Dan Henderson: “I’m Not Done; I Still Have Goals I Wanna Reach” (UFC 157 Post video)

February 24, 2013
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Dan Henderson at StrikeforceDan Henderson thought he did enough to earn the nod against Lyoto Machida at UFC 157 on Saturday night, but in the end, he was the one on the short end of the scorecards, losing via split decision.

At 42 years of age, the questions of “how much longer” always come after a win or a loss. Henderson didn’t say specifically how much longer he would continue fighter, but did say, “I’m not done. I still have goals I wanna reach in the sport.”

Check out what else Dan Henderson had to say at the UFC 157 post-fight press conference…

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  • It’s to bad Dan didn’t get to hold 2 titles in the UFC. That would have made things interesting. Such a great fighter. Underrated even. This man is a legend. Well anything can happen, can you imagine Hendo-Sonnen for the title for some insane reason.

    • gregggg

      yeah highly unlikely

      • Unlikely indeed. Every fight he is in is interesting though so I can’t; wait to see who they line up next for him.

    • Cereal Killer

      Maybe for the vacant title, after Jones moves up to heavyweight? I don’t see anyone at LHW beating him right now. Give Dan two more wins and I think Jones might be ready to move up. I think Gustafsson may be the only guy left to actually challenge him. Sonnen, Gus and then Davis, then vacate. Dan vs Teixeira for the vacant title!

    • Oswald Cobblepott

      Hang em up Dan! You’ve earned the respect of an entire sport, enjoy the fruits of your labor!

    • Mark McDowall

      He needs to hang it up. You could see it last night that he has lost a step. He had his knee and ankle taped, he wasn’t moving like he used to because of this.

      I totally agree that he has long been an underrated fighter, and will go down as a legend. Thats why he needs to stop now before he starts loosing badly. Guys like Matt Hughes and Liddell stayed around for a few fights too many and put a bit of a blemish on their legacy because they lost their last couple fights in dramatic fashion.

      • Advance*

        Just about everybody looks bad against Machida. It’s what he does to opponents. He makes them fight his frustrating/boring style and someone as slow as Dan isn’t gonna pose much of a threat to him. He’s still been on a pretty good run the past few years and has a legitimate chance at beating any LHW that isn’t gonna avoid the fight for 15 mins.

        • Mark McDowall

          I agree, Machida’s style is such that it causes people to look out of touch. BUT…Hendo was noticeably slower. He didn’t seem to have that same power in his punches that he did before.

          And he has been on a run, but look at who he fought while he was in strikeforce, Fedor, Babalu and Rafael Calvancante. Most importantly when he was dominated by Jake Shields, who is a welter weight.

    • Itsbalsytosupportsonnenbutstil

      dude seriously? Did you get high on TRT and land on your head before posting that?

  • Matt

    I’m hopeful we’ll see something special from Mousasi soon. We need a couple more interesting prospects to come through after Gus and Teixeira. Dan may still get a shot in time. At least Dan would steam through Jones’s offense with his granite chin and superior wrestling if he gets the chance. Most fighters who get a shot a Jones seem to be too apprehensive and let him dictate the fight.

    • NO

      Like hendo steamed through machida? he landed one punch on machida and would land 0 on jones. btw mousasi an gus are fightin each other so only one will come through

      • Lucas Freire

        Superior wrestling? Maybe on wrestling competitions,but not on MMA.
        On MMA he was dominated by Jake Shields(Who is 30 pounds lighter than JJ) and threw down by Lyoto easily. If that fight happened:
        R1:Dan punching the air,trying to get to JJ’s head.
        R2: Dan gassed out,taken down,elbowed,submitted.

  • karate is cool

    How in hell did he do enough buy landing 1 punch and 1 take down? Machida spoiled the fight like I knew he would but he outclassed him for 3 rounds and it was beautiful to watch

  • jurt

    Hendo lost. Even by the numbers he landed less. Its not machidas job to stand there and let hendo drop h bombs on him. Hendo has been on the right end of bad calls im glad this one worked out right