Dana White and Tyron Woodley at Odds Over Scoring of UFC 209 Main Event

(Video courtesy of TMZSports | Viewing may be limited by broadcast rights restrictions)

Tyron Woodley, in a video interview with TMZ Sports, took UFC president Dana White to task for publicly saying that he felt Stephen Thompson beat Woodley in the UFC 209 main event on Saturday night. Nevada’s judges saw it as a majority decision in favor of Woodley.

“That’s like me coming out as a fighter and saying, ‘I don’t think you did a good job promoting the fight,’ which I don’t,” said Woodley. “I don’t think they did a good job promoting me as champion.”

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Following the above interview with Woodley, TMZ spoke with White, who responded to what Woodley had to say.

“Let me tell you what, when you have a performance like (Woodley) did at 209 and you get booed for five straight rounds and then people are booing so loud you can’t even do your interview, you should probably just take your lumps and move on,” said White. “Get your next fight as fast as you can and try to put that performance behind you.”

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