Dan Henderson Will Get the Next Shot at the Title If He Beats Lyoto Machida at UFC 157

January 25, 2013
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Dan Henderson at StrikeforceIt wasn’t long ago that it appeared as if UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was maybe one fight away from clearing out the division.

Now as Jones awaits his April showdown with fellow Ultimate Fighter coach Chael Sonnen, the list of contenders lining up to face him gets longer by the day.

Former Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix champion Daniel Cormier has made no bones about dropping down to 205 pounds and challenging Jones, while the UFC has also now booked an interesting fight in April between top rated challenger Alexander Gustafsson and former Strikeforce and DREAM champion Gegard Mousasi.

Right now, however, the list will start and stop with the man who was originally supposed to challenge Jones at UFC 151 in 2012.

UFC president Dana White confirmed on Thursday that if Dan Henderson can get past Lyoto Machida at UFC 157 in February, he will indeed get the next shot at Jon Jones later this year.

“If Henderson beats Machida, Henderson will get the next shot,” White said when speaking to media after the UFC on Fox 6 press conference ended.

Henderson has been waiting a long time to get a shot at Jones after returning to the UFC in 2011 and defeating former champion Mauricio “Shogun” Rua in one of the best fights of the year. Henderson then sat out until the following year to get a crack at Jones, but just days before he was scheduled to meet him at UFC 151, he suffered a major knee injury that put him on the sidelines and out of the fight.

Now Henderson has the chance to get back to the same spot he was almost six months ago if he can defeat Lyoto Machida at UFC 157.

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  • shad

    what if (in the likely event) machida wins

    • George Sperry

      Lyoto is the only one of thew bunch I see giving Jones a real problem.

      • rome

        yup.. machida won the first round…just didnt keep the momentum going…Hendo only shot is KO on Jones…still waiting to see who can catch jones and test that chin…

        • Jonathan

          they actually released the scorecards for that event and jon jones won the first round said the judges. Don’t know which fight they watched though

          • Supaman

            as i recall, 2 judges scored it for Jones and only 1 judge for Machida. but you’re right, Machida CLEARLY won the 1st rd.

  • Dick NiaZ

    This means nothing. Every big fight is a #1 contender fight.
    Then whoever is the biggest draw gets the shot

  • jay crew

    this means NOTHING.

    current UFC 205ers who are #1 contender promised a title shot next

    Gustafsson (for win over Shogun)
    Machida (For kotn over Bader)
    Hendo (for foty win over Shogun)

    all told they “had the next shot”

    and Jones is fighting Chael Sonnen


    • kbroesq

      I don’t know about Hendo, but I know both Gustafsson and Machida (while they probably wouldn’t turn down a title shot) were probably just as happy to get another bout before a title shot so they could train more before Jones. Gustafsson is not calling Jones out on a daily basis; quite the opposite. He’s happy to sit and wait and get better, which is a smart move in my mind. You only get a finite number of title shots. Better make ’em count.

      • fileunderaction

        Machida was offered a fight with Jones after UFC 151 folded and he turned it down.

        • TH3DR4G0N

          Machida was offered a title shot at ufc 151 on 2 weeks notice against the most dominant LHW champ ever. this events main event with jon jones name on it was the only ppv worhty fight on the whole card.machida rightfully refused having been beat decisively against the champion 9 months before this potential rematch. if machida lost again with only weeks to prepare it wouldve forced him to either move down to MW or play the gate keeper role in the 205 division…at least until bones was either dethroned or moved up to HW.

          • fileunderaction

            Machida was offered the bout that Belfort took at UFC 152. He actually had 5 weeks notice. Everything else you said is correct, but I was replying to kbroesq’s statement that Machida “wouldn’t turn down a title shot” which is untrue. He did turn down a shot.

    • TH3DR4G0N

      judging by the ufc and the latest schemes theyll bring the Ice Man out of retirement to fight Jon Jones for”ppv buys” Dana will make a bold statement saying how marketable chuck liddell still is.

  • bmc92

    lyotos gonna be a tuff fight for hendo but i think its fifty fifty how is machida gonna knock out hendo?? i think machida will get a desicion win if hendo dosnt land a hbomb

    • kbroesq

      If anyone can do it, it’s Lyoto. When have we seen Evans get knocked out before or after Lyoto? I’m more 70/30 in favor of Lyoto on this. I think Machida is a bad match-up for Hendo. I really don’t see Hendo landing that right hand on Machida, and if the fight goes long, he will fade and Machida won’t. Plus, I don’t see Hendo being able to get in close and use Grecco. Machida is about as good as they come at keeping guys away from him [Jones excluded =)]

      Whoever wins, this is a pretty damn compelling match and I can’t wait to watch!

      • They have different styles but it’s a pretty even match everywhere, and Hendo’s chin is solid. It’s a safe bet that *if* Hendo focused on wrestling, he can put him on his back at some point, but Machida has great jits.

        A short fight favors Hendo IMO, cause he throws more aggresively, but he’ll tire if it goes 4 or 5 rounds. Jones handles either one of them easily.

        I’d rather see Jones fight Rashad a second time. If Rashad doesn’t act like a deer in the headlights, like he did the first fight, it would be interesting. The match I can’t wait to watch is Jones vs, DC.


    Big “if”
    Machida might be the first fighter to KO Dan Henderson. I doubt Hendo will be able to take Machida down. Also Hendo’s wild punches will get countered by faster, more accurate punches of Machida.
    If the fight goes past the first round, well Dan’s age will be a HUGE factor.
    I guess we will see Gustafson vs Machida or Gegard vs Machida soon.


    Big “if”
    Machida might be the first fighter to KO Dan Henderson. I doubt Hendo will be able to take Machida down. Also Hendo’s wild punches will get countered by faster, more accurate punches of Machida.
    If the fight goes past the first round, well Dan’s age will be a HUGE factor.
    I guess we will see Gustafson vs Machida or Gegard vs Machida soon.

    • bouya

      True that, the time for juicing wrestlers with big right hands has passed… I hope chael is the last we see bones finish in the first 2 rounds. I think regardless of the result Alex and Gegard should be getting the next 2 shots, out of respect for their skills, then machida, he still needs a bit more time to get ready for his next beating

  • Don’tHoldU’rBreathDan

    Wait …you mean Dana White is promising a title fight on condition of victory?! – Well that’s money in the bank right there.

  • me

    So… loser gets Jones?

  • pogodog

    It would be a real good fight if Machida will go at it with Hendo. However, that is not going to happen. Machida will be in and out the entire fight because if decides to go at it with Hendo, he will be seeing little birdies.

    • TH3DR4G0N

      haha no1 wants to go head to head with Hendo..ask shogun or wanderlei. Machidas speed, foot work and overall technique will be the difference between an H bomb and 8 limbs.

  • fedorson

    Henderson is the man. He can go hard 3 rounds not 5. His right hand will land early and it will be quick. Henderson is the real deal he’s the one to beat everyone. Henderson KO first round.

  • acejbe1987

    what about machida than, they were both number 1 contenders in 2012, this contender thing should go both ways wtf. dana promises lyoto on fox the number 1 contender slot, than offers him that that spot with 2 weeks notice against the most dominant lhw ever. machida refuses and he loses his spot, dana white can be a fuckin crook sometimes but thats the game.

  • TH3DR4G0N

    This fight is very interesting. i love both fighters style but im going with Machida via TKO. Dan will be head hunting its no secret. machida’s elusive movement will give dan problems early on, frustrating the former SF champ into a swift and accurate flurry of various strikes.