Dana White: ‘(Anderson Silva) Is My Favorite Fighter Ever’

July 8, 2012
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Anderson Silva at the UFC 148 press conference
Everyone has heard the stories about how eccentric some star athletes can be or the requests of a rock star.

Jokes passed around about how certain musicians want their dressing rooms filled with a certain kind of flower or a bowl filled with only blue M&M candies. It’s all part of the superstar lifestyle, but many very eclectic people have the status and magnitude to make those kinds of demands.

Well UFC President Dana White says that dealing with UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva is sometimes exactly like that, but it’s not a bad thing.

Over the last six years, Silva has not only defended his middleweight title a record of 10 consecutive times, but he’s managed to become widely recognized as the greatest mixed martial artist of this or any era.

That kind of reputation makes Silva fly a little higher as an eagle than some of the other pigeons on the ground below.

“Anderson is such a unique individual to deal with. You know, you’ve seen me, I’ve butted heads with this guy and that guy and we fight and we argue, it’s such a different process when I’m dealing with this guy and I respect him so much, I swear to god it’s like dealing with an artist,” White said after UFC 148 ended.

“It’s like dealing with an artist or some big, crazy talented actor, that’s what it’s like. The guy is a fighter and he fights. The two times he went to 205 wasn’t because he wanted to, it’s cause I asked him to.”

On a daily basis, White has to deal with a lot of different personalities. Sure, all of the competitors in the UFC are fighters, but don’t let anyone fool you and say they are all the same because they get punched in the head for a living.

In Anderson Silva’s case he’s earned the right to receive a little special treatment from time to time, but to hear White tell it, he enjoys the process.

It’s not always easy and sometimes it requires a little more work from White and his team than with other fighters, but the chance to deal with Anderson Silva is something he relishes.

“It’s so complex and hard to explain, but I actually like doing it. I love being involved in every aspect of the business with this guy,” said White. “I love to watch him fight, the anticipation and the build up to watch this guy do what he does is seriously one of the favorite parts of my job.”

White has been involved in the fight business for most of his adult life in one form or fashion, and over the last decade he’s been all about the UFC so he’s seen a lot of great fighters come and go.

There is no question however who his favorite fighter is, was and maybe always will be.

“This guy is my favorite fighter ever,” White said about Silva. “He really is and as hard as he is to deal with, I just love it, I love dealing with this guy.”

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  • samflchr

    Is that why he rigged the fight that stoppage was worst than beck lesnar and randy couture somebody made some money

    • smill0313

      Early stoppage? Why, becaude sonnen jumped up after it was stopped and complained that he was fine? Oh wait, he laid on the ground with a broken nose and for once in his life said nothing. Admit the fact that you were drinking the chael sonnen kool-aid and move on. Its time for all you sonnen fans to do everyone a favor and fade off into the sunset. Your boy got his butt whipped fair and square so stfu with the excuses.

    • shereko

      Yeah I wanted it to not be stopped so soon either, lol because I wanted Silva to beat more respect into him… But the outcome was decided, I like how the Sonnen backers turn on him. Just admit Anderson is good. Then people want him to fight Jones, lol why not just make it JDS… Just dumb, there are weight classes for a reason.

      • jonnypatrick

        Shereko, I am here to admit I was wrong… Silva won, was it a beat down like most of you Silva fans are saying? Hell No.. Was it a early stoppage? Hell no.. Did Silva wipe vaseline on his body to prevent Sonnen from taking him down? Hell yes.. Did Silva holding Sonnens trunks prevent a takedown in the 2nd and change the outcome of the fight?? Hell yes it did. I hope Rashad drops down and whoops everyones ass. Silva fans should be disappointed in that fight, in my opinion Chael talked shit and backed it up Silva did not. Yes he won the fight, was it in devastating fashion? Hell no, if he wanted to make an example he should have let Sonnen up and beat his ass and made Sonnen look like he didn’t belong in there.

        • shereko

          He was beating on him, so its a fighters fault when the ref stops it?? How is that? I’m sure he is disappointed, because he’d want to beat on Sonnen more, which is why he let him up the first time. How many times should have have let him up? 5, 6, 20?? No matter what was going to happen you’re full of excuses. Ohh yeah vaseline everywhere, did you even see, he didn’t even have a sweat going before the fight, go look again… Trunks changes the outcome of the fight, you mean it wasn’t a stupid spinning backfist and an uncoordinated trip that changed the outcome of the fight?? Were you watching the fight or just play it on your xbox??

    • TKD

      samflchr…Lord of the Fools!

      • RubeKegal

        TKD, MMAWEEKLY’s cumdumpster!!!

  • ThePilot

    Getting fed up with Dana and Rogan saying ‘he’s the best fighter on the planet’, that’s just their opinion, I personally believe GSP to be a better overall fighter who beats better opposition. No such thing as p4p so what’s the point. JDS is the best about at this point as he’s the best heavyweight!

