Dan Henderson Injured; UFC 151 Cancelled

August 23, 2012
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Dan Henderson at UFC 139It’s the news on one wants to hear just a week away from UFC 151, but Dan Henderson has been forced to withdraw from his main event challenge of champion Jon Jones.

UFC president Dana White made the announcement on Thursday that Henderson would be unable to compete next weekend in his bid to win the UFC light heavyweight title.

After several unsuccessful attempts secure a new opponent for Jones, the UFC unfortunately made the unprecedented move of canceling UFC 151 altogether.

“This is probably one of my all time lows as being president of the UFC,” said White. “For the first time in 11 years, we’re going to cancel an event. Dan Henderson has a partial tear in his MCL (and could not continue).”

White said that one man, Chael Sonnen, agreed to take the fight, but Jones said he would not fight Sonnen on eight days notice.

“This fight is cancelled. It will be Jon Jones vs. Lyoto Machida on Sept. 22 in Toronto on the UFC 152 Canada card,” White stated, clearly distraught by having to pull the plug on an event little more than a week out.

This marks the first time in UFC history that the promotion has cancelled an event so close to fight time.

  • Damn Hendo you must have over trained using that TRT this would be about the time of your last injection a little over a week out to get your levels even….I guess Karma is a bitch sometimes…..

    • Brass Monkey

      Are you the supplement Nazi?

      The doctor approved it. The Athletic Commission approved it. Now, who are you?

  • andrewjaramillo

    Jones wouldn’t fight Chael on 8 days notice after he said he would destroy him but he’ll fight Machida in a couple weeks notice – A man he said he didn’t want to fight again. He’s a wuss

  • Brass Monkey

    What kind of champion doesn’t take a fight with a smaller guy moving up in weight class. Sonnen is in his head. Sonnen is now the beltless LHW Champion. lol

    • TKD

      You are an idiot. Plain and simple: Sonnen doesn’t deserve a title shot, so he shouldn’t get one. Machida is worthy, and Jones never said he would NOT fight Machida. He said it didn’t make sense. Big difference.

      Time for you to wake up and realize that Chael isn’t in the same league as the champ.

      • TKD

        That was supposed to be posted to andrewjaramillo. But Brass, some of it applies to you too.

        • Brass Monkey

          First and foremost Jones is a fighter/entertainer. It is not his decision to decide who deserves a shot or not. Jones is not the king he is an employee. Apparently he doesn’t take his job as a fighter seriously or he is just scared. Whether or not Sonnen deserves it is irrelevant. The UFC asked him to step up and he bowed out like a child. And I am out $350 in a plane fare.

          • Brass…if its not his decision…then why did they ask him…they should have said “your fighting Sonnen”

            A bunch of fighters have said they asked to fight him as well, Chris Weidman was one I saw, but Zuffa wanted the Sonnen fight because it will sell. Plain and simple the UFC is a business and fighters are employees. If they give the fighters the option of who to fight, they shouldn’t be angry when a fighter doesn’t want to fight someone.

            And shouldn’t people be getting angry at Hendo for training wrong and hurting himself??

          • Brass Monkey

            Of course you have to ask the fighters, they aren’t slaves. You can’t force a guy to get in the cage and get his ass beat.

            Listen to the audio of the conference call. From what Dana White said at 4:27 of the audio clip it sounds like Jon Jones did not want to fight anyone on 8 days notice.


      • andrewjaramillo

        Dude this is bigger than Jon Jones. He always talks about being a comapny man & doing what the UFC wants but he clearly chickened out on this one. ANY other champion would have taken another fight to save the card. Get off Jon Jones’ d***!

  • Machida doesn’t deserve a title shot either. This is the UFC’s fault. They put one good fight on a card and expect you to purchase it. If something happens to that fight, the whole card is garbage. Next time Dana, put together a better card.

