Dana White Assures Everyone Silva vs. Sonnen 2 is Happening; Presser Scheduled

March 29, 2012
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Don’t let Chael Sonnen fool you, he’s fighting Anderson Silva at UFC 147 in Brazil.

While the official announcement from the UFC about the historic event in Brazil came down earlier in the week, Sonnen has still been quick to point out that he hasn’t signed a bout agreement yet and raised some skepticism if the fight was actually a done deal or not.

Well, UFC president Dana White is here to tell you that the fight is happening.

“I’d have to hold press conferences just to squash all the (expletive) that Chael says,” White said recently in response to Sonnen’s latest comments about the rematch.

In all reality, Sonnen will actually meet and greet the Brazilian fans well ahead of his scheduled appearance in June as part of the UFC 147 fight card.

He will first travel to Brazil the following week after UFC 145 in Atlanta along with White for the UFC 147 announcement and press conference.

“The fight is happening. He has accepted the fight, and he will be with me in Brazil for the press conference down there,” White confirmed.

Sonnen has made no bones about his desire to face Silva for a second time after their first fight at UFC 117 in 2010. In that bout, Sonnen was winning a lopsided decision, but got caught in a triangle choke late in the fifth round, giving Silva a legendary come from behind win.

Ever since that time, Sonnen has been gunning for a rematch, and he’s finally getting his wish.

“I don’t like Anderson. I want everything Anderson’s got. I’m going to bring him down and I’m going to bring him down any means possible,” Sonnen told MMAWeekly in January.

The event that Silva vs. Sonnen 2 will take place at in Brazil is already set to be the biggest crowd in UFC history.

The soccer stadium Engenhao will house the massive event and once the UFC configures seating and arranges everything they expect capacity to be between 60,000 and 80,000.

While White admits that outdoor events aren’t his favorite, this will be an outdoor show, although the Octagon itself will be covered. The UFC actually tried to rent the staging set up from the Irish rock band U2 for the show in Brazil, but couldn’t get it together by June, so they will build one on their own.

The end result according to White will make UFC 147 one of the biggest events in the history of the sport, and it will rival any other major sporting event in 2012.

“I think this is one of the biggest sporting events of the year. To take NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball, Formula-1, soccer, everything, this is one of the biggest sporting events of the year,” White said.

UFC 147 will take place on June 23 in Rio de Janeiro at the Engenhao stadium with Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen leading the card, while TUF Brasil coaches Vitor Belfort and Wanderlei Silva will square off in the co-main event.

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  • My Boy Sonnen is Going to bring that woopin on Anderson Silva for sure “again”!!!!!!Cant Wait!

    • daviduppercut

      your boy Sonnen is gonna get knocked out or choked out again. Then he’s going to fail another drug test, lose any credibility, succumb to drug and alchohol abuse and retire from the sport forever!!

      • That’s funny considering Sonnen has never drank. He’s been an in shape wrestler or MMA fighter his whole life.

      • adam1848

        you forgot about jailed for real estate fraud after spending the buckets of money he’ll make off this fight on a golden statue of himself.

    • bigwurm

      I agree, i cant wait to watch him woop that Pansy ass again. And this time he’ll bring home the gold. and Anderson the pink shirt wearing fairy will get smoked in front of his country men.. that will be awesome. 🙂

  • smill0313

    Didn’t he already try to bring silva down ‘by any means necessary ‘? Pretty sure all his bs is to make you forget that he tapped and popped for a banned substance. He is gonna retire after this beating from silva.

  • kevstinx

    ‘by any means necessary ‘ = steroids

    • daviduppercut


  • juniorbra

    This looser could get done with steroids , I don’t think he’s gonna do any damage to Anderson now with out the steroids, this looser should be in jail now… Anderson is gonna kill him….. He is a sorry a s s looser!!!

  • zap

    All u Chael haters need to do a little homework. Im not saying he’s a good guy, he is a criminal. But he’s not a user. He was taking prescribed testosterone for a testosterone deficient medical condition, and was only “caught” because the athletic commission dropped the ball and lost some of his preflight paperwork. He had no chemical edge in the fight with Silva. His testosterone levels were within acceptable limits for competition. Im a fan of Chael the fighter, but I agree that Silva will probably end the fight early.

    • KBEsq

      I don’t mean to be rude to you, but it’s you who didn’t do your homework. I have referenced this interview many times, but Sherdog did an interview with a doctor on this issue, and Sonnen was WAY above normal levels. That’s why he failed the test. Sonnen did not fail the test simply by virtue of having the crap in his system, it was way above normal levels.

      When someone is on TRT, it needs to be within certain levels. That’s why it’s called “replacement.” Sonnen was way above.

      And let us not forget why he needs this crap to begin with. Because he abused it in the past. It’s just like any other addiction. You use something to produce more chemicals, and your body stops producing it naturally. No reason for an athlete in his early 30s to be on this crap.

  • Zomb711

    Do homework? You need to do homework! His testosterone levels were triple of what an athletic male should be 12% when the average male athlete has 4%. Too bad they didnt help his brain because he left himself open for that triangle for at least 60 seconds! HAHAHA!!!

    Brucel Lee will win agian!

  • diegohartico

    Can’t wait to see Chael go 0-2 against Silva. Hopefully he does retire afterwards, which I think is a good possibility. Unless Anderson retires after he beats Chael, he will remain champ, which means no chance of Chael being MW champ. He’ll have to drop to 170, which he cant do because he is too big- or go to 205, which he wont do because he’s a coward (which anderson did x2). The only thing left for Chael is WWE, which is what he’s working his way towards anyway. I mean c’mon, does he appeal to anyone outside of WWE fans?? That’s the only organization in which Chael might finally attain a belt. And that’s a big maybe….

  • bigwurm

    I cant wait to see Chael take that idiot Silva. His fights suck now, he dances around hides behind refs and thinks he’s funny. He’s scared of Chael.

  • mdmmm

    they dont just go by your T levels. An athletes T level could naturally be as high as 1000 while another guy the same age could be 400. T is a natural hormone. If your levels are high, your not going to feel like superman. They also test the ratio between T and another hormone (maybe prgstrne). By watching the fight, its pretty obvious that Anderson wasnt himself. He was almost falling down on his own. I think Silva will win. I would like to see Chael win, even though he has been acting like a stupid WWE crap talker. I just dont think he will be able to take Anderson down as easy as last fight. PLus, he is stupid for taking the fight in Brazil because the ref will stand them up after 20 seconds because the crowd will start booing. Not very smart. I would give him a chance anywhere but Brazil.