Dana White Admits It’s Almost Time for Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre

August 28, 2011
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Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre

It’s hard to argue with the idea that Anderson Silva is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the sport. It’s even hard to argue that he’s not the greatest fighter in mixed martial arts history.

So with 15 consecutive victories and nine straight title defenses, what’s left for the fighter who apparently can’t be beaten?

According to UFC president Dana White, that’s something they will have to sit down with Silva and talk about following his latest win at UFC 134 over Yushin Okami.

“You’re out of your mind if you don’t think this guy is pound-for-pound the best fighter in the world. People will say ‘oh he needs to be challenged.’ The 185-pound division has a ton of great fighters, the reality is this guy is so good he makes it look like it’s not,” White said following the fights.

“What happens next is we’ll talk to him, see what he’s thinking about what he wants to do. Forrest (Griffin) thinks (Silva) should fight two guys at the same time.”

Given Silva’s ability to go in and not only win but to finish just about every opponent he faces in the Octagon, having two fighters face him might not be a bad idea.

All jokes aside, White understands that with Silva’s current winning streak and the status of UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, it’s hard to ignore that super fight from finally coming to fruition.

“I think there’s a couple of other fights out there for him at 85, and it’s clear, number one, that fans want to see this fight, and Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre are both getting into a position here pretty soon, they both only want really big fights, but they’re getting into a position here where that fight’s going to make sense,” White stated.

The challenges at 185 pounds may include a rematch with Chael Sonnen, provided the Team Quest fighter can get past Brian Stann at UFC 136 in October. Another potential bout could be a rematch against Dan Henderson in the UFC, but it’s unknown at this time if Strikeforce’s current light heavyweight champion would opt to drop back down to middleweight for that fight.

The one thing to take away following the mega event in Brazil is that Anderson Silva is just happy to be where he’s at right now. For all the accolades he receives, Silva just likes to sit back and enjoy the fruits of his victory, and he’s not calling anybody out or asking anyone to call him the greatest.

“It was awesome to be able to fight here in Brazil and for the Brazilian people, and to have so many amazing MMA fighters on the same card that I was on, and to have my special friend in my corner, Pedro Rizzo, as my corner so that was extremely special for me,” Silva said after his win.

It’s his very humility outside the cage and unbelievable ferociousness inside the cage that make Anderson Silva the greatest this sport has ever seen.

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  • webs24

    Im tired of this Pound for Pound BS
    There’s a reason weight classes are there in the first place, otherwise why not just go back to the old days and make the UFC open weight, and then there will be no ridiculous
    Unless GSP wins, their fight will solve nothing, except to make the UFC even more money.

    GSP cant loose by taking this fight

  • spacinjangler

    I really believe that GSP has (almost) no chance of winning that fight. Of course I would watch it, but I would be ashamed of myself and those promoting it. Just my gut feeling…

  • devine22

    GSP has no chance, no reach an no chin

    • Cptmats

      Your on glue ! George has a great chin ! And would beat Silva ! His wrestling is better than Sonnen’s as well as his striking. GSP would be able to do what he does best ! Take him down and ground and pound him out !

    • MrAdidas

      Okay “no chin”?!? Y b/c he has only lost TWICE & one of them were by submission! So explain to me how you came up with your genius comment/ASSumption? Please enlighten me with your facts & please dont tell me you are going to bring up Serra’s lucky punch that CLIPPED him behind the ear, so please tell me you have more proof than the Matt Serra fight, b/c if you dont then YOU ARE A FUCKING IDIOT!

      Anyone who gets hit behind the ear/head is going to ZZZzzzZZZ or will be ZZzzZZ very shortly.

      Not sure how morons like you can even post a comment, being stupid enough to think GSP got punched in the face by Serra, when he actually clipped him behind the ear & not to mention GSP has LOST twice & one was by submission. Even if GSP got tagged in the face by Serra, Serra has HEAVY hands, its not like Shields or Hughes KO’d GSP, then you could say he has no chin. BUT he didnt & Serra has very heavy hands, but thats not y he TKO/KO’d GSP its b/c of the location of the punch dummy – nice try though!

