Dan Hardy Would Love to Face ‘Blood Thirsty Kill Freak’ Matt Hughes

March 17, 2012
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Dan Hardy
Former UFC welterweight champion and Hall of Famer Matt Hughes may have a lot of lifetime fans, but don’t count Dan Hardy among them.

The British born fighter first ran afoul of Hughes last year when the former champion posted pictures on Twitter of his latest hunting trip where he killed a bobcat. The pictures spurned a lot of responses both positive and negative for Hughes’ hunting for sport, and his response was pretty firm on how he felt about it all.

“Me and my brother love to shoot cats!” wrote Hughes on his Twitter page. “If you don’t like seeing dead animals, stop following me. I’m not even going to try and educate you PETA idiots.”

Hardy obviously fell on the side of the people that had a problem with Hughes’ hunting habits, and responded in kind.

“Look at what I killed. Aren’t I the man? This is the only thing I have found that cures my impotence,” Hardy wrote. “There is no justification for what he does. Shooting a wild cat for fun is a joke. I don’t have a problem for hunting if there is a purpose for it. I have never read anywhere being overran by bobcats though.”

Hardy went as far as asking UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta for a shot at Hughes when he returned to fighting in 2012, but now that he’s matched up with Duane “Bang” Ludwig at UFC 146, it’s obvious Hardy’s wish was not granted.

Still, Hardy would love to get a shot at Hughes before the longtime champion calls it a career, and judging by his recent comments, there’s no love lost.

“I would love to figure that out, that blood thirsty kill freak. I can’t stand the dude,” Hardy told MMAWeekly Radio recently.

Despite his extreme distaste for Hughes personally, Hardy point out that he respects what the former collegiate wrestler did with his MMA career. It’s hard to deny the multi-time welterweight champion his due credit for what he did in the cage, regardless of personal feelings.

“I’d love to get a shot at him, but the thing with Matt Hughes is I don’t like him as a person, but I can’t help but respect him as a fighter. He achieved a lot and I enjoyed watching him fight when he was at his peak,” said Hardy.

“As a person, I can’t stand him; I wouldn’t speak to him if I had the option. But I watch his fights and I learn from them.”

Hughes has said recently that he’s got maybe one fight left in his career, which has spanned more than 14 years. With that kind of timeline attached to Hughes, Hardy isn’t sure he’ll ever get the chance to face him, but it’s on his bucket list.

“The thing is, at this stage in his career, I know he’s past his peak. I know he’s not looked great in his last few fights, and maybe he’s kind of winding down,” said Hardy.

“I would love to fight him and, if he was willing to take the fight, I would by all means love to get in there and put it on him, but I’m not going to chase after the guy cause he has passed his peak and he may not want to a fight against someone who doesn’t like him as much as me.”

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  • shawnbaran

    So Hughes is a **** for doing something he enjoys which ISN’T illegal and he spoke his mind about that? Hardy disagrees with it so Hughes is… OH WAIT! I get it! Hardy is trying to cash in on a name by picking a fight with an MMA legend. Good thinking you mohawked dip****.

    • silent_nick

      No, maybe Hardy actually cares that Matt Hughes is killing animals for no reason other than fun. You don’t see a problem with that? Hunting for sport is psychopathic.

      • philmckracken

        Two weeks ago I was missing a baby goat and found the head and two back legs on the back portion of my property. You live in an apartment or house in the suburbs where you dont see this. And if you wanna say I invaded their territory your psychopathic. Me and my family lived here before coyotes were brought here (FL) and bobcats are the same predator to the same small animals. Wish I could post a pic of the poor baby goats remains so you could see how awesome of an animal these night predators are. They are beautiful animals to look at when they arent killing other ones. If hardy cared about animals as much as you think he would defend the helpless ones too. Seeing hes tryn to start a fight with an aging hughes (weaker now).. maybe not..

        • silent_nick

          That’s why I specified “hunting for sport.” I’m very sorry for your loss. I had a pet goat that I loved dearly and died so I understand completely. But Matt Hughes wasn’t out protecting his children or animals, he was going out there to kill bobcats because he enjoys killing bobcats.