    • Brass Monkey

      very good point

    • Excellent point…

  • TKD is right Sonnen doesnt deserve the fight…If you really like MMA you shouldnt want a guy to talk his way into the title fights you should want him to earn it….

    • MMAGod

      I agree, julius. Sonnen shouldn’t be able to just talk sh*t and then walk into a fight just because someone got injured. Chael has earned nothing in that division, so he should have never been offered the fight to begin with. TKD is right on this time!

  • Jmoney

    Chael P. Sonnen might not be champ but at least he stepped up to the plate and acted like one… which is more than anyone can say about the 25 year old pre madonna

  • markrenton

    First off, please give it a rest with the TRT comments doggin on Hendo. Once men hit a certain age their testosterone declines and Dan is 42 years old (7 years older than Sonnen who was also legally approved for TRT). Bottom line is a very large percentage of fighters are taking TRT, steroids or some form of enhancement. Talking about Dan Henderson like he is Barry Bonds is ridiculous. In 15 years, he never failed a drug test for anabolic steroids, unlike several big name fighters.

    On another note, there is no reason on earth Jones should take a fight with Sonnen right now regardless of the notice. What does Jones have to gain by beating someone who just got TKOd at MW?


      i wanna do trt sounds like a good buzz

  • greaseygranny

    TKD, you’re the idiot. Jones is scared of Sonnen. End of. Deal with it. Dummy. And he did say he had no interest in fighting Machida again. Bottom line after all the crap him and Sonnen talked back and forth, he should of been willing to back it up. He did tell Sonnen that he was more man than he would ever be and if he had something to say, not to be a coward and say it to his face. Well dum-dum, Sonnen was willing to say it to his face in the cage and Boner backed down. Sonnen was willing to save the entire show. Boner wasn’t. And it has little to do with not thinking he doesn’t deserve a shot. “Hey. We can still save this entire show! Sonnen has agreed to fight you.” – Dana White. “No Dana. He doesn’t deserve a shot. So lets cancel the first UFC ever and let down 10,000 fans that have already bought tickets. I just don’t feel he deserves a shot.” Jon Boner Jones. TKD, you vagina blood fart, read this several times before you retort. Idiot.

    • ThaGreenBandit

      Scared of Phael Sonnen? After he CRUSHED Machida, Rampage, Rashad, and Rua consecutively? Are you serious? Even though he has NEVER been taken down in his UFC career, and Sonnen relies HEAVILY on TD’so he can apply his weak ass g&p, he’s scared of Phael?! Get a grip, bruh. Seriously. Sonnen wasn’t stepping up to save the damn show, so don’t try to make him look like he was doing it for the sake of the company. He was doing it on the off chance that he might luck up and finally become a UFC champ. U Phael fans are a funny bunch…

    • MMAGod

      Why does TKD (or anyone else) have to read your uneducated garbage “several times” before responding? You will sound equally as stupid on the tenth reading as you did on the first. You’ve provided nothing of quality, and you sound bitter. Therefore, you are clearly a Sonnen fan.

      TKD is actually right in what he said about Sonnen. He deserves NO title shot, especially after having been defeated in his last fight, and then jumping to a new division. You sound like the “vagina blood fart”, as you so eloquently put it.

      • TKD

        MMAGod, I am guessing that SKANKYgranny is hoping I read the nonsense several times and get caught in some sort of trailer-trash trance. In all honesty, I wouldn’t want anyone to read that mess, let alone read it more than once.

        I especially like the voices in greaseygranny’s head making up the conversations :“Hey. We can still save this entire show! Sonnen has agreed to fight you.” – Dana White. “No Dana. He doesn’t deserve a shot. So lets cancel the first UFC ever and let down 10,000 fans that have already bought tickets. I just don’t feel he deserves a shot.”

        Mental help is just a phone call away.

