Dana White Believes B.J. Penn Will Probably Retire from MMA

December 9, 2012
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BJ Penn at UFC 137It’s not the way he wanted it to go, but Saturday night may have marked the last appearance for B.J. Penn inside the UFC Octagon.

Penn lost a one-sided unanimous decision to Canadian young gun Rory MacDonald, which marks his second loss in a row and moves his record to 1-4-1 over his last six fights.

The Hawaiian came back after more than a year away from fighting when he announced his retirement in 2011 following a loss to Nick Diaz at UFC 137.

Now with the loss to MacDonald in the books, UFC President Dana White believes Penn has done all he needs to do in MMA and the UFC, and it’s time to call it a career.

“He didn’t say it tonight, but I think B.J. is probably going to retire, and I wouldn’t mind seeing that. He came back with a fire lit under him. That kid looked so good tonight, Rory looked better than he’s ever looked, the body punches that he threw, you don’t see body punches like that in mixed martial arts. He really put it to B.J. tonight,” White said when speaking with Fuel TV.

Despite taking a massive amount of punishment throughout the 15-minute affair, Penn stuck through it all and never gave up despite MacDonald’s best efforts to finish the fight. Penn showed a ton of heart and toughness, but it wasn’t enough to win or stay competitive against MacDonald on Saturday.

“B.J. is a warrior, talk about a guy that doesn’t give up, and doesn’t quit and just keeps coming. I have so much respect for B.J., I always have, even through the good times and the bad times. I’d like to see him retire,” said White.

Fighting in the UFC since 2001, Penn has been a major part of the organization for many years, and he will continue to work with the promotion through their joint gym venture in his home state of Hawaii.

But with that project as well as all of the other earnings he’s had over the years, Penn isn’t fighting for the money, and he’s been a two-weight class champion already, so White believes it’s just his time to walk away.

“He’s got plenty of money, he’s got a great family who loves him, he’s got babies, a beautiful wife. He’s our partner in the B.J. Penn/UFC gym, he has nothing left to prove to anybody, and everybody loves him,” White stated.

“I’d like to see B.J. retire.”

  • julian moran

    I would like to see BJ Penn back at light weight.

  • Marvin8

    Completely unimpressed by MacDonald. He’s just ok…nothing special. Penn was simply outreached.

    • Kris-tyahn

      Unimpressed by Rory?!? You clearly do not know much about MMA if you are “unimpressed with this kid”, especially since this was the 1st time I’ve ever seen BJ almost finished from strikes/body shots, 1st time ever anyone wabled BJ, that elbow made BJ do the jimmy leg & those body punches made BJ hunch over like an accordion. Thought he was done, but Rory took it easy on BJ & credit to BJ for taking all that punishment.
      “Nothing special”? You sir are very special, b/c you have to be a few cromozones short of being an abled body human being. I guess you were one of those idiots who thought BJ was going to “stop the hype train”?!? BAHAHAHA, apparently Penn nation & Penn himself were WRONG!!!
      Maybe you should learn the basics of MMA, to see what skill & talent really looks like, b/c it’s clear you have no basic knowledge, nor are you educated in this area. Rory is 22 yrs old & just owned BJ Penn, the “new & improved” BJ who showed the world a video of his in shape body shadow boxing in his driveway.


    Bj Penn sucks and is terrible. just a shrimp bum with zero skills a disgrace. never was any good.

    • your dad

      Your a scrub mother fucker

    • MuayThaiFood

      And you’re an idiot who can’t make a proper sentence.

  • BigGuy

    Sad to see him retire, if he chooses to.

  • BobLemons

    He should’ve never gone back to WW. As a big BJ Penn fan, that was hard to watch.

  • Trevor

    Penn was always overrated! Go lick your gloves and retire

  • pooch

    I think MacDonald showed no respect or class when dropping his hands and doing a poor Ali Shuffle.

    • BJ Sucks

      Yeah, he should have licked BJ’s gloves…

      • Kris-tyahn

        LOL – Game Set & Match! I find it funny how Anderson Silva does the EXACT same thing Rory did, yet Silva is “cool” when he does it, but if Rory does it, he’s classless & disrespectful?!? STFU, people have to stop okaying one guy who does it, while bashing another for the exact same behaviour.
        Though, I will agree it was in poor taste & disrespectful of Rory, but I always said the same about Silva & Diaz. Yet people say it’s okay for Silva & Diaz to do it?!? It’s either disrespectful when it’s done by anyone, or it’s okay for anyone to do it. Make up your mind people!

    • uncle

      the Ali shuffle was funny you can’t lie

  • Kris-tyahn

    As much as I dislike BJ, the guy doesnt need to retire & his last 2 fights shouldnt sway him in that direction, b/c the guy is FIGHTING IN THE WRONG F-ING WEIGHT DIVISION! BJ, move down to LW, sure it sucks to cut weight & diet, but if you do it for the reminder of your “short MMA career”, then who knows what could happen. Never understood why he keeps on insisting to fight @ WW, this is not the same division it was when he beat Hughes to win the WW title, it’s not even the same division when he KTFO of Hughes 2 yrs ago.
    If BJ wants to be amoung the best P4P, he has to fight @ LW & train like most fighters do today, which means watch what you eat year round, train 5-6 days a week & NO VACATION half way though a training camp. I think he needs to fight @ LW, at least one more time, he definitely doesn’t/SHOULDN’T want to retire with the way he lost his last 2 fights. Move to LW & retire with a win or if you look impressive like we’ve seen him @ LW, then maybe that will motivate him to possibly fight a couple more times & who knows after that.
    As for you BJ Penn nut huggers, many of us told you he would get his ass handed to him by Rory, the hype is actually FACT & BJ is way too small for WW, do you believe us now?!?