Dana White: Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman “Closer and More Possible Than People Think”

January 29, 2013
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Chris Weidman has made it clear that he wants to fight UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva next, and the fight may be closer to reality that ever before.

Ever since his win over Mark Munoz last summer, Weidman has been vocal about landing a shot at Silva, and remarking how he believes he would be a nightmare match-up for the greatest champion in UFC history.

Currently, Weidman is on the sidelines nursing a surgically repaired shoulder, but after meeting with UFC President Dana White last weekend, it sounds like the fight he’s been wishing for could happen in the near future.

“I think that fight’s closer and more possible than people think. I actually thought Weidman was going to be out a lot longer than he was because of his injury, but he’s healed up pretty well and is claiming he’ll be ready to start training again in a couple months,” White revealed when speaking to UFC Tonight.

“We’re looking at a couple of different options right now, some options that we like, and Weidman’s one of them.”

Now, White has mentioned as recently as last weekend that there is some mystery scenario the UFC is awaiting to be played out before they announce who will next face Anderson Silva in the Octagon.

“We’re waiting on something, we want to see if this thing pans out, and when we’re ready to announce it, we’ll announce it,” White said about Silva’s next title defense.

The caveat that most people keep believing that White is referencing is former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans, who faces Antonio Rogerio Nogueira at this weekend’s UFC 156 card.

Evans has hinted at a possible move to middleweight so long as the fight was either for the title or against a top contender. Fighting Anderson Silva would obviously accomplish that goal, and if Evans can win this weekend, he could be the mystery fighter the UFC is waiting on.

Only time will tell however who Anderson Silva will face next, and if Chris Weidman is indeed the choice.

  • bumbum

    Weidman does not deserve a shot right off, this is killing me! they keep givin more and more fights to the more deserving contenders until they lose, just to pull a new guy out of their hat… the middle weight div is in a rut right now. wrestlers are a waste of Anderson, put Lombard in there he got robbed by boetsch and at least it ll be a show

    • b-soc

      Weidman does not deserve a shot right off………….right off what! His lengthy winning streak including the destruction of top contender Mark Munoz?!? Both you are PartyHawk must be taking the same crazy pills. Bisping just got KO’d and Belcher got Okami’d. LOLOLOL This forum gets more entertaining each day.

      • PartyHAWK

        That was a joke dude im all for weidman getting a shot! Hasnt lost yet!

      • It’s not the end of the world if Weidman doesn’t get a title shot. Look at guys like Jon Fitch, Thiago Alves and Johny Hendricks going on long winning streaks against all the top guys before getting a shot. Weidman has to shut people up and do what he does, and that’s continue fighting and winning. Do you really want to see somebody with only 9 total fights face Silva? There’s plenty of other tough fights to take for him to make himself the clear number one contender. Silva wants ten more fights. There’s no way he can’t expect to face Weidman if the guy wins 1 or 2 more fights.

        • Kris-tyahn

          Not the end of the world if Silva has to fight Weidman next either. If Bisping would have gotten a title fight with his padded resume, then Weidman definitely deserves a title fight, with an undefeated 9-0 record, which includes beating two top 5 opponents, one being the #2 ranked guy Munoz. And then Weidman defeated Maia on 8 days notice …. ouch! Weidman did something in less than a year, that Bisping still hasnt been able to do in 6 yrs. Bat two top 10 MW’s.

          • shakejunt

            but it’s about paying your dues and the ufc protecting it’s investments too. it’s not just anderson

          • You can not compare the world class resume of Bisping to Weidman. Bisping has fought all over the world, won TUF, only has 4 tough losses in the UFC being finished only once to Hendo of all people. I think Bisping and Weidman should fight b/c Bisping made some pretty clear statements saying that “Weidman beat a guy who dropped down to WW in a boring fight and then beat an out of shape Munoz who looked sloppy as ever and now all of a sudden he’s Num 1 Contender.” Bispings words, not mine. Yes Weidman did win those two fights but Bisping has been fighting in the UFC since 06′. He’s had way more fights. Weidman has many fights ahead of him. Silva is not afraid of anybody, the guy has broken every record and takes fights up in weight but he does feel it’s a bad business decision to fight a guy with only 9 total fights when he’s accomplished so much in the sport.

      • Hugh Shakeshaft

        And Stephan Bonnar was a much more legitimate fight? You have memory loss dude. Last summer Munoz was ranked number 2 at 185 and he got dominated by Weidman. Bones’ rise was just as fast. If Rashaad doesn’t get first crack then I see no reason Weidman shouldn’t be next in line.