      What your comment states is… if a fighter loses once by any method/discipline does that mean they are no good at that discipline & thats their weakness? B/C to say a guy has no chin b/c he has 1 loss is absolutely IDIOTIC & so UNEDUCATED about MMA its pathetic.

      Apparently Anderson Silva has terrible BJJ or like DEVINE22 believes/ASSumes is he has NO BJJ b/c he got submitted TWICE!!! DEVINE22: I guess GSP is twice the BJJ practitioner since Silva got embaressed 2X by Tomato Cans. How stupid does that sound?!? VERY – b/c it sounds like you DEVINE22!

      P.S Didnt GSP get tagged by BJ in their 1st fight & still won? Exactly!

    • Waylander

      Until that fight happens i will never count GSP out.He has shown an ability to win fights each and very time…i still dont think he would win but i definitely give him a better chance than most…ultimate game plan plus ultimate execution = GSP by decision…if he can put on the weight without affecting his speed….thats a big if

  • Mr. Bojangles

    Im tired of hearing about this fight. Silva would kill GSP. There are alot of other fights that are more practical than than gsp for silva. Jones, Hendo, Rampage, even Rashad would all be good fights. I think BJ has a better chance against Silva than GSP does. Unless the fight was in Canada, OUTSIDE in the winter, with Silva having to make 170 while at ringside, GSP has no chance.

    • Waylander

      totaly disagree…if gsp has shown us anything its his ability to exploit any fighters weakness and to have a workable game plan to get the win…it may not be flashy but he can most definitely win…that said I think Anderson would beat him but i will never say gsp couldnt pull it off…the man has AS kryptonite…if he can execute and use it

      • wonggfan

        Just go look at the guys GSP has fought! He fights little guys.

        Anderson Silva could be a contender at 205. If it’s 180 catch weight, GSP is dead.

        Want to see this match. I could be MMA’s version of Leonard vs Haggler. Leonard being GSP. Maybe GSP could eek out a decision.

  • CurtisD

    Yes, agreed…You might as well put Anderson Silva Against Brock Lesner… theres no comparison with these two fighters. They are both good fighters but this fight would be one sided. If Anderson Silva wants more competition, he should move up a weight class. He is a big fighter and should have no problem adapting.. Maybe he should fight Jon Jones…That would be a super fight!

  • BlackDog2009

    I’m sick and tired of people thinking Silva invincible, even he thinks so now. It’s all bull$hit… this guy’s opponents come in all scared, taking a shit and not fighting. Sonnen is the only guy I’ve seen that has come in there and not bought into the hype… he took Silva to school, and yes props to Silva for hanging in there and taking the win, but guys fighting him should stop eating crap and just fight the man, fight him… if he’s gonna kick your ass anyways you might as well make it painful for him… go all out and fight the guy! It’s not rocke science. Okami looked like a disgrace in those final moments… no true fighter tucks in like that and just takes punches… it was embarrasing to Japanese fans of these guy.

  • streetfightertoo

    Couldn’t agree more about Sonnen being the only guy since Leben that wasn’t scared shit-less before the fight and during then after!

  • John

    @ BlackDog2009 I hate comments like that is so dam stupid. For one it was a juiced up sonnen i wasn’t surprised he did as much as he did. I lol when you said “fight like a man” they did look what happen to him. you saw how that turn out ask chris leban. Also who the hell thought he was invincible? He was submitted twice back then But you got to admit he does look different now.

    I say you need to shut the Fu*k up and you get in the cage it may sound easy if your a keyboard warrior. You try to take a punch from silva. I say as a okami fan and i wanted him to win! and you said it was disgrace? the way he lost the way he did? he tried but failed. Only thing he can do is start all over again trying to get to the top That is what fighters do.

    Something you might never be and understand BlackDog2009.

