Dana White: “Anderson Silva is the Greatest of All Time; He Does Things Nobody Else Can Do”

October 14, 2012
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Anderson Silva at UFC 126It’s been no secret who UFC president Dana White feels is the best fighter to set foot on the planet since the dawn of time… Anderson Silva. And for good reason.

Silva was a tremendous talent before he came to the UFC, but since stepping in the Octagon, he has been nothing short of phenomenal.

He’s never lost in the UFC since his arrival in 2006, blasting through nearly everyone he’s faced. He captured the middleweight championship in only his second UFC bout. He’s moved up and defeated fighters at light heavyweight.

Silva has set records from most title defenses to most consecutive victories to most post-fight bonus awards and many, many more. And he’s not done yet.

After toying with Stephan Bonnar at UFC 153, Silva mentioned at the post-fight press conference that he might still have five years left in his career.

“Anderson Silva is laying down records that won’t be broken for 50 years,” said White after the press conference. “If he really thinks he has five years left, he’s not at the tail end of his career. Five years is a very long time. Three fights a year for five years?

“The guy is 37 years old, going on 38. 37 is when a guy is done, he’s over, he’s toast, especially in the fight business. He’s just a freak of nature when it comes to fighting.”

That of course makes White smile, thinking about another five years of Anderson Silva performances in the Octagon.

But even with the prospect of several more years of Silva, White was adamant that now is the time for fight fans to pay close attention to anything and everything that “the Spider” does.

Likening him to Michael Jordan in the prime of his NBA career, White says that Silva isn’t just the best mixed martial artist every, he crosses any combat sports boundary.

“He’s the greatest of all time. I think he’s the greatest in any combat sport. Anderson Silva just does amazing things that nobody else can do,” exclaimed White, proclaiming him superior to even Mike Tyson’s heyday in boxing.

“Watch every fight that he has. Enjoy every moment that he’s here, because when he’s gone, you’re gonna regret it (if you don’t).

“Anderson Silva is the guy you want to watch when he’s fighting.”

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  • I grew up on Bruce Lee. He is the master to me and in the world I live in. Only Anderson Silva has earned my respect at almost this level. He is an honorable fighter that truly understand what it means to be the best you, you can be.

  • Jon Mendelsohn

    I think Jon Jones can take him. Anderson Silva is afraid to fight Jon “Bones” Jones.

    • MaritalArtist

      He even admitted he’s afraid of Jones. That’s not a secret. Yet, for the right paycheck, they might fight. That’s what fighters do. Fight. You just watch. End of 2013 or 2014, they will fight.

      • BRAD

        oh yeah what interview did he say he was affraid? cause i can find you the internview where JONES himself said he doesnt wanna fight Anderson, but if he HAD to then he’d really have to work on his “confidence” and his technique… What does that say smart one?

      • Anderson Silva is a wise guy and he is not a lier! He knows how dangerous Jon Jones is and he knows the difference in size too. He is NOT obliged, in any way, to fight anyone above his weight category just to prove the kind of a fighter he is. He is done enough, proven more than anyone else ever! That would not even be smart on his size. But if he does fight Jones and loses the fight, he will take it with GREAT HONOR AND RESPECT for Jones, I guarantee.

      • Tommy Blingshyne

        hes not once, not ever said he was afraid of bones…source or STFU

    • Would YOU take someone much bigger than you just for the sake of proving to others whatever others want you to prove out of pure jealousy??????

    • really , well why dont we put jones in with J.d.s and see who that plays out..

  • I like how this new advertising thing is going acting if you don’t watch him fight your missing out or you could just go to YouTube don’t worry Dana you don’t have to promote like this people will always watch silva fight but after watching the same fighters over and over fight him they will get bored oh and if Cheal Sonnen could take him down at will Jon jones would kill him on the ground silva is not fighting guys like jones is I don’t think it would even be a good fight jones would demolish him point blank

    • vincearizala

      it’s game over for Silva after Jon Jones takes him down. Jon Jones has a better takedown than Chael and 10x better in ground in pound.

      • Jon Jones, although I LOVE him as a fighter and know he will be the best in the world since the FIRST DAY I PUT MY EYES ON HIM and saw him fight, is not better than Anderson Silva. He is just above Anderson’s weight category. So, they are not even supposed to fight, that’s all. If Jon Jones wins, that would be expected, due to the difference in size. Would you take someone above your category when you are the champion and has proven yourself over and over again to the entire world to see? WOULD YOU???

        • Trevino

          So Jones is expected to win due to difference in size? So why did Silva beat Bonnar Griffin and whoever else he’s fought at that weight class

          • vulcanman64 .

            Silva beat Bonnar because bonnar was a horrible fighter. He wasn’t even top fifty mw. Silva only willingly fought cans and avoided real competition.