        • Kris-tyahn

          HUGH – nicely said my friend. But Bisping deserves a title fight with 2 wins over top 10 ranked opponents (Stann & Belfort), which only took him 6 yrs to accomplish, yet Weidman defeats two top 5 MW’s & like you said the #2 in Munoz who had the same deal as Bisping, beat your next opponent/Widman and you get a title fight. Weidman beat Maia & Munoz in less than a year, something Bisping couldnt do in 6 yrs?!? But yeah, Bisping deserved a title fight, with that nice long padded resume, but Weidman doesn’t b/c he’s only undefeated & owned the #2 Munoz & beat Maia on 8 days notice.
          Some of you Silva fans sure are funny!!!

  • PartyHAWK!

    Yeh forget weidman they should probly let Bisping fight or maybe Belcher, And Lombard has 1 UFC win! Am I on crazy pills or something

  • Fish

    Cris who??

    • Kris-tyahn

      Chris Weidman, the undefeated MW contender who has the balls to fight in the Octagon – who beat 2 top 5 MW’s in less than a year, yet Bisping who only defeated 1 top 10 in 6 yrs, was going to get a shot with a win over Belfort?!? If that’s the case, then Weidman definitely deserves a title fight before Bisping ever did. The question is ….. FISH who (what do you do)?!?

  • justin e

    It’s gonna be Sonnen. Or Bisping if they can get him one more loss.

  • Orville

    I say let weidman fight em. Then at least we’ll see where he really does stand in the pecking order.

  • dan

    Pleeeease let it be Weidman. I just wanna hear the excuses the Silva haters will have once their flavor of the month gets KO’d in highlight fashion

    • Kris-tyahn

      Same excuse they legitimiately have been using for years ….. WEAK ass division with no real decent fighters. Not to mention Weidman hasnt fought since July, which means RING RUST & coming off of a severe shoulder surgery. I think Weidman needs to fight one more guy b4 Silva, to test the shoulder & get the ring rust taken care of.
      Do I think Weidman is a bad match for Silva? Hell YEAH! A bigger, better Sonnen, but with KO power. Does that mean he will beat Silva? HELL NO! I think he could give Silva trouble, if he fights 1 more opponent b4 Silva, but coming off a long layoff & major shoulder surgery?!? Weidman will get destroyed, IMO.
      Time for Silva to grow a set & move up to LHW & quit making excuses about his training partenrs fight @ LHW, like any of them are going to get the title, like really? Enough with the excuses & move up, or tell us the real reason why you won’t fight people your own size?!?

      • joe

        You sound like an ignorant douchebag, most fighters actually lose strength fighting at a lighter weight, and Silva has already proven the fact that he can demolish LHW, for example Bonnar went the distance with Jon Jones, Silva KOed Bonnar in the first round, Silva KOed Griffin a couple months shy of Griffin having the LHW title, sure you will say Griffin is not that good? He defeated Rampage and Shogun on his way to the title..so you sayin Cowboy Cerrone, who is around Silva’s height and fights at light-weight is not fighting people his own size, why isn’t anyone complaining about that? Silva is fighting 2 weight divisions above that and is the same height, in fact there are many lightweight, not to mention welterweight fighters that are Silva’s height and frame, get a life jack.

    • Marc Livingood

      I think Weidman will beat him too

  • mmafannotonlyufc

    the ufc most stop doing fight that if one guy one he get a title shot and if the oder guy win then… no challenger… this make no sence at all… what will happen if Bigfoot beat Overeem… the exact same **** that happen in the middleweight division…

    • Jenny

      Wow you need to stop writing on the computer and learn english WTF are you saying?

      • shakejunt

        that’s cold yo

  • Trevor

    Who cares who he fights the division blows goats and there is nobody there that looks good. Weidman is as good of choice as any…..Anderson will eventually lose but with the class of his competition it will only be because his time has come and he’s too old. Lame division! Man up Silva and step up for Jones…..Dana will give it to you just ask.

  • TheDuke Morrison

    another cherry for gay voice brazilian monkey.

    • MuayThaiFood

      Go back to your cave, troll!

  • Marc Livingood

    It is insulting that Dana white thinks Anderson vs Cung Le is a joke. Cung le is a grandmaster and could beat Silva. Silva has never been kicked and rarely punched styles make fights and I cant think of a more exciting martial arts battle then Le vs. Silva. Dana White is a ****!!!