Dana White and Yoel Romero Comment on Controversy (UFC 178 Video)

September 28, 2014
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Yoel Romero appeared to be the benefactor of a generous dollop of Vaseline and a slow moving corner, giving him time to recuperate from some heavy damage he took from Tim Kennedy at the end of the previous round of their UFC 178 showdown. He subsequently recovered and ended up taking Kennedy out via TKO stoppage.

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After the fight, at the UFC 178 post-fight press conference, UFC president Dana White and Romero weighed in on the controversy.

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  • Suck it up Tim; you lost….

    • George Coburn

      I scored the fight for Romero up until Kennedy had him out on his feet at the end of the second round. When Romero failed to answer the call in the 3rd I marked it as a TKO for Kennedy because that is what the rules state. 28 seconds makes a world of difference when you are recovering from a TKO/saved by the bell scenario and everyone was remarking about how Romero’s corner men were trying to slow everything down at that point, it was very obvious they cheated. So yeah, sorry Rob, while Tim DID lose it was due to cheating and a failure by the ref to do the correct thing by rule.

      • Ian Jones

        tim Cheated to even get him rocked he put 2 fingers inside Romero s glove so he couldn’t block so I say tim ended up getting what he deserves

      • shakejunt

        as ian jones replied, they were illegal strikes and since it was only 2nd round it could be deemed a dq.

    • Hey Moron

      Actually, by the rules, Tim won.

      • Nope!
        The ref as a rep of the NSAC decides – not you, so Tim lost.
        Feel free to direct your sniveling to them.
        Good Luck!

        • James Kinahan

          if it hadn’t been for Tim cheating to get his punches in in the first place I would say that it was unfair. The only one to gain advantage from a prolonged pause is the fighter who needs to clear his head. That being said I think the better fighter came away with the result.

          • Right, but MMA fans are some of the biggest sore-losing crybabies.

          • James Kinahan

            Every sport has those, I don’t think it’s fair to say MMA fans are like that, just some people are like that….and they’re always the most vocal

  • Baller31

    Romero is a hypocrite, thanking God when he should have thanked his crooked, cheating corner, and the ref for not disqualifying him and stopping the fight when he didn’t respond or leave his corner.

  • quinn_erickson

    Oh, that settles it then. It was their guy who used too much Vaseline. Nothing to question now, LOL.

  • Dropthepuck!

    Dana deflecting with a story about how he loses money..really?. Language barrier? Romero is all of a sudden speaking English at the end of the fight. Will Dana fine cut man? Don’t think so…Looked liked a bit right out of the WWE. What a joke.

    • Hantdy luis


      • Seriously?

        right, so to be fair, big john should have given Kennedy a 29-second recovery after the tko before restarting the match for a third time; btw, are u really that dense? the 29 seconds worked for Romero only, obviously not kennedy; you’re either absurdly biased and dishonest or a complete moron

      • Well said, but the crybabies of MMA never stop.
        Tim lost – end of story.

  • TheCerealKiller

    They both got the same 28 seconds. The problem was that Kennedy looked terrible striking and he wasn’t moving well. I would have been upset if he came out with that blob on his head.

    • Lucas Freire

      But he wasn’t rocked. I’m sure you understand that the recovery time you have is decisive when you’re rocked.
      The matter of fact is: Tim Kennedy was losing, connected some punches and TKOed the guy. Romero got caught, he was winning, but this kind of shit happens. And then he gets 30s extra time to recovery? It doesn’t seem right to me.

  • Seriously?

    Um, are you really that stupid? Kennedy was about to finish the fight and Romero was nearly out at the end of round two. Without question, the 29 additional seconds worked against Kennedy, not for him… moron.

  • There is no debate to be had here. The rules state that if you can’t answer the bell, you lose by TKO. Anyone thinking Romero (who is a great athlete) won that fight should start watching Dancing With The Stars, not MMA. Romero (and his corner) cheated and “won”. UFC, John McCarthy and the Nevada Athletic Commission should be ashamed of themselves. Truly shameful to see an athlete “lose” like that.

    • Maddawgmar

      Don’t blame the NSAC yet. Big John screwed up, now if the NSAC doesn’t do anything then they should be ashamed.