          But about this possible fight… I would still take Hughes. I like Hardy but I’ve yet to see that he can hang on the ground with a guy like Matt Hughes, even the Hughes of today. I hope he can beat Bang. Bang looked incredible against Sadollah and was clearly beating up Neer before getting subbed.

          • philmckracken

            Wasnt tryn to be a douche to you personally, it just hits home with me about that subject with predator animals. They ambush the smaller ones at night so I have no sympathy for any of them. I have friends that hunt and take way more than necessary and believe me. I dont like it. I do love animals!! Just not the predators. I like to watch Hardy fight and might be a good one with Hughes but I dont wanna see him go out on a loss to a guy at his peak when hes on the down side.

        • lonniebatt

          couldnt agree more although it is a natural predatory response with these animals but they always pick the easy prey but when it involves a persons property and pets then you have every right to protect your property besides Hardy knows that he cant afford any more losses or may be cut so who better to beat up than an aging ex champ it would look so much better when his job is on the line but I bet he would think different if Matt was still in his prime cause he would Kill Hardy…

      • mich1fan

        Its a bobcat man, its not like hes killing dogs or cats. there wild animals that attack and kill small pets, eat and destroy farmers crops, and are nothing but a pain in the ass. I think hardy is trying to get an easy fight against someone old and ready to retire. Maybe if he could beat someone relevant, he wouldnt have to try and pick a fight against someone who is over the hill and way past his prime.

    • Drag0nle

      Something that isn’t illegal isn’t necessarily moral. And killing animals for fun for no other reason is highly questionable. It will not further Hardy’s Career to fight Hughes at this stage. It’s obvious he just wants to put a beating on Hughes cos he can’t stand him and his attitude.

  • pooby

    Matt Hughes responded, “Dan…who?”

  • maddawgmar

    Wow Hardy you’re a girl. Who cares if Hughes likes to hunt? It’s not your problem. I go out and hunt Deer, boar, and bear. Do you want to get in the ring with me. I’m sure you do because I’m not a fighter and you would get an easy win. Hughes isn’t what he used to be and you jus want an easy fight, and someone to make a name off of. And remember during a catastrophic emergency, us hunters will survive while you greenpeace punks beg for scraps.

    • silent_nick

      I’ll get in the ring with you. No guns. *****. Keep on preparing for the zombie apocalypse, genius. Derp derp.

      • maddawgmar

        Okay Internet tough guy… When I said catastrophic emergency, I didn’t necessarily mean a apocalypse you douche. You ever watch those episodes of “I Survived”? People who get lost and almost die before they are rescued. It wouldn’t hurt if they knew how to live of the land and navigate, follow animal tracks. It’s people like you in that scenario that will probably end up dead. I hate bringing up Evan Tanner, because it’s a tragedy, but if he knew how to survive in the desert he would still be with us.

    • allanm

      Yeah, he’ll have an easy time with you in a fight. Just like you do with those unsuspecting animals with your guns.

      You’re scum. Redneck garbage.

      • philmckracken

        I think I’ll go shoot a couple unsuspecting bobcats tonight just for you stupid. Unsuspecting!! They’ll be on my property hunting my animals when I blast them. If you want I will send you their sex organs so you can play with them? Up to you?

      • maddawgmar

        So I’m a redneck scum, jus because I like outdoor sports, like hunting fishing and trapping. First off you know nothing about me, I’m a former Marine, and a lawyer that lives in Las Vegas. That sounds like scum or a redneck to you? You greenpeace, treehugging hippies think you have all the answers, and the rest of us are scum. You act like he shoots the animal then leaves it. I believe it is a valuable skill to have to live of the land. That is why we sit atop the food chain now.

        • lonniebatt

          I made my wife a coat out of all the little ******* I killed and it is gorgeous

  • Mario

    “I know he’s not looked great in his last few fights, and maybe he’s kind of winding down,” said Hardy.

    Speak for yourself, you ****!

    Hughes is a hall of famer. What the hell has Dan Hardy really accomplished in the UFC? Knocked out Rory Markham? 😛


  • Anthony

    I dont care if this guy thinks hes trying to reinvent himself or not. His ground game has always been suspect. If Chris Littel submitted him fairly easily ,the second the fight went to the ground. Hughs will take Hardy and his mohawk down and destroy him, over the hill or not–This is taking nothing away from Littel–he was a well rounded fighter and had a really good career.