      • greaseygranny

        MMAGod. First off. Anyone claiming “GOD” in their name, in any way, shape or form, obviously has a small penis. It’s well known and universal. With that said. Why don’t you pull your mothers Alan Stryker FX-14 Penis Enlarger off of your 2 inch purple headed Jones boner. Your getting petroleum all over your keyboard and sounding like an anal bead.

        Everyone has an opinion and can throw it out here any way they choose. I think Chael is hysterical. He’s great for the sport regardless of what your uneducated ass has to say about it. Is he the best fighter ever? NO. Can he give Jones a run for his money? YES.

        The bottom line is this. Just like your sitting over there spanking your own hiney with a Hot Wheels Track, Chael has a legit chance to spank Boners hiney. They canceled the entire card bonehead. If Jones is worried about pay-per-view buys fighting Machida again, like he claims, then why in the seven Hell’s of Hades wouldn’t he wanna fight Chael? Coming off the biggest UFC EVER? Which is it? Is it the PPV buys? Or is it the non deserving title shot? Do tell before your mom turns her computer off.

  • maddawgmar

    A champ who claims he loves to fight 3-4 times a year and never turns down a fight. I guess not. A true champ will fight anyone anytime on short or ample notice.

  • bajafox

    So much for the company man, I hope you’re watching Nike.

    It doesn’t matter if Chael deserved the shot or not, at least he took it and whether people like him or not, his last fight was a title fight.

    I never liked Jones, now I can’t stand him.

    The card sucked anyway but I was gonna order it to see Hendo, I would even pay to see Sonnen on 8 days notice. As many haters as Sonnen has on here, this offer should have been a dream for you haters.

    Lots of fighters who don’t have millions in the bank are going to take a hit because of Jones’ selfishness.

  • KingSlaughter

    i cant believe you ppl want to watch jones vs sonnen after chael got stomped by silva…TWICE!! but im pissed off they canceled tho

    • RonnieV

      Stomped TWICE? Maybe you need to see that first fight again. I think Chael actually has a better chance (very small chance but better) against Jones than Hendo. Hendo had no chance against Jones, I had zero desire to buy the PPV. IMO this cancellation has more behind it than Hendo’s supposed MCL tear. Sounds fishy, especially since Sonnen has been calling out Jones for a couple weeks.

    • kylesmith

      What does Sonnen losing to Silva have to do with Jones? Silva is the greatest fighter who ever lived, and that doesn’t reflect on Jones one iota. Jones is a pretender. And a coward.

  • pooby

    What about Forrest? He has a fight coming up anyway, and he isn’t injured.

    He’ll never legitimately earn a shot at Jones, this would have been his only chance.

    Not that it would make a good fight, but I have to think Dana offered it to him and he apparently turned it down.

  • ThaGreenBandit

    I don’t care if Sonnen stepped up for the fight, or not. Dude didn’t deserve the opportunity to step in there with the champ and get his ass beat, so why should JBJ even entertain the thought of giving this loud mouth a a shot? Make him earn it.

    • kylesmith

      You’re an idiot. As a champion it is your responsibility to save the show. Jones didn’t just turn down Sonnen, he turned down everyone because he’s scared. Cowards should not be in this sport.

      • MMAGod

        ThaGreenBandit is right on! kylesmith sounds like the idiot to me. Just sayin’.

  • ThaGreenBandit

    … but it does suck that the card got cancelled

  • Okay he claims that he didnt want to fight Machida becuz of the Machida being the lowest PPV buys he has had, but he turns down Chael who would probably be equal to his Evans or Jackson fights and Chael is smaller. He rather have the company which has had a few bad PPV showing cancel than be the company man he always claiming to be and not fight. Something is not right with this crap. First Conduit wins his interim belt but don’t have to defend it til GSP which makes no sense in him having it. now this punk kid gets to help tarnish the reputation of the company. So now what? Other champs going to pull that stunt? DId AS do that when he had the injured rib? No he fought Chael and pulled out a stunning upset to hold on to his belt. Even Tito would fight (tho he complained like a b*tch afterward). He got the darn NIKE deal already. Someone tell me why he couldn’t fight Chael especially if he is “training” to fight a superior wrestler anyway that he couldn’t take the bout? Well, only small constellation prize is JJ now has to endure Sonnen’s verbal antics–and he thought Rashad had his head. UFC needs to get control over the situation they got brewing–pay them guys more money but control your own company!

