Dana White at E3 to Announce UFC and EA Sports Video Game Partnership (Video)

June 4, 2012
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After years of bagging on EA Sports because they didn’t want to get in the video game business with the UFC, Dana White on Monday took to the stage at E3 in Los Angeles to announce that his company has left its partnership with THQ, signing a “multi-year, multi-product partnership” with EA Sports.

What do you think gamers and fight fans, do you like the UFC’s move from THQ over to EA?

  • omcclave

    Dana pulled some hypothetical ish with this announcement. He talked so much ish about EA on how they laughed at the Ufc and how he would never work with EA.

    • gnodeb

      Well, Dana wanted to work with them, they turned him down. Now they saw what he was talking about years ago and here is a huge day for EA, UFC and fight fans…

      Same as FOX deal. FOX turned them down, they grow with Spike and now they are on FOX… finally…

      UFC is just looking for best possible deal. That can not be bad for anybody. Even haters got something to talk about 🙂

  • Dan

    I think the word you are looking for is hypocritical & hypothetical.

  • EA changed ownership almost immediately after they turned the UFC partnership down. Dana, as usual, had his head too far up his ass to hear about it until it started to cost him money. But whatever, the EA MMA system is better than THQ’s and will result in a better series overall.

  • BigDawg

    The big mis-conception is that the UFC left THQ for EA, EA actually struck a deal with THQ and paid them for the exclusing rights. The UFC is just along for the ride
    check out BigDawgMartialArts.com who originally reported this

    • bajafox

      That makes the most sense. EA is into the buying of smaller development companies and slapping their name on it.

  • Orthodoxxx

    Not sure about this one. EA did a good job with the Fight Night games but their MMA system is so sluggish compared to THQ’s, especially compared to the new UFC game. I hope they brush things up.