    • Cptmats

      Sry but Blackdog is right Okami fought scared just like everyone else does. Its called the Mike Tyson effect ! Anderson Silva is a good fighter and a great striker but has alot of holes as a complete fighter. On a scale of one to ten:
      Striking 9.5
      Submissions 7.5
      Take downs ?
      TD Defence 5.5-6
      Wrestling 4.5 -5

      He has obvious holes in his game that just need the right kinda fighter to expose them. Sonnen was that kinda fighter and i think Gsp is too ! He says he’s fighting for his legacy ? You’d think he would wanna challenge himself a little more instead of being contented to sit a top of the weakest divison in the UFC

    • phrankthetank

      Okami tried to pick punches against silva, why in the hell would you throw single jabs at a guy with his hands at his sides? He’s waiting to counterpunch! Okami bought into the hype and didn’t attack like he should have. As soon as silva started fighting cocky, okami forgot how to fight. Plain and simple. Blackdog is right. Silva has most people beat before he ko’s them.

  • Mario

    I would have to agree with most of the rambling Blackdog was spitting about people being defeated by Anderson before they even fight him.

    Last night Okami showed that.

    GSP would get bulldozed by Silva. He’s much bigger and far more technical with his strikes. GSP at best could maybe take him down somehow and simply grind out a decision.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing this fight now.

    If he beats Nick Diaz, I say make this fight DANA!

  • mbazid

    To say that this would not be a competitive fight is ridicules. GSP is one of the if not THE best wrestler in the game and Sonnen showed that Silva is susceptible to a good wrestler. He’s also one of the best tacticians in the game. He lays out a winning game plan, sticks to it and the results speak for themselves. As far as his stand up is concerned, his reach is excellent and his jab is awesome. Since he started working with Freddy Raoch his hands have improved 10 fold. If he has the time that he says he needs to grow (about 8 months) this would be a great fight and would answer all of the “what if questions” about both fighters being the best ever. Put this together for mid 2012 in Brazil and you have the biggest MMA fight in history.

    • Waylander

      in the end it all comes down to speed…i dont think size is as big a factor as the speed…so who’s faster? If gsp is as fast or faster we have a fight…if not he is gonna get wrecked…even with his superior wrestling…without the size advantage he needs the speed advantage

      • wonggfan

        Umm…why does it have to come down to speed????????

        Brock vs Frankie Edgar…..comes down to speed?

        Wait are you trying to say that since GSP and Silva are similarly strong (or similar enough)…we shouldn’t take strength into account? And therefore look to speed? LOL!

        • jared499


          I think that you missed the point. Speed comes into play when the 2 opponents are more closely matched strength wise. The example you gave Brock v. Edgar, is to the extreme, with your example we are talking a weight difference of over 115lbs come fight time (figuring Edgar comes in around 165lbs maybe and brock coming in around 280lbs), not to mention a very sizeable strength advantage.

          Anderson v GSP the weight differnce would probably be somewhere in the 20-35lb range (depending on what weight thy fight. And the Strength difference is a lot closer then I think anyone thinks, especially applied strength to the style being used (what I mean by this is that I think that GSP may have more ground strength then Anderson and I am pretty sure that take down strength is definately in GSP favor, while Anderson clearily have more striking strength)
          When you factor that those stats are closer between the Anderson and GSP, then speed does become a factor. If GSP can position himself for the takedown because of his quickness, he can nullify Anderson’s biggest strength, striking. If Anderson on the other hand has a clear cut speed advantage, it would lights out.

          Good example of this is Shields vs. Hendo. Size was more equal, even the Hendo probably weighed more come fight time. Strength would have gone to Hendo, but speed was with Shields. Shields was able to untilize that advatage in the takedowns (of Hendo a Olympic wreslter) and nullify his disadvatages.

          Remember that it takes alot of energy to get up from your back, Anderson was spent after the Sonnen fight from fighting from his back for 20 minutes. GSP could use his skill set to keep Anderson on his back just like Sonnen did.

  • cloventhal

    GSP is going to get beat by Nick Diaz and Silva will get beat by Sonnen…… I dont see what is the big puzzle here?