  • greaseygranny

    Very well said kautionhill. Won’t pay to see the idiot fight again. Unless it’s Hendo or Sonnen. 🙂 Coward ass bitch.

    • TKD

      I guess the UFC is lucky then. I don’t think you can use welfare to order a PPV event anyway…

      • greaseygranny

        BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That’s your best comeback bro. Didn’t think anything could cheer me up today. Thanks. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

      • Scratchface

        TKD unfortunately you are grossly misinformed, if some one was able to cash their welfare checks to pay for a UFC PPV, I can guarantee you that their payment would be accepted. There are many points you could’ve used to attack greaseygranny’s comment … you could have mentioned that the UFC doesn’t really need to worry about his/her one PPV buy .. you could’ve called him/her out on the likelihood that they would purchase a Jones fight versus a bigger name..instead you decided to make an assumption and insult on someone else’s financial situation, probably based on your insecurity about your own financial situation…not picking on you, as I’m sure you’re a million no no billionaire.. but I’m just calling them as I see them.. that was a sorry attempt at a low blow

        • greaseygranny

          Obviously a little kid. And I am gonna pick on him. If I were on welfare, guess who helps pay for it. You and yours. So in a sense, you retarded paratrooper, you would be paying for my UFC PPV. Which kind of makes you my bitch.

          You’re going places TKD. Don’t let anyone tell you other wise…

  • kiwi_as

    Enter the Dragon.

  • greaseygranny

    As much as I hate to say this (and I really do hate it), this is starting to look like boxing. Guys picking who they fight. Running.

  • Wow no more respect for Jones

  • Towers66

    Jones is a great fighter. An even greater let down of a UFC champ. His true colors are really shining. DUI and a last minute turning down of a fight that could’ve saved millions of dollars and pleased millions of viewers. What a wet blanket. P.S. Greg Jackson is ruining this sport…..one fight at a time.

    • RonnieV

      What does DUI have to do with it?

      • MMAGod

        RonnieV, they have nothing else to turn to when they mention the DUI. It’s obvious that people mention it because they don’t like Jones, or are jealous that he is doing well. It just shows what fools they are for even thinking about it.

        • Scratchface

          from what I understood … what Tower66’s was challenging in his comment was Jon Jones’ overall image as a sports figure…which includes his conduct outside the arena (octagon) … just like mayhem miller was held accountable for his actions earlier this month…poor conduct as a citizen reflects poorly on the sport they represent…the DUI has nothing to do with Jon Jones’ athletic ability but all to do with his representation of the people involved in the sport .. is it unfair, definitely…but these are the burdens of being under the spot light

  • Joshuarh20

    I understand all of the arguments in regard to Jones and that h should step up and take the fight. However I think there are a couple of bigger issues at play that need to be looked at.

    First, fighters get injured, it happens and it can hurt a card. One thing that needs to take place is o make sure all PPV cards have two fights that draw in a good PPV purchasing audience, I believe this card lacks that which brings me to my second point. I love that there are a lot of fights taking place but I am concerned the UFC may be over saturating the market at times with too many events between ppvs etc thus making it difficult to put together two headliners per PPV card.

    A few less events may actually help the UFC in the long run so it’s viewed from a fans perspective more like football. Football draw high ratings one because there is a lot of action from big hits, etc but also because the season is relatively short, most people tune in with anticipation. Compare that with the NBA for example, there are so many games on people tend to only watch casually because there are so many games and such a long season. PPV’s are being affected by so many other events and fighters being used up for th others shows.

