Dan Henderson Waiting for UFC 205 Title, but Still Wants Anderson Silva (Video)

April 2, 2012
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UFC president Dana White has publicly stated as much, and Dan Henderson is expecting it. He will square off with the winner of the UFC 145 main event between Jon Jones and Rashad Evans with the belt on the line, regardless of which fighter holds it.

That is of course, unless the winner of that fight gets put on the shelf with an injury… then all bets are off.

“I don’t want to wait much longer, so I’d probably have to fight somebody else,” Henderson told MMAWeekly.com. But he’s waited a while and the winner of the fight is who he wants. Well, the winner of that fight and one other fighter.

Henderson wants the title fight at 205 pounds, but there is still one fighter that could draw him back down to the middleweight division, and is it really a surprise to anyone who that might be?

“I don’t really want to fight 185 unless I’m fighting Anderson Silva,” said Henderson.

He’d still like to rematch Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, but make no bones about it… Dan Henderson is ready to take aim at whoever has the UFC light heavyweight belt wrapped around his waist following UFC 145.

Check out the full interview with Dan Henderson below…

(Video interview courtesy of James Mills)

  • matty

    The only chance Dan has of winning a belt is if Rashad somehow gets past Bones.(which will NEVER happen) Hendo would get destroyed by Bones or Silva. His only chance of beating either Bones or Silva would be a H bomb in rd. One. Dan better pray Rashad lays and prays a win out of Bones.

    • smill0313

      I agree that his best shot at a title is against evans, who he would beat. Silva would choke him out again. He does have more than just a right hand chance against jones though. If he can get inside that range (which he always has to do), he can hurt jones with dirty boxing. The key to that fight is who is the better wrestler.

    • rsnowbass

      It’s nice seeing Hendo make a last run this late in his career. Although I believe Jones will get past Rashad, I don’t think it’s going to be as one-sided as others on here are making it out to be. Rashad will be Jones’s biggest test yet, and Rashad will be ready and up for this fight.

      That said, I think both Rashad and Jones beat Hendo, although Hendo has a much better shot at beating Rashad. He has no chance in hell to beat Jon Jones.

      A rematch of Hendo and Silva on the other hand, has me intrigued. I’ll still put my money on Silva there, but you just have to respect the fact that Hendo comes straight at you and brings it everytime, win or lose. That fight does not go the distance.


    • Considering his W/L in rematches, against larger opponents, top wrestlers and strikers, do you REALLY want to write Dan Henderson off ever? Doesn’t seem wise.

  • If anyone deserves it – its Hendo !!! – true warrior !!!

  • adam1848

    Regardless of how this all unravels, I’d like to see Rashad and Hendo dance, at some point. I think they match up great. Rashad’s footwork and speed vs Hendo’s power…plus I think they are probably about the same size and neither would have a grappling advantage. I agree with rsnowbass that Rashad is Jones biggest test yet because of how solid his wrestling is, but I think Hendo’s right hand begs to differ that “he has no chance in hell to beat Jon Jones.” Hendo can flip anybody’s switch, and if he connects on Jones as flush as Machida did, thats the night.

    • rsnowbass


  • tmaisons

    Thank god he’s waiting at 205 cause he looks horrible at 185. I mean he couldn’t even beat Shields at 185 so I see Silva taking that match again. 205 is his optimum weight class and it doesn’t matter who he faces I see his chances of winning as always being better there. I think it will be a hell of a match at 205 no matter who he’s facing. I would love to see him have the 205 title!

  • MaritalArtist

    Hendo at 185…. Still dangerous. If jones wins, I wanna see hendo vs jones. If Evans wins, sorry but I’ll want to see him vs silva.