Dan Hardy Thinks Matt Hughes is “Bad for the Sport; Bad for the Athletes”

February 2, 2013
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UFC welterweight Dan Hardy doesn’t care much for UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes.

“I respect him as a fighter, but as a person, I don’t respect him at all,” Hardy told MMAWeekly.com. Hardy has often decried Hughes for his personal life and approach to guns, hunting, and the like, but now he’s also targeting Hughes’ position as a role model in the sport.

Hughes recently announced his retirement from mixed martial arts competition and took on a new role inside as UFC Vice President of Athletic Development and Government Relations.

Hardy doesn’t want Hughes near him or other athletes.  Hear what else the Brit has to say…

  • humby49

    dan hardy rocks!

    • Oswald Cobblepott

      Dan hardy gets rocked!

  • Marcus

    Do you really think that Americans need or care about your political opinions? Hughes has done more than you will ever do.Shooting animals is wrong? Are you suddenly a vegetarian? Go with Pierce and talk a long walk off a short pier.

  • MCHammer

    Keep your opinions in the U.K.
    Were you have already sacrificed all human rights.
    Work on dying your hair and painting your nails to feel “free”

    • Dontbescaredhomie

      Chris Leben?

  • The audio made it difficult to hear everything clearly, but I still haven’t heard a legitimate reason why Hardy thinks Hughes is “bad for the sport.”

    From what I can tell, Hardy’s argument boils down to Matt Hughes is involved in hunting animals for sport and food, so therefore Matt Hughes is a “sociopath.” Well, first of all, Hardy doesn’t understand what a sociopath is. Someone who kills and eats animals for food is not a sociopath.

    Hardy is really making himself look like a profound idiot.

    • Dontbescaredhomie

      A person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience. hmm seems spot on to me

      • No, if you go down the checklist Matt Hughes is the exact opposite of that. He’s had a stable job, married to the same woman with children, is self-reliant, and has stable relationships with people.

        What kind of lifestyle does Dan Hardy live? It seems he’s much closer to being anti-social.

  • Indiana 101

    For the love of god Matt…..Come out of retirement and kick this morons ass !!!!!

    • Adam White

      Amen brother

  • Hardy’s equivalence of hunting and eating animal meat with Michael Vick’s dog fighting, and his mistreatment, torture and execution of underperforming dogs is fallacious reasoning.

    This coming from a guy who is involved in what some call “human cockfighting” is even more ridiculous.

  • i think its ******* hardy thinks he just hunts to put trophies on the wall. that must be coming from someone whos never went out and got food for the freezer the real way

    • George Sperry

      So Hughes ate that Bobcat he was photographed smiling with?
      There is a huge difference between killing for food, thinning the herd etc. than killing an animal for fun.


    i love watching the ufc. dan hardy needs to be removed from the ufc. he does not believes in hunting for food but believes in fight and beating up another man for money. hmm does make much sense to me. i would think more gun onwers watch ufc then anti-gun activist. i say boycot dan hardy fights unless its matt hughes beating his axx.

    • Oswald Cobblepott

      Boycott Hardy because he can’t win a big fight and he’s a tool.

  • jg1

    he doesnt like our guns (OUR AMERICAN WAY) take your ass back to Brit bitch PUNK

  • Dontbescaredhomie

    We’ll start off with the fact he doesn’t have a problem with guns he has a problem of what the idiots in your country do with them, killing animals for FUN not FOOD doesn’t mean he’s vegetarian it means he has ethics and compassion for living creatures which your simple minds can’t seem to comprehend judging by all the idiots talking trash. Get over your second amendment rights they are from a time in history which is irrelevant today, who the hell needs a military grade rifle for protection!? It’s ridiculous.

    Secondly nobody likes Matt Hughes, seriously whenever I hear his name mentioned by any fighter it’s about how much of a tool he is.

    • dobescaredhomie

      Wow all that typing to prove you’re as dumb as Hardy. Sad lil kid.

