Dan Henderson Injured, Hopes to Return from UFC 151 Cancellation by Year’s End

August 29, 2012
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Dan Henderson at StrikeforceOne of the more overlooked aspects of the UFC 151 cancellation is the fact that Dan Henderson, the original opponent for UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, has been sidelined.

It was his injury, in fact, that eventually culminated in Jones being offered Chael Sonnen as a replacement at UFC 151, turning down the fight with Sonnen, and UFC president Dana White cancelling the entire event.

Henderson’s injury isn’t severe, but it’s bad enough that it hampered his ability to perform at a respectable level, and enough to put him out of commission for the next couple months.

I had a slight tear in my MCL and it was real unstable. No surgery is needed, luckily, but just got to immobilize it and ice it a lot for the next three or four weeks and then rehab it a little bit,” Henderson told AXS TV’s Inside MMA on Monday night. “Hopefully, I’d be 100-percent they said in three to four months.

“I’m just bummed out that it had to come to withdrawing from the fight.”

Henderson tried to tough it out, training with the MCL tear for a couple of weeks before coming to the realization that he wasn’t going to improve enough to stay in the fight and perform at an acceptable level.

What happens from here, Henderson doesn’t really know.

He’s hoping to stay at the top of the list for a shot at the winner of the UFC 152 headliner between Jones and his new opponent, Vitor Belfort, but hasn’t even broached the subject with UFC officials yet.

“I don’t know (if I’ll still get the title shot). I didn’t ask what was gonna happen if I didn’t take the fight,” relayed Henderson. “It wasn’t going to be a part of my decision making process. I wanted to make sure I made the right decision for the right reasons. I still don’t know what’s gonna happen. I can only hope that I’m still in line for that title shot.”

Whether a title shot is in his immediate future or not upon returning from the knee injury, Henderson thinks that he should be ready to get back in the Octagon by year’s end.

“I’d like to shoot for that Dec. 29 show.”

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  • caiohflemos

    Dan Henderson vs Lyoto Machida at 155.

    That’s what should happen.

  • henderson vs rashad makes sens to me.

    • triangle choke

      That would be an awesome fight.

  • Lesnardo

    finally, an article without any atrocious error.

  • bigwurm

    Anyone here dan’s interview that posted on bjpenn.com? jones was offered chael on the card vitor is fighting him and turned him down there too. Jones turned down to fight chael twice. the vitor card was originally chael vs jones but no balls jones said no to chael but yes to vitor. mmahour interviewed dan and thats what hendo said. and lesnardo STFU idiot and get a life.

    • zacharydetal

      Please explain why Jon Jones would give Chael Sonnen a title shot. Chael just came off two less than impressive fights. He squeaked past Bisping and ended up curled up in a ball against Silva. Beating Chael doesn’t prove anything. At least Vitor is coming off a win. Honestly I think Weidman would of made the most sense.

      • zacharydetal

        Vitor Belfort or Chael Sonnen, who is the more dangerous opponent? Vitor has 14 knockouts. Chael has seven and hasn’t Ko’d someone since 2007.

      • greaseygranny

        Please explain why Jones would give Vitor a title shot?

        Guy is obviously running from Sonnen. You Boner nut lovers need to face the reality. I hate both idiots. But I’m not a retarded paratrooper. It’s quite obvious Jones is ducking him. This shit isn’t rocket science man. Come the fawk on guys.

        • zacharydetal

          Running from Sonnen? You must be as stupid as your name. Jones last four fights were against better fighters than chael. I doubt he’s afraid of Chael, someone who can’t finish anyone. The only thing Chael is good at is hyping up a fight. Jones probably won’t fight him out of spite.

        • atmosphere

          @zacharydetal – fighters fight probably 2-3 times a year. why should Jones “use” ones of those fights on Sonnen, who is high risk, low reward?

          Sonnen hasn’t fought as a LHW since 2005(?) and hasn’t been training for a fight. Sonnen essentially has built-in excuses if he were to lose. and if Jones loses? well, he just lost to a MW that hasn’t been training…

  • Hendo vs Machida/Evans/Vitor/Belcher/Lombard even. So many great fights for him. I hope his rehab goes well. He just turned 42. What a warrior man. Straight up legend.

    • zacharydetal

      WTF? why would henderson fight vitor, belcher, or lombard. Are you a complete idiot or what’s your deal? Don’t forget Henderson is 42 with the testosterone levels higher than 21 year old.

      • MaritalArtist

        TRT helps, but doesn’t exactly reverse the aging process.

    • greaseygranny

      Hendo already beat Vitor. He only wants to fight at 205 unless it’s against Anderson Silva. With the exception of Evans, he would knock the other two ass clowns out.

      I still want to see Hendo vs. Jones. But Hendo vs. Evans would also be an awesome fight. I think Hendo would win though. Would love to see Hendo vs. Machida as well. Would be a crazy fight. Would LOVE to see Hendo vs. Shogun 2.

  • diazfan209

    shouldn’t Dan still get the title shot?

    • youdosuck

      I believe Chael gets it next, even if he loses to Forrest. Thats how things work in Dana White’s world now.