    I think this card and future cards need to be look at from this perspective. Just a new posters thoughts!

    • bjjjay

      You make a vary good point, the cards have been lacking quality lately. I think the other thing that alot of people here (especially Jones fans) is that he didnt say Chael didnt deserve it he said he wouldnt fight him on 8 days notice. The thing is is that Jones was fighting Chaels teammate, and a guy with alot of similarities in fighting style. This whole situation makes me feel bleak about mma, and i was on the fence about Jones but i definitely dont like him now. I dont care how often he wins, he is a coward, no 2 ways around it. Even if he didnt think Chael deserved it or he didnt want to fight another dude on 8 days notice, alot of people including his employer are going to suffer for this.

  • RonnieV

    This sucks for the other 21 fighters on the card. They should just cancel the main event, and see if they could get the rest of the card on Fuel or FX. I was excited for my buddy Jay Heiron to be back in the Octagon.

    Say what you want about Sonnen, I commend him for jumping at the opportunity to take the fight. He may not deserve a title shot, but he is an opportunist. Obviously Sonnen knew about Hendo’s knee for a while, which is why he has been throwing verbal jabs at Jones for the past couple weeks. IMO Jones would have gained some popularity if he took the Sonnen fight.

  • andrewjaramillo

    All these champions holding out to fight who they want. First JDS wanted Overeem instead of Cain. Now Jones does not want to fight Sonnen & he really doesn’t want to fight Machida again – not bc he’s scared but he said it didn’t make sense business wise. Condit holding out to fight GSP. These champions need to earn holding out like Anderson who can hold out bc he’s handled business way longer than any of the current champs. Bunch of primadonna champions nowadays.

  • greaseygranny

    Funny thing is, Tank Abbott would of taken the fight. Chuck Liddell would of taken the fight. Don Frye would of taken the fight. Point being, to many athletes now and not enough fighters…

  • andrewjaramillo

    It’s not about whether Chael deserves a title shot or not. He was not Dana’s first option as he himself said he called other fighters but that they turned it down. Dana was trying to save the card. Chael is a company man whether you like it or not & he will do what the UFC wants not like Jones. Yea maybe most of his interest to do the fight was bc of the title but he at least stepped up. All you Jones lovers don’t have an argument – Jones is a selfish bastard.

    • So why aren’t people pissed off at the fighters who didn’t want the fight against Bones. Aren’t they selfish bastards too?

      If the rest of card wasn’t boring the card wouldn’t need “saving”. There are too many cards that have 1 good fight on them. You can’t blame a weak card being cancelled on 1 person…there are alot more things to this than just Bones not wanting to fight Sonnen

  • Jones i,ve been a ufc fan since ufc 1. Ive seen them all. Ive always been annoyed by people hateing on Jon Jones. This how ever changes everything. Jon you need to take this fight. you are letting down the entire UFC fan base. Stop the pre madonna bs that 8 days will not be long enough to create a game plan to defeat cheal sonnen???? You’re obviously in shape for the Hendo fight. These things happen. Do not allow the cancellation of the first UFC because of this. There is a solution on the table. I thought you were a company man??? Come man man its chael sonnen. The way you talk about him he should be a cake walk.

  • spot505

    ONE QUESTION .. what does jon jones have to gain by taking a fight with chael sonnen on a 8 day notice ?

    i think jones dont got shyt to gain and everything to lose “if he happened to lose “

    • yellowmonkey

      ONE ANSWER: >Respect

    • Scratchface

      what does any champion have to gain from facing any challenger?
      regardless of skill level or whether “we” (the fans) feel a challenger deserves a shot.. the champion has nothing to gain but all to lose in any scenario..even if the fight was still hendo, what does jones stand to gain? the belt? he already has it..you can scoff at the idea of respect because at the end of the day respect is subjective .. jones can destroy the hulk and there will still be fans who discredit him and disrespect him… so what does he stand to gain? .. the answer is nothing … it’s the duty of the champion to face a challenger.. end of story

  • zacharydetal

    You idiot sonnen fans are forgetting Jones is still defending his belt in September, but against Machida who is more worthy of a title shot than Sonnen. Brandon Vera is more deserving than Chael. But at least Jones doesn’t have to worry about that TRT BOMB anymore!!