      • Dontbescaredhomie

        Hmm sure took me a minute but I know you’re probably slow in most regards. You’re American, always right even when you’re proven wrong aren’t you? Ignorant of everything until the end
        Sad? coming from the guy who made that profile just to tell me this crap, yeah I’m the sad one haha

    • Rather it means Hardy’s a hypocrite. He’s philosophically inconsistent and if you read some of his tweets he wished harm on Hughes and his family.

      They did use the meat and the coat from his African hunting trip.

      If anyone has mental problems it’s Hardy.

      The Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting.

  • What does the hell this brit knows about roll model or anything. Typical foreigners judging Americans on our way of life and yet enjoys living here in freedom. What a doche!

    • El Gvapo

      Your spelling, sentence construction and general coherence do little to portray your country in a good light either. Lucky there’s some of us still who don’t judge an entire nation on one person though, hardy doesn’t represent non-Americans in the same way you don’t your country.

    • George Sperry

      Did you mean role model?

  • Donbeahomie

    Dan Hardy is cool. Matt Hughes is a tool.

  • I like Dan Hardy, as a fighter and he is a character. But why does he keep having to talk trash about Matt Hughes. it’s old, it’s over. Talking about Hughes when he was still on the roster made a little sense if Hardy thought he would get the matchup but now Hughes is retired and working for the UFC in another position so at this point it’s just disrespectful.

    • El Gvapo

      I’m sure the interviewer must have probed to get Hardy’s opinions on Hughes. Probably asked him what he thought about hughes’s new job. Basic journalism.

  • El Gvapo

    I’m not a fan of Hughes. I respect what he’s achieved but I can’t stand all the god schtick that comes with everything. Ask Hughes anything and he just says its god’s choice blah blah blah. The bloke is verging on extremism the way he goes on.

  • George Sperry

    I can’t stand either one of them.

  • Bmarty99

    Hardy is one of those fighters who has to talk to stay relavent! Doles anyone think that someone in the stature of Matt Hughes gives a rats ass was this clown says?

  • Haskilledhisownfood

    Hmmm…Dan Hardy eats chicken, eggs, seafood, turkey so that makes him a hypocrite. The only difference between him and Hughes is Hughes does it himself. Oh boy Hardy also gets that banana in within 30 minutes of his workout so he can hit that safe carb window. :rolleyes:

    • Seriously, Hughes has a farm. Let’s see Hardy run a farm, maintain a family with children and run an MMA gym while also working for the UFC.

      Hardy, like most people, would starve to death if he had to forage and hunt for himself.

  • You have got to be kidding Hardy. You beat human beings and you think people who hunt game animals are sociopaths!
    Take you ****** British Culture back to Europe ASAP!

    • Humptydumpty

      What kind of a comparison is that? This guy is a pro fighter, who fights other pro fighters – not a debt collector, who bashes on weak people.

  • Colt 45

    This guy is a complete jack-ass. What a man does on his own time is his own damn business. Why dont Dan start with getting a real haircut you f-ing punk kid. First of all if it wasn’t for Americans and our Guns, you punkass Brits wouldn’t of even have a thing called Freedom. Your damn Mommies would be cleaning a Dictators shitters and wipeing his and his mens asses. But God for bid, US Americans and our Guns have to come save your asses. So if it weren’t for the Brave hunters,farmers and the poor to sacrifice their lives, YOU DAN HARDY would be standing in a soup kitchen line hungry for food. I lost alot of siblings over in that country you call home. Put on a pair of Antlers and come play in Matt Hughes’s woods and lets see if you dont get knocked out with one shot, one kill. HURAWWWW!!! USMC

  • Junior

    i don’t see the point of judging someones character like that. You don’t need someone to criticise like that. Matt ain’t done nothin to him so i don’t get it. All i’m seeing is dan making a fuckery out of something, does he expect matt to respond? despite how crummy matt is, even i wouldn’t be bothered thinking of anything if its not helping my situation. just like what he did with marcus he exposing people who don’t actually need to be exposed. If hes such a storyteller why not talk bout DW lol hardy and hughes both as irrelevant as each other