Dana White: Anderson Silva Should Probably Just Retire

May 6, 2017

Anderson Silva recently stated that if he didn’t get a fight with Yoel Romero for the interim middleweight title at UFC 212 in June that he would not fight again.

“This fight, me and Yoel Romero, no happen. I’m done,” he repeatedly declared on The MMA Hour.

If he stands by his word, it appears that Silva may have to retire. UFC president Dana White on Saturday told TMZ Sports in no uncertain terms that there would be no interim title fight and that if Silva is even uttering the word retirement, he should probably just go ahead and retire.

“Every time, for the last however many years, dealing with Anderson, it’s always interesting. Obviously, he wants an interim title. Obviously, we’re not going to do an interim title,” said White.

Anderson Silva and Dana White“He’s definitely coming out publicly and, you know my philosophy on that, if you ever say the ‘R’ word, you should probably do it anyway. If you’re considering retirement, you should probably do it.”

Silva has always had a contentious relationship with the UFC when it comes to negotiating fights, but, as Silva said, he has also frequently stepped up to save fights as well. Most recently, he agreed to take a fight against UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier on just a couple days of notice when Jon Jones was pulled from the bout after being flagged for an anti-doping violation in the final days before UFC 200.

Regardless, the UFC isn’t prepared to give in to Silva’s demands. Current middleweight champion Michael Bisping is slated to face Georges St-Pierre at some point this year, although St-Pierre recently indicated he won’t fight before November. But even if the UFC decides to move on the middleweight division prior to St-Pierre’s return, White said Bisping is ready to go, so they’re not going to do an interim title.

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“We will not do an interim title. No, it won’t happen. Bisping’s ready, willing, and able to fight the actual number one contender, who is Yoel Romero,” White continued.

“I mean Anderson Silva’s ranked No. 7 right now. If he was willing to take the Romero fight for June because he was supposed to fight Kelvin Gastelum… Anderson’s mad. I didn’t pull Kelvin Gastelum out. Kelvin Gastelum smoked weed and now he got busted and we’ve done everything we could to make another fight for Anderson. So it’s nothing we did.”

It’s an interesting game of chicken that Silva and White are playing, as we’re running out of time for one of them to flinch. UFC 212 is slated for June 3 in Rio, so someone will have to make a move soon if there is any hope of keeping Silva on the fight card.

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  • notta

    haha, how soon people forget. Would Dana have said that 4 years ago?

    • MoodyLedZep71

      Hell no Dana ONLY cares about the bottom line……And the reason folks are starting to hate both Danan and the UFC

      • Jess Fenchley

        Agreed – Dana will be fired soon enough, bank on it. He will be a foulmouthed millionaire with no one listening to him, and that will kill him slowly.

  • Sir_Roy

    The way of the world. Fighter’s wake-up to a different reality with corporations when they realize their stock is no where near what it used to be. It’s a rough wake-up call.

    Was a time, Dana would have wiped Silva’s @rse if needed. Now, he’s little more than a used up commodity – an attraction of bygone years relegated to exhibition matches.

    Silva made a veiled thread, Dana’s calling him on it. Egos and icons and alla that. Fighter’s don’t call the shots, they throw them and hope for the best.

    • deepgrim

      Dana has called him on it but it’s not over,, think there is a giant game of chicken now with the ufc and their stars, none of the big names are fighting right now and they know the ufc will be a little bit desperate, so they are trying to hold tight and the ufc are trying to hold tight and not cave to the demands.

      • Jess Fenchley

        UFC is already desperate. Their hand-made “champions” are all dying off: Lousey (brutally exposed twice – retired), Northcutt (steroids cannot even make him win), Vanzant (dancer who cannot fight for beans), McNugget (has Dana by his balls and is afraid to defend his belt – coward), and many big names retiring. UFC has NOTHING in the bullpen.

  • Prince Randorson

    Dana White should die of a bad type of cancer.

    • InTheColosseumTonight

      ^Does this comment really need to be here? :/

      • Prince Randorson

        ^Does this comment really need to be here? :/

  • Jess Fenchley

    Dana will be fired soon enough. He cannot belittle the fighters constantly and expect the UFC to be healthy. WME did not pay $4B (ripoff) for Dana to kill it. Good riddance.

  • Anonymous

    It’s crazy how things have changed. Silva used to get Treated like a king and has done many favors for UFC with late fill ins for fights in upper weight classes and stuff. Now he’s told to retire when asking for something instead of bargaining with him. I mean couldn’t he be offered Romero fight without a interim title on the line?

  • Johnny Sanchez

    take heed fighters!!!! Anderson’s blood sweat and tears for the UFC and for what??? to be told “ahh just retire” Damn you Dana, you should retire!!!!!

  • macarrech

    No, Dana should retire. I’m sick of those big money fights freezing an entire divisions for over a year. Bisping is not going to fight Romero, he will wait for gsp no matter what he says. He knows that is his last chance to win big money.

  • bigplay80

    Dana White…beyond disrespectful. It shows what a jerk and non-athlete he really is. You’re going to speak that way about the GOAT? Typical egotistical behavior. Dana is the one that should retire.