  • Ulises1978

    Forget Sonnen or machida get the super fight silve vs jones yeeaaa!!!!

  • BlackWolf_8

    it’s all ufc fault if they canceled the event,when u have a 1 fight card, what do u expect? UFC used to have stacked cards and that would save their ass in case someone gets injured, but when u had a card like this one, no wonder u cancel the whole event if the M-E is gone.

  • Joz

    Man, on one wanted to hear this.

  • 1) The best comments are the ones pointing out that this card shouldn’t have to be cancelled for one fight. They shouldn’t have such weak cards and/or shouldn’t have PPV that relies so much on purchases over things like ad revenue you would get on television.

    2) I’m sympathetic to Jones not wanting to take a fight on just 8 days. But you can’t help but think Jones is scared, or just as likely Greg Jackson was scared and talked him out of it as Jackson is notoriously cautious. They gameplanned to death a scenario against Henderson and apparently have so little faith in Jones’s athletic ability and MMA talent that they couldn’t risk going against Chael Sonnen without a new gameplan, despite
    a) Chael Sonnen being very similar to Dan Henderson in style. He is basically Henderson without the H-bomb.
    b) Sonnen also having eight days notice except Jones has had a full fight camp and who knows if Sonnen has even been fully training.
    c) Sonnen not even having adjusted yet to a new weight class.

    ALL of the odds are stacked in Jon Jones’s favor, and yet he wouldn’t take the fight. People saying “What would he gain?” WTF are you talking about? He’s the champion and has to defend his belt. How about he just never defends his belt again? Then he never has to lose it. Nothing to gain from defending it.

  • stevemcz11

    Jones got his shot by stepping in late against Shogun and now he is saying that there are people he wont defend his title against without a full camp. double standard. he shouldnt be allowed turn down a late challenger for the title in my opinion. fair enough DW saying it wont happen but for Jones to say it? I wish Shogun had said that because it would have thought him a lesson

  • TKD

    I think a Sonnen with only an 8 days notice would have looked like the Sonnen that fought Bisping. That was pathetic!

    • Brass Monkey

      But at least he was a man and accepted the fight. How can you hate on Sonnen for that?

      • spot505

        i don’t hate on sonnen .. ah hell any fighter should accept a free title shot {remember he did get ko’d his last fight }

        like i said jones dont got nothing to gain if he took that fight .. and dont say “respect” .. because if he happens to lose he will lose a lot more respect then he would gain .. look at who jones has already fought , he don’t need no respect from anybody – he already took it !!

        • RonnieV

          “he don’t need no respect from anybody – he already took it !!” – I’m sorry the education system has failed you so badly. Jones loses respect, because he was contracted to fight next Saturday. UFC gave him a different opponent and he pussed out… plain and simple!

