the schoolyard.

      • well done.

    • Alex you need to pull Brock’s cock out of your mouth.
      Who gives a flying fuk if he has more money than me or you.
      Like that inbred white trash is gonna be sharing any of it with you or me.
      The guys a shitty fighter and that’s the bottom line.

  5. Good that steroid white ape lesnar cannot take a real man’s punch anyway. Big Gorilla goes out like a woman.

    • LOL how many punches of Carwin he took?
      And when was he caught on steroids, unlike Overeem?

      The one who can’t take a real man’s punch is you, but you sure can take a real man’s spit to the face, like you do every day.

      • To be fair, that Carwin/Lesnar fight should have been stopped in the first. If Carwin wasn’t so prone to gassing after 1 rd he would’ve KO’d Lesnar easily in the 2nd.

        And criticizing a non-fighter on a message board for not being able to take a hit is the dumbest shit I’ve ever read.

        • prone to gassing, how many times in his career did carwin gas exactly? people seem to have no clue and confuse brocks bad striking defense with him having a weak chin, he hasnt got ko’d cold. and i bet you cant name a heavy weight who has defended a title in the ufc more times than brock

          • Randy defended it five times total…3x and 2x in different reigns.

          • no mate he defended it twice, winning the title is not a defence, his 3rd attempt was against josh barrnett and he got tko’d. the next time he defended it one before been beat by brock.

        • Funny how you didn’t add the racist “White Ape Gorrilla” comment in you critique of Horace’s post too Kyle. Were it Cain and Horace called him a “proud Brown Ape Gorrilla”, would that have been better? LOL

          You guys are stoopid funny.

  6. Lesnar couldn’t take a hit and went out like the white ape gorilla Lessie is. Steroid stiff lesnar takes a punch like a girl model would and crumbled like a cheap suit. Lesnar is a joke.

  7. Wrestling and the fake steroid Lessie are made for each other.

  8. Please help someone in here is choking…Alexia has Brock’s meat stuck in his throat!

  9. I like the scar Cain left on Brock’s face

  10. Awww too bad! Nothing like him getting smashed. I’d pay 500$ to see him take another thrashing. Guess the last 3 pummelings he took, made him run to WWE.

  11. Lesnar likes the fake fighting and the pulled punches and the scripted outcomes. A real man that lesnar. Big white ape Gorilla man.

  12. If he learned to take a punch he would be unstoppable. He was the best thing that happened to the UFC “slow” heavyweight division.

  13. Nobody in the UFC heavyweight division is even close to how dynamic Brock is. So what if he came from WWE. He’s an athlete and a national champ wrestler for Christ sake. Why such hate?

  14. I’m struggling to under the logic in these comments. Brock Lesnar was UFC champion. I’m by no means an expert on MMA but doesn’t being a champion mean you’re a good fighter by default? Towards the end of his fighting career he developed a disease that gave him growths in his gut which I understand are painful when struck.
    WWE takes some balls as well google something along the lines of Brock Lesnar shooting star press off a forklift. Wrestling is ‘fake’ but it still hurts.

    Also a gorilla’s neck is so strong they’re virtually un-KO-able so that comparison is flattering to any fighter.

    • struggling to *understand*