  • fitefan

    This is Hardy trying to make himself relevent. He used similair strategy and got a title shot against GSP. Which exposed Hardy as a SF caliber fighter.

    Funny thing is, even with Hughes getting older, and comeing off of several losses, he’s an outstanding wrestler. Exactly what Hardy needs to stay away from. If I was Hughes I’d take this fight, good hype, good money, and should be a garanteed win. I’m not going to say an easy win.
    Would be a great way for Hughes to retire.

  • philmckracken

    Thank God everybody posting has my same view on this dork!!! I jumped out of my chair when Chris choked his a**. Id love to see some of these guys that are on their last leg beat the pi** out of these younger ones calling them out to make them relevant. Bobcats, coyote, fox are all predators that prey on smaller animals. Chickens, turkeys, baby deer just to name a few so I kill them bas***s myself to protect the weaker animals. Put me on Dan’s list of people to kick the crap out of!!

    • allanm

      Phil, are you really this stupid? They kill for food. Too stay alive.

      Wow, I’m surprised you can turn on your computer.

      • philmckracken

        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (They kill for food. Too stay alive.)Call me stupid!??? Bahahahahahahahaha! Idiot!!! Dont hurt yourself turning off your computer dummy!!

        • TKD

          @ philmckracken: Why bother answering allanm? He is doing a good enough job making himself look stupid! LOL!!!!

      • lonniebatt

        yeah but they prefer easy prey maybe like your dog or your small child… Imagine that!!!!

  • Dude on a 4 fight skid calls out one of the greatest champs of all time who’s at the end of his career?


    Hardy doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as Hughes.

    • Or should I say greatest champs of “all times”…

      Wonder how many of you will get that.

  • Matt Hughes would beat Dan Hardy

    • macgrubber

      TROLOLOLOL only in ur dreams bro

  • borlots

    First off, let me say that I agree with everyone that Hardy is a grade A jerk. However some of you have poor reading comprehension.

    He stated that he has no problem with hunting as long as there’s a purpose. Keeping the animal population in check (I’d add, hunting the animal to use for food or protecting your livestock), but if he’s hunting bobcats or any other animal to cut off it’s head for mounting and leaving the carcass to rot, then I agree with the Mowhawked idiot. I’m glad Lesnar was nailed when he was hunting in Canada and left the deer to rot in the field.

    • maddawgmar

      Hardy never said anything about food. He said,”I don’t have a problem for hunting if there is a purpose for it. I have never read anywhere being overran by bobcats though.” So by that logic an area has to be under siege by an animal to hunt it. Maybe I should put my rifles up, because deer, bears, and boars aren’t taking over the world. Maybe stop trapping bobcats because they don’t threaten ecosystems. There is nothing wrong with hunting for fun and sport. Hughes isn’t poaching. Unless I missed something there are no reports that he is killing animals and leaving them to rot. I have a shed full of heads and trophies, and have made at least 50K off of bobcat pelts alone. I’m sure Hughes is the same way as a hunter, minus selling pelts, because he don’t need the money.

      • BizzleZX10R

        Hardy saying “if theres a purpose for it” IS basically saying for food..

  • Anthony

    Im almost afraid to say something cuz I might jinx it, but like philmckracken said, this is the first post that we can all agree upon. Usually anytime I reply to something ,I get blasted into some third world country by you guys-lol—glad for once were all on the same page

  • isaiasnavarro

    I would love to see Matt Hughes get dropped again just like his last fight !

    Hardy all the way !

  • lowlb

    Wow you hillbillies are dumb. Killing wild animals because they are wild is for painfully stupid hicks. You grow good food in your back yard you’re gonna get predators.. WTF how stupid are you?
    Hardy will get taken down in this fight and beat down, by a stupid hick with a short-guy problem.
    You crazy, uneducated coons better get your republican party together or it’s gonna be a long 4 more years and probably beyond.
    I’ll be rooting for Hardy but there are easier fights out there for him..
    Go f*&K your live stock douchebags, wild animals look for easy prey, as do bonehead sport hunters.
    All be back for more abuse soon..
    Love you XOXOX

    • philmckracken

      Stupid enough to feed myself and others that need it dip****!! Go to the store and buy yours smart guy. Only way you could survive.. XOXOXOXOXOXO Hugs and kisses? figures fa**!!