  • felix


  • ufcbuff

    Don’t get me wrong guys, i think Jon Jones is one of the best ufc fighters ever. But due to his performance on the Evans fight, where he couldn’t finish Evans. Then now this? I honestly am a lot less of a fan now. I still can’t believe people try to compare him to Anderson Silva. A. Silva has never backed out of a scheduled fight, unless he himself has been injured. One can’t compare this to Silva not accepting the Weidman fight, because it has not even been scheduled yet and is 8 days away. Plus I believe Weidman has to go thru either Belfort, Bisping, and Belcher first to get a shot. Not thru Munoz. Once Jones has done what Silva has, then we can only TRY to compare. And also, JDS was not trying to avoid Cain, as you can all see they are going to fight this december. JDS just wanted to KO Overeem first because of his trash-talking. Jon Jones colors are truly showing now. After a twitter back and forth like that between Sonnen, forget who deserves a shot. Let’s just save the event for all of us loval UFC fans, and shut each other’s mouths. I know a bunch of UFC fighters that would do this for free, after a back and forth of words like that. You’re a fighter, so then fight! Sonnen will have the same amount of training days as Jones, and this PPV would have sold pretty well if Jones said yes. And back to the JDS/Cain fight, I personally would want JDS to KO Cain again, so Cain will have no choice but to try out the LHW division for as long as JDS is the champ. Cause despite what the really big Jones fans would say, I do not think Jones can take Cain on. just my 2 or more cents on this very disappointing first ever UFC cancellation.

  • chronosun

    Everybody is saying Jones had a lose lose situation taking this fight but he lost way more by not taking it. All his excuses are invalid, Excuse 1: He doesn’t want to fight anyone with only 8 weeks of prep… he fought Shogun 6 weeks after the Bader fight. Excuse 2: He says Chael doesn’t deserve the fight… If no one else (including people JJ thinks are deserving) don’t step up then the 1 guy that does IS the most deserving at that time because it is a different scenario than the norm especially if it could save an entire card. Finally Excuse 3 which he said about Machida but is relevant in this situation, It doesn’t make sense buisness-wise: Financially it would benefit him to fight because that’s what he gets paid to do, plus he would have got KO of the night and possibly FOTN due to the weakness of the card, and another W for that record NIKE is paying him for. Bottom line is he turned down an easy win against a smaller guy that would have helped his fellow fighters and company because he FELT his opponent didnt deserve the fight. Jon better hope he has ALOT of die-hard fans cause he just lost alot of die-hard fight fans.

  • ufcbuff

    I just listened to Dana White’s comments on the Jones/Henderson cancellation. And all I have to say is I back up ALL that he has said, about what a TRUE UFC fighter should be. This comes from the man who has built the UFC to what it is today. I can see the argument that the UFC should’ve put another potential main event on the card, as a possible replacement just in case. But if a champion fights anyone the UFC “officially” puts in front of him, there shouldn’t be this types of problems in the first place.

    • greaseygranny

      Bro, I agree 100%. Like I said earlier. There’s to many athlete’s now and not enough fighters. End of.

  • What’s the big deal about Chael hyping up a fight and stepping up?? It’s his job and his passion. The guy brings the fight every time. Should he shut his mouth and not offer to step up for an injured Henderson? The guys a true fighter, big deal he got beat by Silva and submitted by a bunch of high level BJJ fighters. It happens. And much respect to Machida stepping in last minute. Who cares about Jones being cocky or disrespectful at this point; he has to defend that title to whoever Dana sees fit to step in. Silva didn’t complain about fighting Franklin the second time. Franklin earned his shot and so did Machida. No argument.

    • CombatScienceMMA I agree with everything you say except for one thing.

      ” he has to defend that title to whoever Dana sees fit to step in” Obviously he doesn’t. These issues wouldn’t happen if the fighters were told “this is who your fighting, end of story”.

      I don’t think people realize that this is these fighters JOB. If I told one of my employees to do something and they said no, then they wouldn’t be around much longer. Anytime you give someone a choice then you can’t get mad when they choose different than you want.

  • muleyaddict

    Go to http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/nike-drop-jon-jones.html to sign a petition for Jon Jones to lose his Nike Sponsorship for refusing to fight Chael Sonnen and cancelling UFC 151.

    • Some people have far too much time on their hands…so any fighter that’s ever turned down a fight…Shogun Rua comes to mind…should loose their sponsorhsips??

      If the UFC doesn’t like the choice Jones made, then they shouldn’t have given him that choice.

    • Someone should also start a “Michida should loose his sponsorships too” because he turned down the fight against Jones.