    • shakejunt

      actually… if we’re gonna get technical, kennedy loses by dq because he used the illegal glove grab to land those shots at the end of round 2. if an illegal strike tko’s an opponent prior to the final round then it’s a dq.

  • EEE

    It can be seen in the video that Romero was hesitant to stand after the 1 minute break elapse.

  • Darin

    Who cares about the damn vaseline? The journalists keep asking Dana about Romero not standing up and Dana wants to talk about vaseline. The fight should be changed to a no contest or a TKO win for Tim.
    Dana is trying to make it sound like an unbiased UFC employee just happened to make a mistake that completely changed the outcome of the fight. Roel barely made it back to his corner after rd. 2. He was out on his feet.

  • I would say that Romero answered the bell. Kennedy was beaten everywhere, and if not for pulling him inside by the gloves, those uppercuts at the end of round 2 never happen. Kennedy changed his own fate by cheating. He then paid with his consciousness.

  • Chicago

    i thought i was the only one who saw that.

  • True…but so what?
    It’s a fight, and Tim gave a good showing but lost. The crybabies are just sore losers.
    It’s not like Tim was doing push-ups during that extra 28 seconds. It’s always fun to come to these forums and see MMA fans squealing like piggies when their guy loses.

    • shakejunt

      people aren’t mad their guy lost, they’re upset the rules get bent. fights have ended before with guys unable to answer the bell and it should continue to be enforced. the glove grab was also a bending of rules and if it weren’t in a flurry then it would’ve been seen by the ref and called.

    • Jason Priest

      Agreed. Tim comes across as a sore loser. A guy that doesn’t like to lose at anything: Monopoly, video games, fighting, etc. when it happens, something must be wrong, it must be due to some unfairness of the universe. The reality is he lost.

  • Joe Dog

    Having not seen the fight when I read a headline referring to the “stool incident” , I assumed that Romero had crapped his shorts again.

  • neparms

    I dont think that should be illegal (is it illegal), Taking away the lead hand (and /or holding it down) it a essential self defense tactic, fighting technique learned (at least I learned in Karate) in Karate – Shotokan.

  • neparms

    This I think is legal (if not it should be) , when you mount and keep the arm down with your knee it would be similar.

    • Jason Priest

      LOLZ. This is not legal. Holding on to an opponent’s glove while you throttle him is VERY illegal. This blatant illegal move by Tim is what caused the damage, which in turn caused the “stool time”, which led to the ref error, which led to Tim being KTFO.The fight was comprised of various moments. Kennedy lost, then wants to go back in time and only examine 1 moment that he didn’t like. If we examine that moment, we need to examine all the moments that led up to it.

      • neparms

        Yes there is need for rules in MMA, but holding the hand, jacket, glove is a basic Martial Arts Technique (that in my opinion should be legal), just like traping the arm on the ground and punching. (MMA MA = Martial Arts). Also elbow to the back of the head to stop a submission also should nit be illegal. This is why, a Black Belt in BJJ , Brazilan Jujitsu goes for a submission but leaves his head exposed , is giving him a unfair advantage because if the submission exposes the back if of head he may get the submission on because the opponent can not elbow him to stop it. He needs to be going for a submission that does not expose the back of his head if he does not want to be elbowed. I once watched a fight where there was a DQ due to this (many years ago). The person DQ (one Shamrock , not Ken vs a Gracie, not Hoyce) in the post fight interview said was I just supposed to let him submit me and lose (the elbow practically KO’ed Gracie). The original “Gracie Challange” were supposedly “no holds/techniques barred” matches to see who the better fighter is/was in a real confrontation. I agreed the elbow is a valid technique and the onus should be on the one going for the submission not to leave themselves exposed. I also dont like the one hand on the ground and know knee because many fighters do it on purpose.

    • shakejunt

      not similar at all. grabbing inside the glove is illegal, holding an arm down is not.

  • Guest

    I haven’t seen anyone mention the fact that Kennedy got 28 secs extra recovery too! Its not like he spent that time grappling with his corner-man while he waited for Romero…

    • Joe Dog

      You are obviously not paying attention. Kennedy did not need the 28 seconds whereas Romero seemed to need it badly. The thing that is certain is that Romero busted Kennedy’s face moments after the extra rest. No one will ever know how this could have, should have or would have played out otherwise.