    • philmckracken

      Dumb hillbillies like me are the reason you have something to eat!!! Vegtables, meat, milk, cheese, fruit, whatever. Does your mommy have a little red mohawk over her beaver? Is that the link to you loving Dan Hardy and wanting to save the poor little critters? Too late. Im sure that little beaver has already been beatin up beyond help!! XOXOX Enjoy a cucumber smart boy. Hope your moms beaver gets well soon.

      • Anthony

        “little red mohawk over her beaver” OMG–that maybe the funniest post ever–classic!!!!!!!!–philmckracken, you are da man

    • diecapsule

      Good lord you are such a retarded liberal douche. There is no hope for pretentious blowhards like you. You probably live in the cozy confines of the city, have never seen a wild animal in your life save from the chimps at your local zoo, yet somehow you you know all there is to know about nature and people from the country or small town communities. So in closing; how does the old saying go….oh yeah, eat a bag of d#cks and die you ignorant f#ck hole.

  • jt

    Hughes likes to kill cats. I like to kill dumb rednecks.

    • I love the way you think. May I offer my assistance? I like cats (even the wild ones) more than most people and to “like” to kill cats makes ME bloodthirsty for his picture laying dead with a bullet hole in his stupid head….

      • philmckracken

        May I offer my assistance? Bahahahahaha!! Bullet hole in his stupid witttle head.. Genius!!! I just luvvvvvvv the way you think… I bet he’s thinking he dont want your “assistance” Mission complete you two. You killed a redneck! Im about to die laughing. Offer my assistance… May I? So polite..OMG!!

  • BlackDog2009

    Matt Hughes is a scumbag. Anyone that hunts animals with shotguns is a scumbag! Lesnar included. Predators or not, these animals hunt to feed, to stay alive. These animals don’t have shotguns and they don’t go around killing humans for fun. Now I’m very glad that Hughes has gotten his ass kicked real good in his last fights. I’ll enjoy watching the replays of those fights.

    I would love to see Hardy put Hughes to sleep too. And he could do it too. Bad streak or not.

  • bryanadams

    Dan Hardy doesn’t even deserve his spot in the UFC. If he were smart he would spend a year just competing in grappling tournaments. Then maybe he wouldn’t get held down every time he fought a wrestler. As for Hughes not looking so good lately, his records better thand Hardy’s over their last 4 fights. And Hughes has faced the better competition of the two. Win some fights before you call someone out. P.S.- if a municipality is issuing hunting tags for an animal it’s a form of population control. Maybe you don’t like it but it has a purpose. If these animals were endangered tags wouldn’t be issued for them, and Hughes probably wouldn’t advertise that he’s poaching on twitter. Likewise, if these populations weren’t controlled they could kill off entire prey populations. Personally, I’ve never hunted, but I understand that hunters play a role in maintaining a balanced ecosystem.

  • DrkDisciple

    Hardy is lucky to have a job. He is in no position to call out anyone what-so-ever!

  • Ross Bergins

    Hardy is right. I cannot believe people still support the barbaric act of sport hunting.

    Humans have pillaged this earth and killed most of the natural predators. We run factory farms to produce meat at an exponential rate to feed our exponentially growing population. Predators and their prey have been forced from their homes by habitat degradation, which causes them to overpopulate in more defined rural areas.

    Many scientists agree that we are in an extinction phase caused by human hunting, destruction of habitat, disease, and climate change. The rate of extinction since humans have inhabited the earth has increased between 100-1,000 times. Only 2-4% of all species that inhabited the earth survive today.

    So, yep, let’s keep shooting the bobcats…you know, because they are such a threat to us humans who are hardly on the verge of extinction.

