UFC 125-Pound Division Officially Announced

December 11, 2011
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Demetrious Johnson

The UFC’s flyweights are on their way to the Octagon.

Following UFC 140, UFC president Dana White announced plans to begin a 125-pound tournament on March 3 at UFC on FX 2.

“I want to announce tonight the introduction of the 125-pound division to the UFC,” White said on Saturday night.

Former No.1 bantamweight contender Demetrious Johnson will face recently crowned Tachi Palace Fights flyweight champ Ian McCall on the card. In addition, Joseph Benavidez will face Japanese fighter and Shooto champ Yasuhiro Urushitani. This will be the semifinal round of the flyweight tournament. White did not announce when the final will take place.

“The winner of those fights will then fight for the 125-pound title,” said the UFC boss.

The flyweight division is the UFC’s latest weight class, after absorbing the WEC’s bantamweight and featherweight divisions earlier this year.

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  • Mario

    Great news!

    Mighty Mouse vs. Uncle Creepy will be a SICK fight!

  • Joe B. will be the first 125lbs champ.

  • shakejunt

    can’t wait to see who they pick up to stack the division

  • MikeMc1983

    I’m glad some people are happy about the news. As if the 145lbs, and 135lbs slap boxing competition wasn’t enough, we now add the 125ers as more filler to the cards. I really wish they just moved the bottom 3, or 4 weight classes to strikeforce. It fits perfectly with the women’s division. 🙁

    • You are a jackass. This announcement was made at UFC 140, where the KO of the Night which was in 7 seconds was by a featherweight. The KO of the Night at the previous event UFC 139 was by a bantamweight. UFC 137 KO of the Night was by a featherweight. Do I need to keep going?

  • Mario

    They should also try signing: Mamoru Yamaguchi and Jussier da Silva. John Dodson can now drop as well..

    They definitely need to build the division. Having a mini tourney is a good way of introducing this weight class, but it still lacks depth!

    I wonder if the next ultimate fighter with Cruz / Faber features 125’ers? That would also be a good way of importing talent.

  • Jomina

    this is a great announcement, I would rather see 15 minutes of boundless energy than 15 minutes of plodding laying and praying by many of the LHW and HW

  • crappyme

    If Faber loses again, he goes down to 125. Immediate title shot. If he loses in that fight, another title shot.

  • MikeMc1983

    Children have boundless energy as well. Would you rather see them fight than the lhw and hw?
    To the other guy referring to me as a jackass, statisticly the lower in weight you go, the less finishes you have. The fact that there has been a rash of stoppages lately doesn’t change the fact that in the long run they happen a lot less often. A bunch of my friends like the lower weight classes. It seems I may be in the minority. It’s not that I only find enjoyment in fights that guys finish. It’s just to me, fights are much more exciting when there is constantly that chance. I’ve always thought that for excitement, the best weight class is lhw. I think more people are the same way whether they realize it or not.

  • andthenisaid

    So let me get my calculator here. 45lb. range (125-170)= 5 weight classes and two weight classes within a 60lb. range? (205-265) Dare I say that the UFC should be looking to fill this void before creating a flyweight division. What is next? straw weight? I would rather see a cruiserweight class and a superheavyweight class before a flyweight class.

    • shakejunt

      flyweight is more internationally recognized in mma, plus our hw champ is pretty much already a cruiserweight.