    • Agree on GSP and JDS being better. I believe Jon Jones is the best, though.

      • shereko

        Yeah I saw GSP lose to Matt Serra, so that put him out of the category… JDS and Jones are phenoms but, don’t have the longevity YET to be the top p4p… If you want to talk like that then you have to put Jose Aldo in the conversation. But, wait, if you put Aldo at 205 Jones would beat him HAHAHAHA thats the same reasoning others on here are trying to make. People compete where they “should” or are comfortable. Lets just give Chael a bat and let him wear a helmet that will even things up…

    • MrAdidas

      I totally agree with you there. GSP is by far the better OVERALL fighter, he lacks in no category. As for Silva he has no wrestling & decent take down defense – when he’s not holding onto his oponents shorts for 20+ secs. The only reason GSP doesnt finish as many fighters as Silva, is b\c Silva is much much biger\stronger & weighs about 30-40lbs more than GSP. Not to mention GSP fights in the 2nd toughest division in regards to skilled oponents.

      If you gave GSP the same kind of fighters Silva has fought @ MW, GSP would also be undefeated & he’d probably finish most of them. Silva beating Forrest & Irvin @ LHW = nothing impressive at all, 2 big slow LHW’s … WOW! Silva figthing Lutter, Maia, Leites, Cote, Leben, Belfort who was out for 16-18 months & his 1st fight is vs. Silva = OUCH for him, but he had so much rust it’S not even funny. As for his 2 wins over Sonnen, are decent accomplishments, but still everyoon thought Silva was going to KO Sonnen in the 1st Round of their 1st fight. Okami & Marquardt are decent wins, but Franklin & Hendo are the only 2 fighters I would consider impressive.

      Compare those “quality” fighters to the ones GSP has embaressed, it’s not even close. Dont forget Silva is a HUGE MW & he’s always the bigger, stronger fighter who has the reach advantage in EVERY fight @ MW. Whike GSP is a “small” WW figthing much bigger & stronger fighters. The reach advantage for GSP is 50\50, give GSP the size & strength advantage like Silva & the reach advantage like Silva enjoys in every fight he has at MW … that would be scary.

      Jon Jones will be like Silva & GSP combined in a couple of years, which is very scary. I beleive Rory McDonald will be like Jon Jones in the future as well.

      • Drock420

        IMO if Silva ever fought GSP, GSP would get mopped!

      • jmat13

        Saying Silva is huge for a MW is fair but GSP is also huge for a WW. I don’t see why it matters. Jones is a massive 205. Some can cut the weight easy. Some can’t. Henderson can make 185 but doesn’t want to anymore unless he gets to fight Silva again. BJ Penn can somehow destroy every lightweight except Edgar but wants to fight at 170. It’s all about where the fighter is comfortable.

      • shereko

        Silva debuted in June 2006- Since then he has went 15-0 and has finished 13 fights. I’ll go back to roughly the same time, March 2006 GSP has had 12 fights and is 11-1 (LOL Serra) with 7 decisions… yes 7 out of 11, and has only finished 1 fight since Aug 2008, that 1 was against Penn and next 2 finishes were against Sherk and Serra (both should be legit 155lbers) So he did not finish Hardy, or Shields, or Kos after he broke his orbital… I don’t see those as quality opponents either, and still didn’t finish them. Shouldn’t even be in the conversation. JDS and Jones don’t have the longevity… YET but soon they can be compared. Til then Silva p4p #1. Hate on him if you want, stats prove it.

      • shereko

        Welterweight, 2nd toughest division… hmm GSP so great, here is who he’s fought, Shields tearing up the division since, Kosx2, Dan Hardy, Thiago Alves, Penn x2, Serra x2, Hughes x2… if its so great and so deep, why does he have to fight the same guys over and over??

  • samflchr

    Not a sonnen fan just not a silva fan

  • samflchr

    If that’s why they make weigh classes why did he already fight at 205 but of course we are talking about Jon jones who would murder silva lol:-)

    • MrAdidas

      Yes, YES he would! Thats why Silva is scared to death to fight @ LHW, bc he would get embaressed & KTFO!!!

      • Lesnardo

        I don’t see the point of MWs going up to LHW just to prove that they can hang with the LHWs.

        LHW to HW is a different story. I could see Jon Jones moving up to show that he is not only the best LHW in the world but also the baddest man on the planet.

        Having said that, what does Silva have to gain by moving up to LHW?

  • shereko

    I think that Silva should fight Dom Cruz, I’m not a Cruz fan and want to see him get destroyed and I bet Cruz would be scared to fight him… ohh well doesn’t matter, feed him to the lion, wow that will be a great fight hahahaha

    • RubeKegal

      shereko, the cumdumpster of mmaweekly!

  • sofhanson

    All you bones nut huggers only asking for a silva/bones fight should be asking why doesn’t Bones go up in weight class and challenge Dos Santos? Because Bones would get knocked the eff out! Jones has never knocked someone out with punch or kick, he has no power.