    • lol Chael is a world class wrestler who can pretty much take anybody down. Jones is a Junior College wrestler, but still a good wrestler. Silva is a black belt under the Nog brothers in BJJ. And Silva is not fighting guys like Jones is? Look at both of their records. Silva has fought everyone not to mention going up in weight three times.

      • Tommy Blingshyne

        hes actually gone up in weight way more times…he started his career out as a WW…thats what alot of newer fans (not saying youre new) dont realize…this guy was a WW, wrecked Sakurai when he was one of the top P4P fighters in the sport, well b4 the UFC really blew up mainstream, he then went on to dominate every notable fighter the MW division could produce and on occassion moved up to LHW and won flawlesslt…the guy is truly incredible…hes one of the few fighters that has had success in 3 weight classes, and the only champion in the UFC in recent memory that has ever attempted to move up…when does GSP test himself vs. even a guy at Ed Hermans level? when does Bones move up and a fight a guy like Kongo? those are fighters comperable to Bonnar or Forrest…hell, Forrest was a former LHW champ…let GSP fight a guy like Rich Franklin…a former MW champ…let Bones fight Mir…a former HW champ…Silva has proven himself more then any other fighter IMO (w/ exception to Hendo, hes also a beast)…its everyone elses turn…

        • Everyone wants to talk superfights with Anderson but like you said Silva has already gone up in weight several times. I would love to see GSP and Sonnen or Franklin as a warm up and I am a huge GSP fan. If he does get Silva I won’t complain but I just think other guys need to take fights against a top guy before getting a guy who has done it all. Silva is incredible I hope he gets to retire undefeated in the UFC, what an incredible honor it would be.

      • Trevino

        If Jones could get silva to the ground, the fight would be over. He would destroy Silva with vicious elbows. just my opinion

        • They said that about Dan Henderson, Thailes Leites, Damien Maia, Travis Lutter etc. It’s getting old now, every guy is the next to beat Silva. Besides Jones still has a good three fights left (Hendo/Machida, Glover Texira possibly and Chael) Silva has 6 years in the UFC with 16 fights. I am a Jones fan but he has a while to go still, besides he should go up in a weight for a super fight. Silvas done it 3 times now. Let one of these other guys go up and test themselves.

          • Trevino

            None of the other guys you mentioned are as dominate as jones. I see him dominating Silva the same way he has dominated everyone else.

          • Hopefully we’ll get to see. But let’s see how he does against Chael first. He might be coming off two losses to Silva but the guy is still a beast and a world class wrestler. No surprise if Jones wins though.

    • Bobjitsu

      With all due respect to Chael, he’s a walking soap opera which is obviously why you are tied to him and are bored watching Anderson that produces no drama. Love him or hate him, he is one of the most important and exciting fighters of all time. Dana is not advertising, he is proclaiming to REAL fans who can’t get enough of this ****, that you’re missing out if you don’t witness A.S. live in action. YouTube doesn’t do any of these fighters justice. Dana White is speaking fan to fan, which is why it went over your head.

  • Geoff

    well said Gabriel

  • Subidoo

    Anderson Silva is the best of his era. I don’t think he’s afraid of Jones because Silva is a wimp,but rather he’s probably being wise. Jones is the next progression of MMA fighters. Jones is younger, bigger and he has learned what Silva brought to MMA, and then he added to what Silva has done. I think Silva has a right to be proud of what he has done and he has a good reason to not fight Jon Jones. There will be a time when a fighter emerges that Jones will be afraid to fight, too. But for now, I think Jones and Silva are the best out there. Good for Silva if he does not fight Jones. Good for him if he does. I actually think SIlva would be honored to lose to someone like Jon Jones.

    • Milosc

      I think he doesn’t want to fight Jones because it’s somewhat disrespectful to Machida. It’s like telling one of your best friends you want the same job position, even though you really don’t need it

      • Well, it’s more like if your friend got the job, then got fired unconscious.

        • Trevino

          They could do a catch weight, non title fight. Everyone would still pay to see it.

          • Lucas

            I don’t think JJ would cut any more weight than he already does to fight a guy called Anderson Silva.

  • BAru

    I think the UFC probably doesn’t want to make this fight happen because they see Jones as the Future and if Silva beats him the lose their cash cow. This is like Manny-Floyd. Something the fans will wait for for years that won’t materialize because of greedy promoters

  • Serpen Phlox

    Is the greatest of all time? I think not … I’ve seen all his fights and never will be compared with the best fighter. Lives in Russia and is retired.

