Dan Hardy Not Expected to Fight at UFC on Fuel 7 in England

December 3, 2012
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Dan Hardy at UFC 106The UFC will return to England in February 2013 but a favorite fighter among the British fans won’t be coming home to compete on the card.

UFC welterweight Dan Hardy seemed like a shoe-in for UFC on Fuel 7 set to land in London, England on Feb 16, but according to the fighter he won’t be ready to compete by then.

Hardy was rumored to possibly face fellow striker Siyar Bahadurzada on the card, but it appears for now the Brit will wait for another show to return to action.

Bahadurzada had approached Hardy about the fight via Twitter, but “The Outlaw” had to shoot down the idea with the following response – “Sorry mate, I won’t be ready to fight in February. Enjoy fighting in London though, the UFC fans are always great.”

Additional sources speaking to MMAWeekly.com had indicated that Hardy’s return would likely be sometime near April 2013, but the fighter hasn’t stated yet when he is likely to get back into the Octagon.

Hardy last competed at UFC on Fuel in his hometown of Nottingham, England in September where he defeated Amir Sadollah by unanimous decision.

  • shakejunt

    losing in your hometown? sucks but whatever. getting put out cold in your hometown? now that’s rough.

    • MWP

      his home town is Nottingham not London pal.

      • brandon

        Are you guys that thick headed? It doesn’t matter where he fights in England let alone the UK. It would suck a lot more to lose in front of that crowed than somewhere else. That’s all he’s saying.

        • shakejunt

          they’re just being nitpicking grammar nazis, thanks for the back-up though

    • BobLemons

      He won his last fight in his hometown of Nottingham. London is different place, just in case you’ve never seen a map.

      • shakejunt

        so i was being coloquial and said hometown instead of home country, no need to get all pretentious.

        my point was that dan knows he’s nowhere near a title shot and will end up with fights he’s likely to lose, but i doubt he wants to get decapitated in front of friends and family.

        • BobLemons

          I still think that’s a stupid assumption. Dan has shown himself to be nothing other than a take all comers kind of fighter. I really don’t think that’s a factor for him. Also, you’re making a pretty big judgement about Siyar for a guy you’ve barely seen fight. He’s looked impressive indeed, but you have to see him fight a higher calibre opponent. For example, Ludwig has the fastest KO in UFC history, yet Dan beat him only some months ago.

          • shakejunt

            i still think you’re being rather pretentious in your responses.

            siyar is in a similar position to glover in that people aren’t exactly lining up to fight him. he’s a risky fight with minimal name recognition. not saying he’s the next champ, but he obviously has some scary power.

          • BobLemons

            I agree about Siyar totally. But you’re saying Hardy is ducking him as if it’s a matter of fact, and also saying that if he did fight him he’d be out cold, again as if matter of fact. All this when the match up has never even been officially proposed.

        • Kris-tyahn

          Hardy’s a completely different fighter now, than he was last year. Ever since he started training in Mtl @ Tri Star with GSP, the guy has looked very impressive. I believe the reaons Hardy declined the fight is b/c it is short notice & I believe he wants a “bigger” name. Not a top 5 WW, but he definitely would like someone a little more known. I’d like to see him vs. Kampmann & KTFO out of him again.
          Kampmann: “If GSP wants to get KO, he doesnt need to fight Silva, I’ll do that for him” & my favorite “If Condit hurts GSP, he’s done, he won’t be able to take any punishment from Condit” – FAIL on both assumptions ….. actually it’s FAIL on 3, b/c he said he was going to beat Hendricks ….. BAHAHAHAHA!


  • Should Hardy be turning down fights? The UFC kept him around after all those losses. The guy is so talented, I wish he would have taken the fight.