Dana White Breaks Down St-Pierre vs. Shields; Is Nick Diaz Next for GSP?

May 1, 2011
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UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre going in to UFC 129 in Toronto felt that Jake Shields would be one of his toughest opponents ever. Critiques will surely debate whether he was or wasn’t, especially since St-Pierre was unable to finish Shields.

St-Pierre, whose face displayed the wear and tear of a fight with Shields, wasn’t able to make the post fight press conference at the Rogers Centre, but UFC president Dana White gave his take on it.

He defended St-Pierre’s inability to finish, saying he is fighting “the very best fighters in the world.”

While White agrees that St-Pierre is as close as a fighter can come to “cleaning out” a division, he also thinks there are always new challenges on the horizon. He addressed the fight, and St-Pierre’s future at the press conference, even commenting on the possibility of a future fight between St-Pierre and Strikeforce champion Nick Diaz.

  • @slmma

    I’d rather see GSP stay in his weight class fight Diaz because Silva is just another level

    • Cptmats

      I honestly think Shields was more of a threat than Silva would be just because of the subbmission ability. With Silva George would take him down at will !

  • phrankthetank

    I think GSP could definitely do what Sonnen almost did, but Silva is obviously the bigger fighter and more than capable of taking him out.

  • PappaK

    Silva can comfortably fight at 205. He’s big. Granted St-Pierre is a big welterweight, if ever he did make the jump to middleweight, let him test the waters with someone else first. That said, I think Nick Diaz vs. St-Pierre would be very entertaining. Nick will definitely bring the fight.

  • judo johnson

    Nick will DESTROY gsp, he might even get paid!!!!!! i hope to see jake vs gsp 2 soon!!!!!!!

    • MrAdidas

      judo johnson: BAHAHAHA Diaz would destroy GSP! LOL you mean jsut like Shields was suppose to get him dwon, mount him & submit him?!? Good one, I think you should try Stand Up Comedy b/c you dont know SHIT about MMA. Look what GSP was able to do to Shields with one good eye? Yes GSP wasnt “GSP-like/Sharp” at the end of the 3rd round, 4th & 5th rounds, but not bad for one good eye. GSP would have FINISHED Shields in the 4th or 5th had he two good “EYE”! The only thing Shields did was grab GSP’s leg…… WOW how impressive, not once was he even remotely close to getting GSP off balance, let alone take him down. Diaz doesnt have power in his striking, he likes to throw many punches in bunches to score pts & to annoy his oponent (very smart & believe it or not, he knows how to do it & do it well – not just throw & get taken down etc.) BUT Diaz has ALWAYS had trouble with good wrestlers, look at his fights Vs wrestlers/grapplers & those are his toughest fights. GSP would run all over Diaz EZ!!! Shields is the “top” fighter at his camp, even better than Gil Melendez – so they say, hard to argue with his record. BUT Diaz wouldnt stand much of a chance Vs. GSP. I think GSP needs fighters to trash talk b4 the fight, b/c he fights much much better when they do. EX: Serra 2, BJ Penn 2, Koscheck 2, Trigg, M. Miller etc. And Diaz would be perfect to trash talk GSP & get the beating of his life. You can say Diaz would/could beat GSP, thats your opinion, albeit not a very intelligent one, but its your right, BUT to say “Nick will DESTROY gsp” – BAHAHAHAHAH your an IDIOT!!!

  • armendo420

    i think diaz and gsp would be a better fight then shields and gsp. but if gsps eye hadnt gottin messed up i think he would have finished jake!!!! (just what i think) but nick has a stand up and a ground game so i think it would test gsp for sure!!! diaz aims for the button and that is the one thing gsp knows he has to defend the most is his chin!!!!

    • MrAdidas

      armendo420: Looks like your off the “sauce” today, good to see! I mostly agree with what you said, GSP VS. Shields 2 would be a beat down, which it was in the 1st fight for the first two rounds, until the eye injury & Shields still couldnt come close to taking GSP down, let alone beat him. Nick has ÈgoodÈ stand up but its not a normal stand up with KO power, he throws punches in bunches but it works & Diaz is good at that, but I dont think he could come close to ,atching GSP’s speed & strength, not to mention Diaz has alot of trouble with good wrestlers\grapplers. One thing I dont agree on b\c your comment isnt based on “fact” per say. Why would GSP have to worry about Diaz aiming for his chin, over any other fighter hes fought?!? Didnt GSP get tagged by BJ in their 1st fight, a few Vs. Fitch, Alves, Koscheck & Shields. I know they werent bombs by any means but he was never in danger or even semi hurt by any of those punches. People need to get over the Matt “lucky” punch Serra, he tagged GSP behind the ear & was th better fighter that night, but NOONE can take a shot behind the ear\head, NOONE. So why are people still sayingéASSuming GSP cant take a punch, when Serra KOèd him with a punch behind the ear? Also, if GSP was KOèd then how did he tap when Serra was on top of him?!? Its either a KO or TKO, cant be both & how does a guy tap if hes KO’d?!? Anyway, GSP has ONLY lost 2 fights out of 24, one of them losses was a TKO b\c of a well placed punch behind the ear, so that means GSP has a weak chin?!? (he didnt even get hit on the chin\jaw) Can someone please explain that logic to me b\c it makes NO sense. They say he has a “weak” chin from a punch that hit him behind the ear which resulted in a TKO, which was hes ONLY TKO loss, yet he has a weak chin. Does that mean everyone who has 2+ TKO’s (resulting from a punch behind the ear) in their career means they have a weak chin?!? That comment doesnt sound nearly as stupid, as saing GSP has a weak chin b\c of 1 TKO loss in his career!!

      • streetfightingacademy

        @ MrAdidas get off st.pierres nut sack, he didnt bring the fight with jake shields at all. Jake has no stand up and gsp did nothing for 5 rounds! Gsp is the best welterweight but his last 3 fights he has not delivered anything good. I hope he fights diaz because diaz will go after him and give us fans a great fight. Oh and plz get off gsp nuts you sound gay defending him.

        WAR DIAZ!!

  • devon1991

    either way nick diaz is a fuckin tool bag hes a second rate fighter and when he hits the ufc youll see that

    • MrAdidas

      devon1991: Well said SIR!!!

  • streetfightingacademy

    I think diaz can beat all the welterweights gsp has fought, fitch, alves, ko’s etc. Diaz vs gsp needs to happen, Diaz has the tools to beat him.