Dan Henderson Isn’t Sure Where Dana White Is Getting the Info But His Knee is Just Fine

December 9, 2012
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Dan Henderson at StrikeforceOn Saturday night at UFC on Fox 5, UFC President Dana White hinted that former top contender Dan Henderson‘s knee wasn’t healing as fast as expected and he could potentially be out of his upcoming bout against Lyoto Machida currently scheduled for UFC 157 in February.

The subject was broached because White thought UFC on Fox 5 winner Alexander Gustafsson could potentially step in to replace him and face Machida.

Well, Dan Henderson obviously saw that statement and he’s not sure where the UFC President is getting his updates from, but his knee is right on schedule for the February fight card.

“Not sure where Dana White thinks he’s hearing my knee isn’t doing okay,” Henderson wrote on Twitter on Sunday. “It’s doing great. Slowly picking training up just like I do for every training camp.”

Henderson hasn’t fought since 2011 when he defeated Mauricio “Shogun” Rua in his return to the UFC after a stint in Strikeforce where he became light heavyweight champion.

He was expected to face UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones at UFC 151 before the afore mentioned knee injury forced him off the card.

Now getting back into training, Henderson is confident he’ll be ready to face Lyoto Machida on Feb 23 in Anaheim, and Alexander Gustafsson can wait on the call for another fight to come along instead.

  • chuker

    It might have something to do with the shady way you hid the knee injury before your fight with Jon Jones and he is being cautious about announcing your healthy but I’m just guessing.

  • chuker.

    chuker is a loser

    • dan lee

      Chuker is right on the money. Great point chukes!

    • chuker

      Post under your own name punk. I am a Hendo fan, but what he did was shady!

      • drkdisciple

        will the real chucker please stand up..please stand up

        • chuker

          I enjoyed that drkdisciple. but for everyone on here The real chuker which is me likes to come on here and have a good debate as an mma fan. If i disagree with your point i will tell you why with an argument from my point of view. I don’t throw lame personal insults from behind a keyboard from mommy’s basement while I wait for her to bring me a grilled cheese with the crusts cut off.

  • Dave Stiles

    So looks like Hendo is getting out shaded by Dana White the king of being shady….

  • Maddawgmar

    The division is bogging up and Dana is gonna have to screw someone. Henderson was number 1 in line then he gets hurt and now there is Machida Henderson and Gustafson, in line. All waiting for Sonnen. Someone is getting screwed, and its probably Henderson.

  • Guest

    Dana needs to quit messing around with Hendo. It’s his fight. Let him have it…

  • Collideoverme

    Dana needs to quit messing around with Hendo. It’s his fight. Let him have it…This trying to make it a Tito situation isn’t right. Hendo has put on some if not the best fights in the UFC and elsewhere. So seriously Dana. Quit the BS.

  • bajafox

    What would be a good match up for Gustafsson if he doesn’t get Lyoto? Phil Davis is looking for a fight but I’m not sure he has earned a shot at a potential #1 contender

  • Machida and Hendo really needs to happen. That is an incredible fight right there. And it makes a better legit contender b/c some people don’t want to see Machida rematch JJ just yet. A win over Hendo gives him more respect. And for Hendo the same.

  • mmafan

    i think anderson silva vs alexander gustaffson would b a great fight imo

  • chucker.

    chucker nt a mma fan

  • MMA

    Dana is a joke and makes no sense with all the crap he says… really has been hanging out with chael too much