Dan Henderson on HDNet – When Pride was at Its Peak, It Had Best Fighters

December 6, 2011
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Current UFC fighter and former Pride two-division champion Dan Henderson was a guest on Monday’s edition of Inside MMA on HDNet. Asked his thoughts about the age-old UFC vs. Pride arguments, Hendo says that, at its peak, Pride probably had the deepest talent pool in the world.

Watch Dan Henderson’s interview on Inside MMA below…

  • shaman

    As if no one knows this?

    Dan states the obvious

  • The_Sheriff

    I think he’s saying it for the fans that came in post-pride era. I don’t think we can assume everyone has the same depth of knowledge as we do. I’d rather the obvious be reiterated than for that history to be lost because no one feels the need to repeat it.

    • natpaukar7

      Agreed…to assume that someone like Wanderlei is famous from UFC would be troubling…PRIDE days…different story…and that goes for quite a few people