    • hopefully we not talking bout fedor , cause i belive bigfoot stoped him and an aged henderson

      • Dude

        Fedor dominated for years. All of them come to the end of the line. And unlike that wuss silva, he fought men that sometimes outweighed him by 150 lbs. silva bitches about a 205 fight ( bones) who would come into the fight about the same weight – and silva has said he is “too big.” if he had any cojones, he would take on some of those Hvywt. guys like a real man.

        • Triggerman99

          Fedor didn’t have the level of competion that Silva has had. Fedor did beat some good HWs, but the bigger picture includes a lot of victiories over sub-par fighters. Also, MMA was much different when Fedor was dominating. Fighters today are much more skilled, and that Fedor of that time wouldn’t have been nearly as dominant today. He was definitely ahead of his time. No one can debate that. But he was never the fighter that Silva is.

          • Charles Casey

            Fedor had a slightly better competition (as of now). Cro Cop and Noguiera were/are better than Rich Franklin and Vitor Belfort. There are many more examples too. Look at who they lost to! Both have three legitimate losses, however Anderson lost to low tier fighters.

          • Triggerman99

            I have to respectfully disagree. Cro Cop and Nog have proven that their success in Pride was fool’s gold. Once they were put against well-rounded fighters and not just a bunch of Japanese cans and unathletic giants, they looked slightly better than average, at best. Silva has consistently beaten top-5 competition in every title defense he has had. Fedor did not do that.

        • Tommy Blingshyne

          hong man choi and zulu? GTFO…royce gracie made a career out of beating guys like that…guys that absolutely sucked at MMA…zero skill sets, just big…i love Fedor and def. think hes one of the all time greats but lets not get carried away…the HW division has historically been rather weak…i would have liked to see Fedor drop down to LHW and see if he could hang w/ the Pride LHW beasts…that would have been even more impressive to me…Fedor def. had his run and was dominant for years but Silva is still on his run and is still dominant…at this stage of the game, the only reason people can claim Fedor is the GOAT is due to nostalgia and longing for the days of yesterday…in all reality, SIlva is the GOAT…

          • Charles Casey

            “i would have liked to see Fedor drop down to LHW and see if he could hang w/ the Pride LHW beasts…that would have been even more impressive to me” – he beat Pride’s best heavyweights!

            Again, look at their entire quality of competition. They both foght elite and low tier fighters. They both had 3 legitimate losses. Look at who they lost to and when, that’s where Fedor surpasses Silva. 3 losses beginning at 34 years of age and 34 fights (considering who he fought) is the greatest career in MMA so far.

            Anderson Silva, GSP, Jose Aldo, Junior Dos Santos, Dominick Cruz, Renan Barao and Jon Jones all have an opportunity to surpass Fedor, but as of right now, Fedor is the greatest MMA fighter.

  • he is the greatest of all time , hes went up in weight class and still dominant , finished bonnar , something bones couldnt do…

    • Charles Casey

      He still CUTS weight to get to light heavyweight! He’s never fought an elite LHW. True, he does things no other fighter does, but so did Fedor (in his own way). Since each has fought their fair share of quality fighters and low tier fighters, i look at when their losses occurred, and who they lost to. Both have 3 legitimate losses, but Anderson lost to worse fighters than Fedor did.

      • I’m Brazilian but I confess that Fedor and better!

      • Um Anderson dominated Forrest when he was in the Top 10 LHW and there is a difference of losses and how they came about. Fedor Lost three in a row recently to some low tier opponents with the exception of Hendo. While Anderson lost early in his career to some relative “weak” opponents. The issue is Fedor up until about 10 years ago fought quality opponents but for the past decade he has never had nothing more than cans whereas Anderson moved into the UFC and fought the best of the best.

        • vulcanman64 .

          The best of the best? Are you serious? Chael Sonnen was the only real competitor Silva fought. This whole Silva worship was started by Dana White to gain casual fans. Real Mma fans go for the best fighters, not bruce Lee type flash.

          • Maj76

            SO Vitor wasn’t a real competitor? LOL

      • Stanley

        You’re kidding right? Never fought an elite LHW? Forrest was a couple months away from holding the LHW title, want to get more elite than that? Sure, everyone who loses to Silva suddenly aren’t good fighters anymore to haters. Then they always bring up Fedor..Hendo, a wrestler, an older fighter, a natural MW, KOed Fedor, a HW fighter within the first round, Silva FINISHED Hendo within 2 rounds, imagine what Silva would do to Fedor if Fedor could have made it to the UFC..unfortunately he couldn’t after being FINISHED 3 times in a row in Strikeforce..he was finished as a complete fighter..at a point he was a well rounded fighter…Silva was defeated by submission or decision EARLY in his career when he was still working towards his juijitsu blackbelt..he has never been KOed, was always an outstanding striker, and once he got his bjj black belt, has never been defeated in any style..so enough about his early losses already, still he has never been FINISHED 3 times in a row..Fedor was a good fighter, Silva is a great fighter, truely the best ever…and this is from a former Fedor fan.



