Dan Hardy Not Interested in Matt Riddle Fight, but Josh Koscheck… That’s Another Story

November 20, 2012
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Dan Hardy at UFC 106Matt Riddle, who just fought and won at Saturday night’s UFC 154 in Montreal, has made no secret of whom he wants to fight next… Dan Hardy. Riddle, after each of his two most recent bouts, has pleaded for a fight with the British bomber.

His pleas, however, have been met with little enthusiasm from Hardy.

“I’m not a matchmaker and that’s not my job, but if I was to pick an opponent, (a fight with Riddle) wouldn’t even come into my head, to be honest,” Hardy told Fuel TV recently.

“I don’t like looking at the guy, so obviously training for him for eight weeks would be tiring,” he quipped.

Hardy wasn’t quite sure why Riddle was even calling him out, other than perhaps he’s thinking that he could make a name off of fighting and defeating a fighter like Hardy.

On the flip side, however, Hardy isn’t really sure when he’ll be setting foot back in the Octagon just yet.

He was recently in Montreal to help Georges St-Pierre train for his UFC 154 main event victory over Carlos Condit. Hardy intends to keep his base in Las Vegas, but will likely be training more with GSP and the Tri-Star Gym in Montreal, as well, for future fights.

Hardy isn’t really one to call out fighters, and doesn’t have a target painted on anyone, but pressed for his thoughts, he did have one man in mind that would make for a good match-up and a good promotional scenario.

“There’s a lot of talent in the division, so many good guys coming up, and obviously, guys that have been at the top that aren’t maybe right near the top at the moment,” said Hardy. “I’m open. There’s a lot of good fighters, a lot fun fights.

“Maybe Koscheck on The Ultimate Fighter… if I had to choose.”

Considering neither Hardy nor Koscheck is in line for an immediate title shot, it is a fight that would make sense, and with two fighters of such “character,” they’d surely make for tremendous made-for-TV fireworks as TUF coaches.

Is Dan Hardy vs. Josh Koscheck a scenario that you’d like to see happen?

  • Sorry but Koscheck takes this fight with superior wrestling. Dan is a great fighter but the gap in wrestling is to far. I mean I can’t count the guy out he does have a fighters chance and his stand up his world class.

    • PhranktheTank

      Agreed, although hardy has improved his wrestling immensely, he’s still nowhere near good enough to compete with kos as far as ground game is concerned

    • Scotty_O

      This post is on point and very obvious. Hardy must be calling him out for a reason. It only makes sense that he’s been working hard on his wrestling during his time off. This fight makes me curious, I hope it happens!

      • I’m sure every fighter in general is working on their wrestling if their not wrestlers, striking if their not strikers, and submissions if their not sub specialist. I am a big Hardy fan but Kos has been wrestling a long time and is a very decorated wrestler. Hardy may be working on his wrestling and even improving but he’s not catching up to the elite skills of Kos anytime soon. But best of luck to him. Hope this fight happens.

    • dathump

      I am not so sure, Kos thinks of himself as a striker more so now, he has great wrestling, but seldom uses it anymore, he is always looking for the highlight KO. I could see it as a great stand up battle, with wrestling only coming into play if Kos is really losing on the feet, or if Hardy wants to test his improvments.

      • I like Kos a lot but him standing with Hardy is like when he stood with Alves. The difference in their striking is totally different. It would be like Hardy trying to take Kos down and out wrestle him. IMO.

        • dathump

          Yea, I agree, but Kos’s ego will cause him to want to stand and bang, he will want to knock out the striker. This fight has the ability to be really exciting or really boring, no real in between.

          • This is true my friend. Good fight to hype though. Both are characters.

  • Mike

    That is one of the worst possible matchups for Hardy. Kos would rape him on the ground. GNP all day.

  • Darin

    Hardy needs to be grateful he is even in the UFC and deflate his head a bit. I don’t believe Riddle in 1-4 in his last five fights. Hardy thinks Riddle wants the fight to build his name…then HE calls for Koscheck? That would be suicide for Hardy.

    • PhranktheTank

      He’s actually 2-3 in his last 5 fights and 6-4 in the ufc

    • Anthony Lopez

      incorrect info

  • Mark McDowall

    You all seem to be forgetting that Koscheck has a new found pair of hands. If Hardy can fire Koscheck up with a verbal war and get him to stand and strike with him, then Hardy has the upper hand. But you are all correct, if it goes to the ground it will be Koscheck. All though Hardy has shown vast improvement in his takedown defense.

    • Jamie

      Clearly you do not remember the lead-up to Koscheck-Daley

  • GoNoles

    i think its a bad match up for hardy but who knows, maybe training with gsp has opened his eyes to something we dont know.

  • both guys(riddle and Kos) will win IMO, pink slip of hardy should be pre-ordered

  • marcus miles

    I am a Hardy fan but i think kos can take this fight on the feet or the ground. Hardy just has power. He gets hit a hell of a lot against good strikers.

    • PhranktheTank

      Hardy used brilliant footwork in his KO over ludwig

  • Kryton

    Josh Koscheck should have been fighting Martin Kampmann on saturday night and not Johny Hendricks. Koscheck was robbed against Hendricks. It should be Koscheck vs Diaz then the winner should be next in line for a title shot. A Hardy/Condit rematch or Hardy vs Maia are possible scenarios, although I’d like to see Maia face Condit, or Maia vs Koscheck if he isn’t matched up with Diaz.

    • Anthony Lopez

      Hard on for Kos

  • BobLemons

    The improvements I’m seeing from Hardy are impressive, whatever the match-up, I look forward to his next fight.

  • Collideoverme

    Hardy training with GSP can’t hurt! GSP is an elite level grappler and Hardy can learn a lot from him. Hardy is one of my favorite fighters, but the thing I have noticed about him is he is a bit stiff when standing and his killer instinct seems a bit off.at times. But yeah, working with GSP…that’s a good thing for him.

  • Dick Niaz

    MMA is going in a terrible direction right now. Fighters need to FIGHT more and play imaginary matchmaker less.

    Who is Dan Hardy to pick his opponents? (besides a guy who got a gift title shot and got rag dolled)

  • logan

    riddle fights harder thgan dan.. i dont get at all why hes ducking him… that would be a clash of the underdogs wich id be more excited for then half the main card fights these days, he just reaching for that extra tuf paycheck cause hes a very mediocre fight whos trying to make money elsewhere cause hes not getting big checks or any bonus’s for that matter…. what a butter toothe brit! haha