    • Unador

      The big puzzle is how figure GSP will lose to Diaz and how you figure Sonnen is going to beat Silva?
      I could be rude here and say the puzzle is how you had enough consecutive brain cells connected in series to accomplish a complicated task such as typing, but failed to come to the easily logical conclusion that Diaz is not smart enough to employ a succesful strategy against GSP, and that Sonnen already lost to Silva once, even with the help of his illegal substances, and the second meeting will only favor Silva more. Sonnen off his PED’s, and Silva already experienced with Sonnen’s single tactic.

      • jared499

        Don’t forget that Silva had a broken rib as well during the first fight, making a little harder to throw kicks and punches.

        I think that Silva is going to dominate the next fight if Sonnen can get by Stann.

  • natpaukar7

    Silva would probably beat GSP but we don’t know and there are enough people on either side that this fight needs to take place. Nothing would surprise me…from a boring decision G&P GSP to a 1st rd. KO from Silva….

    From here where do you go?

    Silva vs. Jones to me is the only possibility…I personally think Silva would annihilate Jones in the stand up department and if he could avoid the take down would KO jones in the first round similar to Forrest Griffin KO….I just think Anderson is too good…or maybe submit Jones on the ground….

    Or Silva MAchida which probably won’t happen…

    Maybe even Silva/Rua

  • BigGuy

    I would rather see Silva move up a weight class than fight GSP. It’s not a good fight for GSP anyway. I think Silva moving up would make more interesting fights.

    • Darren2112


    • jared499

      Agreed, makes no sense for either fighter.

    • somecokehead

      Agreed… If Silva has run out of competition makes little sense to move down a weight class, especially being a legitimate 205 pounder. GSP has the odds stacked against him in this fight… but some big money if he takes it.

  • Unador

    Silva is the p4p best fighter imo. But like it has already been stated, it’s a tiresome debate. It’s based on pure speculation and opinion if discussed between two fighters from different weight classes. There is no common ground to compare against.

    Still, GSP has the toolset necessary to defeat Silva. Question is, can GSP avoid the submission attempt for 15 to 25 minutes? I see Silva’s stand up overcomeing GSP, but I don’t see Silva stopping all of the take downs. So can GSP avoid the sub? and grind out a victory? Probably.
    Does it make him the p4p fighter? NOPE.
    There is still a big distinction in my mind between a real ‘fighter’ and an mma ‘competitor/practitioner’.
    Martial Arts were devised for protection and attack in real life situations. In Martial Art competitions rules are set in place for protection of the combatants that is not relevant in a real life situation. We try to discern from these competitions who would be the badest bad ass mofo in a real life situation.
    Unfortunately, these protective rules also create a space for individuals to score a victory, where otherwise they would not have been victorious in a real life situation.
    When it comes to Mixed Martial Art FIGHTING. Anderson Silva is the best I’ve seen. He fights, he beats everybody.
    GSP is the greatest practitioner of mixed martial arts in a controlled setting. And would most likely defeat Anderson Silva in a UFC match up through superior strategy.

    But before we get all worked up in an ADHD frenzy, let’s let GSP continue to build his legacy at 170 with consecutive title defenses before we make him jump up in weight classes and risk a loss in a fight with someone who has already built there legacy at 185.
    I mean, they coerced SIlva to jump weight and fight a tough 205 lb guy. There trying to make GSP jump to 185 and fight the Greatest flaming Middle Weight ever.

    • mbazid

      Good post Unador

      • Unador

        Thanks, I appreciate you remarking so.

    • jared499

      Good Post

      I agree that GSP is the best stategic MMA fighter, and does have the skill set to defeat Anderson.

      I still think that this fight makes little sense for Anderson, if he wins, he beats a much smaller opponent. If he losses, well then it is bad news. I would much rather see Anderson climb up to the LHW division then GSP go to MW. I see Anderson actually staying in the LHW division and having some really good fights, with title implications. If GSP goes to MW, I only see him fighting Anderson and then dropping back down.

      The problem is that the MW division is not filled with greatness as Dana implies, if Anderson leaves, it creates a void around that title. Unless Stann can get the belt, I see his marketability as pretty good.

