Dan Henderson Is “Perfectly Fine” with Co-Main Event Status at UFC 157

December 21, 2012
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Dan Henderson at UFC 139Dan Henderson‘s coach isn’t happy his fighter is not the main event at UFC 157, but Henderson doesn’t seem to mind one bit.

A recent post on Facebook from Henderon’s striking coach Gustavo Pugliese expressed his disdain for the fact that the former Strikeforce and Pride champion was the co-main event, while UFC newcomer Ronda Rousey was headlining the show.

“Ronda is headlining UFC 157. Here is why I have a problem with that. Ronda is the champion of Strikeforce with 6 wins in less than 2 years of a MMA professional career. That’s impressive regardless of who she has fought. However, she is not the UFC champion yet. She still has to win this fight to get that belt. On the other hand , we have Hendo, who has also been the Strikeforce champion (never lost the belt), Pride champion in 2 different weight classes; he has been ranked #1 contender for the UFC 205lbs, and #6 by many pound for pound best fighter,” Pugliese wrote on Facebook.

“His resume is second to none, moreover, he is fighting a former champion, Lyoto Machida. Now why aren’t they main event? Is Ronda a better market value? I don’t know, but her fight could be quick as usual and we could be missing another historic 5 rds fight between 2 legends and possible hall of famers. I’m not saying she doesn’t deserve to headline an UFC event, but certainly not this one.”

Well his coach may have an issue with Rousey headlining the show, but Henderson doesn’t share his opinion as he expressed on Twitter Thursday night.

“I am perfectly fine as the co-main (event),” wrote Henderson. “I will get to relax and enjoy the women go at it.”

Henderson faces former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida in the co-main event, while recent Strikeforce transfer Ronda Rousey headlines the card in her first defense of the UFC women’s bantamweight title against Liz Carmouche.

  • Good for Hendo, he will not have to train as hard for a 3 round fight. Cardio is not his strenght.

  • Trianglescrotumchoke

    Hendo is only good for 2 rounds max 5 round defo benefits lyoto

  • he really should be fine with that cos he’s sleeping @ 1st round

  • tim

    ofcourse he’s fine with it he’s not the same person after the 3rd round.

  • lmao everybody talking trash about Hendo instead of making any type of intelligent comments; so easy to talk trash. First of all what do you expect Hendo puts it all out there, and has so many miles on his body, give the guy a break. And second of course he’s fine with it being the co main event. I don’t think he wants to waste time complaining or making statements that can land him in hot water. This fight is a must win for both guys and this is an awesome fight. Lyoto would have earned his rematch even more so with the win and Hendo will get another big name of resume and the title shot if he beats Lyoto.

    • Aj

      Even though I some what agree, I don’t think anyone is really talking “trash” since what they’re saying is true. His cardio has ever been his strong suit.

  • dan

    I’m gonna make a bold prediction and say Machida hands Hendo his 1st (T)KO loss

  • octawhat

    This ‘controversy’ over the fight order is hilarious and probably the fabrications & sensationalism of a slow news day.

    However, if anyone is taking this seriously, and thinks Rousey doesn’t deserve the main event spot. I point to a few things:

    First and foremost, Ronda is the champ, and no matter what the champs experience level – Title fights should always be the main event. Otherwise, a title is no more than a glorified hubcap with zero prestige. I feel this wouldn’t be lingering notion if she was a man (thoughts of an inexperienced Brock Lesnar carrying the UFC belt – and no complaints about him being main event).

    Next, the idea that Henderson vs Machida will be a better fight because Rousey finishes fights quickly…. This is plain ridiculous, it’s not Rousey’s fault she is a beast. Think when a young Mike Tyson was destroying his opposition – it was exciting, and the drama came from the fact that you knew what was going to happen – you were just waiting for the exact moment. In comparison to Tyson, Rousey has fought ranked opposition, compared to Tyson’s cans, and she has still looked as dominant.

    Another jab at Rousey is that she is only at the place where she is because the UFC see marketing dollars in her… Well, that is true for any fighter – why do you think Sonnen gets title fight after title fight – or Nick Diaz gets the nod over Hendricks…Magnetic personalities sell fights, and getting new champs that can pull in differing demographics for the UFC will only be a boon to their expansion efforts.

  • M

    I thought this was Rousey’s 2nd title defense, with the first one against Sarah Kaufman?

    • Retnan

      That was Strikeforce, so it doesn’t count as a UFC title defense.

  • jeremy

    Championship matches are the main event. the girls are fighting for a title.. Enough said

  • Retnan

    Why would he? He has a better chance against Machida in a 3 round fight.