Dana White Blasts Tito Ortiz Over Criticism of Ronda Rousey, “She Smokes You” (UFC Video)

February 1, 2013
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Dana White TUF 16 Press ConferenceSay what you want about Ronda Rousey, she is not only a tremendous fighter, but she is also a media magnet.

UFC president Dana White couldn’t be more pleased to have her in the UFC fold and balks at criticism of her. He took former UFC champion Tito Ortiz… and the media… to task over recent criticism of Ronda Rousey headlining UFC 157.

Check out what Dana White had to say at the UFC 156 media day scrum…

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  • Devii_DMAN

    I’ve seen a lot of UFC fights in my day. My uncle is a trash man and one day he came home with the greatest treasure any mma fan could ask for about 30 tapes starting from UFC1. Back when it was tournament style and you could kick a man while he was down.
    Now as far as Rhonda Rousey Headlining…I could care less about it honestly. Do I think she is the greatest thing since sliced bread? NO! Yes she’s pretty and has an hell of an armbar, but other then that what else does she got? Kurt Angle has a Gold MEDAL in Wrestling does that qualify him to be in the MMA, I think not.
    Rhonda’s First 9 fights and Tito’s First 9, can not and should not be compared. Because she has ended a fight via submission in the first minute, against women who have probably never trained in JUDO until the fight was announced does not impress me.
    I think Rhonda is overrated and when the first female learns how to get out of her armbar, or roll out, Rhonda is going to be in a world of hurt!!!

    • Ed Mister

      Couldn’t agree more about the defense to date against Rousey. Let’s take a step back. She has fought 2 mediocre at best women. In the case of Tate, let’s not forget that Tate had Rousey’s back twice with the hooks in, and couldn’t finish. And she had no problem taking Rousey down. Tate is still a novice. In the case of Kaufman & Tate, neither attempted any defense or counters against the armbar; they simply tried to endure it. Really poor coaching by both camps, but pathetic by Alpha considering that Tate would have ended it with good coaching. Tate could have halted this insanity before it started. Now the UFC is protecting Rousey against Cyborg, let alone giving Rousey titles without even fighting. That is outside the lines.

      • Ronda critics should remember and quote Mike Tyson, “Everybody got a plan until they get punched in the face”. Kaufman and Tate at the time they fought Ronda, were better all around MMA fighters than Ronda. But they could not beat Ronda’s armbar.
        It’s not Ronda’s fault that WMMA growth is on baby steps.
        As far as Cyborg, It’s a fight that will happen if the money is right for Cyborg. That means fighting at 135. Because Ronda is not moving up.

      • Icepick

        Then let’s not forget Jose aldo had the belt before he had a fight in the ufc….did you cry about that too?

      • Oh I am sorry… are you a 2008 FILA Grappling World Championships No-Gi Silver Medalist yourself…Meisha tate is no novice, she may not be at Ronda’s level, but she definitely know how to stop an armbar…just not ronda’s armbar

  • thinking_man

    Don’t go telling me Tito was crushing the greatest fighters on earth his first 9 fights. He was leveraging great cardio and a huge size advantage in a sport that still didn’t have a clue. In a time when nobody had the well rounded skills of a random TUF guy except top tier champions – and only some of them. Rhonda is fighting women who train with men, in modern gyms with modern technique and top tier coaches. Every minute with Rhonda in a fight you are wondering when it’s going to end. Most Tito fights I was pondering if he could really lay on them long enough to win a JD. She smokes Tito and anyone that says otherwise is a ******* nitwit.

    • You failed to think about this, WMMA has not been in the same spotlight that MMMA has been. Due to the lack of exposure there has been not so much a lack of revenue but a lesser revenue garnered by female fighters and that is why the higher level female athletes have slowly trickled into the sport. When did WMMA hit the airwaves and when did MMMA do the same?Ronda just hasn’t faced the best athletes that WMMA can offer yet because they haven’t been there yet.I can tell that there are some Rousey fans here and that is fine but try to be a little more respectful when the truth about WMMA is spoken.A well trained mediocre athlete will lose to a well trained olympic caliber athlete nine times out of ten.

      • thinking_man

        At least we know what MMA is now.. it’s not a BJJ guy fighting a kickboxer with no ground skill. It’s not a collection of people with no wrestling skills and no cardio. Who are you trying to convince, yourself?

    • Chuck Reilly

      You must not have seen Tito’s fights in his prime. He smashed people, and didn’t just lay on them. How many women are on contract with the UFC? Have you ever seen womens 135 lb rankings?

      • thinking_man

        I’ve seen every UFC since UFC 1, including about a dozen of them live. Tito beat people he had an average of 20-25 lb weight advantage over and most of those guys couldn’t wrestle their way out of a wet paper bag.

  • Kobayashi Maru

    Tito’s chick CRISTINE CYBORG don’t want NO PIECE OF RONDA ROUSEY!!!
    She better FOCUS on selling JUICERS… Cause everybody knows the ONLY thing she’s good at is JUICING!! lol

    • El Gvapo

      Peculiar USE of capital LETTERS.

  • Chuck Reilly

    Dana is full of shi*. Does he even have more than two women on contract? Women’s MMA is currently a joke. How can Dana compare Rhonda to any men? How many of you can even name 10 women MMA fighters?

  • candelario

    laila ali and christy martin ,were women’s boxing face, they didn’t have enough quality opponents to make women’s boxing primetime. Same story here.


    Rousey getting KO’d violently with a broken jaw and teeth knocked out would be the greatest thing to ever happen in MMA.


    Funny how Rhonda always fought at 145lbs before. Cyborg destroys this tramp in the 1st round.

  • Mark McDowall

    This is going to be a big issue going forth with the UFC. Here are the issues as I see it right now.

    1. They created a womens “division” and a title belt based around 1 woman(rumor has it that Carmouce is on a 1 fight deal) . What happens if she gets hurt in and can’t ever again? Then what?

    2. You make her first fight the main event over bigger names and veterans that have EARNED the main event spot. I think this PPV will have a very poor buy rate. Should have been a Fox/FX card IMO.

    3. Dana White spent years saying there will never be a womens division in the UFC. The Rousey comes around and he then spends every moment possible talking about how she’s the greatest thing for the sport in a long time. He’s alienating alot of fans and fighters in doing so.

    4. What happens if she looses to Carmouce? You better believe she won’t get the same hype Rousey does. I honestly would like to see that because even a wordsmith like Dana White couldn’t spin that in to a positive for Rousey.

  • ufcnut1

    rousey is just a cash cow for the ufc because of the media attention she is getting, because she is a hot chick who can kick womens asses , but if she loses her next fight she will be dropped like a hot bun,if she fought cyborg she will be destroyed

  • Nikki S

    I’m so sick of Dana blabbering on and on about how great Rhonda Rousey is. We get it Dana…you love the bitch. Now stop putting off the Cyborg fight just because you hate Tito and let Rhonda get her ass beat like she should. You’re protecting her and her constant drama just to make a buck off her dumbass. She makes women look bad by acting like a high school chick who likes to put down all the other girls. She’s disgusting and nothing but a one trick pony, but Dana won’t let her fight anyone who would hurt her.