  • Jmoney

    Jon bones jones vs. silva!!!
    Now that would be a fight to watch

    • jared499

      Jones still has some things to prove before he gets that kind of super fight. Need to see him get some more LHW’s and then this fight makes sense. If he can beat Rampage, Rashad, Machida, and a rematch with Rua, then he will have made his case.

  • s_nomak

    dana white is so full of BS. he said it himself it’s wasn’t a fair match because of size difference, and now it’s time??? why not jon jones? dana knows jones might kill silva and wants to protect his so-called P4P best fighter by avoiding dangerous matches and giving him easy fights instead. he almost regret he matched silva up with sonnen. so full of BS, dana.

    • Darren2112

      once JJ defends his belt a few times, then the discussion will ramp up for JJ vs Anderson. Let JJ establish his own legacy first, THEN Dana will start to promote.

    • jared499

      I am sorry but if this fight were to happen, and Jones beat Silva, why would Dana care. He would still have the best P4P fighter in the world and Jones is way younger then Silva, therefore he has much more longterm upside for the promotion.

      We foget that Silva has already started talking retirement, so Dana is going to have to replace him anyways, what better way to do it then someone finally beating him, easy promotional setup for the UFC.

      Jones just needs to prove that he is worthy of that fight first. Let him prove himself in the division first and then this fight will happen.

  • Sebastiano

    All the people talking about it not being fair from a size (strength) point of view amuse the heck out of me. Doesn’t anyone recall that GSP’s walking around weight is ~210lbs, and that his in training weight is around 195-200, and that he routinely cuts 20lbs in the leadup to a fight and walks into the ring outweighing his opponent by 15lbs pretty routinely?

    It’ll be unfair from a strength point of view…but not to Silva’s favor.

    The bottom line is Silva got his ass handed to him by a stronger, more skilled in ground and pound fighting Sonnen. GSP will walk into the ring every bit as strong as Sonnen was, with even better takedowns, and won’t get submitted by a miracle triangle that saved Spider’s bacon.

    Silva fanboys are hilarious. I respect the guy’s abilities too, but you sound just like the guys who were sure Lesnar was invincible and would overpower Velasquez.

    • Waylander

      good points…i agree
      cain vs brock
      bj vs matt
      if it was just about size neither of these guys would have won
      it all comes down to speed, technique and a game plan…gsp has all 3

  • shakejunt


    … damn yo, haters and lovers calm yourselves, leave the mocho stuff to the fighters in the cage

  • devine22

    Mrs Adidas get off GSPs dick!! Really ! Silva would KO him yes he does not like to get hit at all !! He has NO CHANCE against Silva!!!!

    • Waylander

      So are you a fan or just keeping it real?
      I am a gsp fan and think that AS would probably win but i definitely give gsp a great chance at winning that fight. gsp has way to much going for him to not give him a chance…like i said it will come down to speed and i am not ready to say who wins in that department…but im sure you know exactly who’s faster…right?

  • ShockednAwed

    It’s such a great argument, cuz it’ll never be settled. The UFC gains nothing putting on this fight, but they would hurt themselves by saddling one of their top draws with a big loss (while actual MMA fans would recognize the loss not meaning the end-of-the-world, the majority of UFC fans would immediately declare the loser finished).

    That being said, I would love to see the fight, though.

    • jared499

      I think that this is different for each fighter should they lose. If Anderson losses, it would be a bigger blow to him, because coming in he is expected to win, because he is bigger, stronger, and more skilled (most people’s thoughts, not mine). If GSP losses, so what he was suppose to lose.

      I think that GSP would handle it better. He could easily drop back to WW and continue to dominate the division.

      As for Anderson, if he lost. This would end the invincibility shell, therefore allowing others to think that they can beat him and not fight so timid (Okami, Cote, Forrest, Irwin, Maia). It would also cut a clear path for beating Anderson, which was mostly cut with the Sonnen fight, but if a smaller fighter can do it so could the they.

      GSP v BJ is a good example, both of these guys could have bounced back the same, but BJ kind of got exposed be GSP and his weakness to skilled wrestlers was uncovered.