    • fsunoles09

      i feel ya dude i love animals as much as the next guy but some animals are over populated and cause a real chance of destroying entire habitats brotha, so we hunt them.and im not sure if your aware but there are hunting seasons just for that reason brotha to let the population mate and do their thing so we can hunt again next season and keep the #’s in check.and what about dinosaurs and all the other creatures that went extinct before man.haha how the hell did an mma article turn into this haha.ooo yea and you know when a species is in danger of becoming extinct you know that man does whatever they can to revive the population and make it illegal to hunt endangered animals right?not sayin there isnt diks that do it anyway.

    • diecapsule

      “Barbaric”?…this coming from someone who is on a forum discussing a sport where two guys get in a cage and beat the shit out of each other. Don’t get me wrong, I love MMA and believe it to be a very skilled sport, much like hunting. The whole thing about “killing without reason” is a joke, like we are the only species to do that. Lions kill Hyenas every day just out of pure spite and hate of the species, they don’t eat them. And by the way, you speak about “natural predators”, what are humans; unnatural man made machines? We are the f@#king predators plain & simple, call it barbaric, call it idiotic, call it whatever you want, right or wrong it is human nature, i.e. NATURAL.

      CHEERS, and here is to a thousand more years of pillaging!@#*

  • philmckracken

    Your story is dead on!!! Now call any chicken or turkey farm… any… and ask them what they do to control predators. They shoot them, electrocute them, trap them just to name a few to kill them so you can have your chicken sandwich, turkey breast, or eggs to eat. They do the same with baby milk cows also. Dont eat if you feel that strong because the people that supply your food do it every night when they come out. But I’m sure your a vegan and dont eat any of that. Just veggies huh? Well, famers kill deer and rabbits too for eating their crops so I guess you should grow your own to boycott them. Sorry fella..

  • bryanadams

    Dirty vegan hippies!!!!!! Aaaaahhhhhh!

  • Ross Bergins

    I’m not vegan, and you completely missed my point.

    Your typical reactionary argument of: “If you feel so strongly than don’t eat it” is null and void. If social injustice were the case for buying any consumer goods, we would be walking around naked, not driving cars, and living in the woods. Everything you buy comes with a blood price tag.

    Humans were given the gift of rational thought, and through that we should be progressing past the point of killing animals for sport.

    • philmckracken

      I get your point but your not getting mine. Hes not killing mockingbirds… Hes killing a predator animal thats not even close to being extinct. Its no different than a child molester moving next door to you and you telling everyone…no no no he has nowhere to go. Leave him alone.. There arent many child molesters left. Get a grip man. Move to Montana and let a wolf eat your kid and see how many wolves you want unharmed. They are the same class of animal. When he starts killing mockingbirds I’ll help you hate him! Hes not just a hunter, hes a farmer too. He knows what these animals do to others, you dont see it so you just go by what you think is right but YOU ARE WRONG!

  • fsunoles09

    i aint got a problem with hughes hunting, i hunt myself but then again i actually skin and eat what i kill and ive never heard of anybody eating a bobcat.so if he killing it and not doin anythin with the meat i think thats some messed up stuff but like i said there should be no problem with the guy hunting how the hell you think yall retards eat.

    • maddawgmar

      I agree totally. But I trap Bobcats, and bobcats are a great meal. Meats tough but really lean, and compared to most meat really healthy. Maybe it’s the Native American side if me, but killing an animal and not using all the parts is disrespectful to the earth, and nature. Every animal I ever killed hunting has not gone to waste. I eat the meat, skin the hide and sell the pelt as rugs or blanket at swap meets and leave the intestines for scavengers. 90% of hunter do the same. Maybe it’s my heritage or the way I was raised, but hunting and surviving off the land brings me closer to the way nature intended us to live.

  • macgrubber

    Hughes has little man syndrome. He cant please his wife, he hasnt had a good fight in years. So to make himself feel better he has to go out and kill animals. I mean what is more manly than killing helpless animals with a rifle or shotgun? Sitting up in a tree shooting animals from a football field away that have no idea you are there is just the most manly thing you can do. When you rednecks start using your hands then you can talk until then ur just dumb and weak.

    • diecapsule

      Use our hands? Nah we “rednecks” prefer to f#ck the proverbial sheep remember city slicker. You just keep on using your hands, it’ll get bigger some day….its bound to. I bet you gotta purdy mouth.