Dana White Accuses Tito Ortiz of Ruining Cris Cyborg’s Career (Video)

August 30, 2013
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Cris "Cyborg" SantosCris”Cyborg” Justino is arguably the best pound-for-pound female fighter in the world.  She currently holds the Invicta FC featherweight title and is the former Strikeforce women’s featherweight champion.

Cyborg is represented by former UFC light heavyweight titleholder Tito Ortz.  When Strikeforce closed its doors on Jan. 1, Justino’s contract was picked up by the UFC, but with the stipulation that the Brazilian compete in the 135-pound division, the only weight class the UFC currently offers for women.

She instead requested to be released from her contract under Ortiz’s guidance.  UFC president Dana White believes Ortiz is ruining Justino’s career.

Warning: Explicit language

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  • Mark McDowall

    Dana said he would pay Cyborgs contract for her to fight in Invicta then bring her back to the UFC when they have a 145lb division. Tito said no…what the hell for? He is a big dummy…

    • Ron Wheeler

      As soon as Cyborg was in Zuffa’s payroll she’d be under constant pressure to drop to 135. Better she makes her own career rather than being yet another puppet for Dana to ruin.

      • Mark McDowall

        I agree with you. But it’s alot easier to make your career and bank account blow up when your with the UFC. Plus if she would have played ball with them I bet we would be seeing a 145lb division a heck of alot sooner.

  • candelario


    • Milosc

      Agreed. Typical corporate character assassination

      Most people get trained to eat whatever comes down the pipe at their workplace. Once this behavior is learned, it works with any other “boss”. People get instructed who-not-to-like almost continuously these days

      Cable news is like Lord of the Flies… but with blonde dye-jobs and big breasts, instead of a conch

    • Junior

      chuck aint an ass kisser he dont do that he dont even talk on camera that much…hes a legend in the sport whats your beef ?

  • truthbtold

    dam son!…….you had to go there!…

    • OverratedHippie

      I dunno, I like to imagine after doin it with like, 10,000 people, she’d have to be pretty darn good at it. Maybe we’re all missing out by not marrying a hussie like he did.

  • truthbtold

    Danas like a crazy ex girlfriend., that doesn’t want you with anybody else

    • jeremy

      Dana could care less if fighters go some where else .. reality is fighters arent bigger then the sport but without a promotion they would have no were to fight. telling off your boss is a dumb idea. tito is an idiot.

  • #1mmafan.

    Dana is an idiot!!! He complains about everything and has a beef with just about everyone walking God’s green earth.He thinks he’s the expert on anything and everything and has absolutely no accountability in his being. When has he ever admitted to being wrong or misjudging anyone? One day he will be gone from the UFC and i pray that his successor will be more realistic and less judgmental.Message to Dana: We are ALL imperfect beings!!! When we point fingers at others there are always several pointed back at us. There is currently NO ONE including ME living in this world that can truthfully and honestly claim that they are perfect. To all of you who may read this, I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday weekend.

    • J-Mac

      There should be a rule in life. If you publicly say the kinds of things that Dana is saying about Tito in that video, you should be obligated to defend your words in a cage somewhere. I don’t particularly like Tito, but I’d pay money to see him knock the shit out of Dana White for saying that kind of crap about him.

    • rox

      U r a fukin tool…u didn make much sense with ur rambling…

      • Michael Crumly

        Agreed, I cant wait till one of these fighters hes exploited fk him up, hes the bafoon

    • MuayThaiFood

      We might all be imperfect but Tito’s a buffoon I think was his point.

  • Ron Wheeler

    Tito is no saint but Dana has no interest in the fighters’ careers or for the sport. He is just a moneygrabbing tool.

  • Timothy Malone

    I’m pretty sure Cris Cyborg ruined Cris Cyborg’s career

  • teroothe

    there’s a documentary called bad blood on youtube for why these two don’t get along. it has nothing to do with tito being with bellator. some of you people should check that out.

  • james j

    Tito. Lol

  • james j

    Tito as a mgr. lol

  • james j

    Tito. As a fighter. Lol

  • james j

    Every time I see a Tito article on this website I crack up. That guy is like a hemorroid that will not go away.

  • tom

    “I tried to be the gdominating fighter of the fight in my career now I try to help the career or other people’s career”

  • Thefighterwithin

    how many of you have ever step foot in a cage for a real 3 5 min round fight ? while Tito may not be a smart guy and tends to cry, but he still go’s and throws down win or lose. none of you pretenders could even come anywhere close to heart and spirit that man has and your comments only make you look weaker. as far cyborg getting caught juicing is very embarrassing to a fighter so even if she did fight Rhonda and some how lost i could not imagine the pain and even more ridicule she would have to go trough

  • 12thMan425

    Any time Tito is faced with resistance or serious opposition he crumbles.

  • mik00mw

    Dana is definitely wright on that,Tito is a total GOOF…..