Dana White Addresses Daniel Cormier Getting Heated and Shoving Patrick Cummins

February 21, 2014
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Things got a little heated at Thursday’s UFC 170: Rousey vs. McMann pre-fight press conference in Las Vegas. When Daniel Cormier and Patrick Cummins took the stage to square off for a photo op, Cormier’s emotions hit the boiling point and he got a little physical with Cummins and shoved him.

UFC president Dana White, in a media scrum following the press conference, delved into what set Cormier off.

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  • wtf

    I cant believe that this transparent and obvious hype up sh-t still works on people.

    I feel insulted by them even attempting to do this stuff.
    Dana I am fully aware that you got caught out by Rashad getting injured and I know you couldnt get a big name fighter to fill the void and I also know you guys are trying very hard to convince people that this is an exciting fight but Dana, Im not stupid.

    • Rub

      You are not stupid

  • g-wilacuz

    love the ufc, hate dana white. just schedule the fights and stop with all the hype. dana always states that the ufc is nothing in comparison to the wwe, yet he is the one who makes it this way.

    • shakejunt

      it’s not always him, but he certainly does his part. fighters themselves do a lot of the hypejobs on twitter.

  • King_DG

    this fight is like a real life Rocky story. Hope Cummins puts up a good fight and maybe pulls the upset.

  • J.D.C.D.

    Sorry for the stupid question. Will Cormier be fined for putting his hands on Cummins before the fight? I can’t recall if fighters get fined for putting their hands on each other before the fight.

    • taylor2008

      Not a stupid question at all. He wont get fined. I think if he punched him something would have happened, but I have seen many fighters pushing before a fight. No big deal.

  • drkdisciple

    Perhaps it just me but this whole feud looks very fake to me. I get the impression they are trying to build interest around a fight that should be one sided.

    • ben

      These guys have a fued goin back to their wrestling days

      • drkdisciple

        These guys were friend till this fight was signed. You like many others are falling into the trap of there being bad blood between the two.

        • shakejunt

          there’s also the possiblity that they were friendly in the past, went separate ways, and then pat brought up something unnecessary to get attention. not everything has to be a conspiracy.

    • brad king

      What if Cummins Chael Sonnens Cormeir

  • diazfan209

    Regardless if DC faces a big name or a no-name, he’ll dominate all the same.

    • shakejunt

      dc hasn’t even dominated one in the bathroom while under ufc banner.

  • MartialArtist909

    Either way Patrick is smart, get a fight in the UFC against a big name put him right on the map. But I think DC might murder him.