  • Tommy Blingshyne

    at this stage of the game and at this level of MMA, IMO, Silva has surpassed Fedor…Fedor def. had his run and will forever be regarded as one of the best ever and def. the absolute best of his time but Silva is still on his run…hes just as dominant as Fedor was except hes still dominating whereas Fedor finally met his end…nostalgia is whats preventing people from accepting the fact that Fedors torch has long since been passed over to guys like Anderson Silva…get over it…its not a bad thing…the run that Bones is on leads me to think Silva will be passing that torch over to him eventually as well…it doesnt take anything away from Fedor or SIlva when his time comes…its what happens…

  • Joe

    WOW!!!! People are still trashing Silva for not fighting Jones. Why has no one called on Jones to take on JDS? Its the same thing, Take on the Champion of the next weight class up right? I think that Jones has the potential to be just as successful as Silva, but he is not there yet.

    • Trevino

      It’s not the same thing. jones and silva are both dominant and have similar fighting styles. I would like to see Jds vs jones but jones vs silva is ALOT more interesting and would make the UFC and fighters a lot of money.

  • sphoeninx

    Well, every fighter has his “kontra pelo” or one that seems to counteract his style eg marquez to pacman, norton to ali. It’s the same with silva to sonnen on their first fight. Silva’s spontaneity and intelligence in the fight is what makes him the goat today – he respect the traditions of martial art – acknowledges royce, bruce, noguerias – he’s really the epitome of martial arts. i would that he is Bruce Lee the real thing or as maybe had Bruce intended fighting to be. Fedor vs Anderson is non-comparable i think in terms of fighting style – fedor is brute force, agility but Anderson brought art into the martial arts – whereas Jones is bringing science to his fights – what he’s really doing is intelligently using his inherent physical advantage to dominate fights and clone Silva’s tactics and a solid wrestling base. This is my take. fedor vs jones = fedor by ko in his prime; silva vs jones = 50-50 either way – who gets there first; fedor vs silva = silva by ko. weird — huh!

  • vulcanman64 .

    Strange. I’ve never thought of Silva as the GOAT. His fights were flashy, his striking is impeccable however he is not well rounded. He suffers against wrestlers and a worthwhile opponent gave him problems. Silva is a low level black belt in BJJ and it showed every time on the ground. Actually I’m surprised he’s even a black belt. He has a severley padded record fighting cans but somehow casual MMA fans and Dana White forget this. The real GOAT gave his belt back last year because nobody can take it from him. Even drug assisted HGH users like hendricks failed. Silva was a hype train that crashed. GSP was the best fighter in Mma history.

    • Maj76

      Oh here we go again with your GSP man loving. “Low level black belt”? You’re kidding right? I seem to remember Silva finishing people on his back after being taken down and submitting Dan Henderson. Not a big fan of Silva but you are giving him no credit . Silva finished more fighters than GSP(7 decisions in a row).
      Are you really calling the Nogueira brothers GOATs for giving Silva his BJJ black belt???? I seem to remember you telling me to go educate myself in MMA. Maybe you should try that first before you throw about your opinions and ignorance.
      HGH Hendricks? LOL
      As far as Silva fighting cans, maybe, but at least he KO’d them and not get KO’d like GSP did against an over the hill Matt Serra. You mad?

      • vulcanman64 .

        I guess you never watched the first Serra fight. It was a TKO not a KO. How was the rematch? That’s right. How many fights where silva lost did he avenge? None. Your boyfriend is an excellent striker, the best in Mma but he’s not a diverse fighter. As a matter of fact he was beaten by nobodies and had his choice of opponents since winning the title. Hey! Why don’t you go knock out some bums and have stupid people call you the best in the world just like silva did. He fought a legit contender and lost twice in horrible fashion that you and your buddies thought would be an easy fight for him. GSP called it and your ilk denied it. Silva is and always was a great fighter but foolish people like you love the flash and thought he was the best in the world. He wasn’t. Gotta love the flash right? You mad? Idiot. Lol.

        • Maj76

          TKO, KO…. GSP went down like a wet noodle. Yeah, he dominated the rematch, he should had done that the FIRST time they fought.
          Did you even bother reading my comment? Your only answer to my facts are you trying to be cute and make fun of me. FAIL. Silva is/was diverse. Who cares? He beat everyone they put in front of him by KO, submission, decision. That is diverse. Believe me I wanted him to lose after a while! LOL At least he lost and was not handed decisions by playing it safe to preserve whatever name he wanted to keep for himself.
          Nice try. Just keep to the facts and not name calling to hide your ignorance.