Dan Hardy: ‘I Think I Had the Quickest Rise and Quickest Fall the UFC’s Ever Seen’

August 16, 2011
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UFC welterweight Dan Hardy is a very honest guy.

After losing his 4th straight fight in the Octagon to Chris Lytle, the Brit was very honest about his quick rise to title contention and then rapid decline in subsequent fights.

“I think I had the quickest rise and quickest fall the UFC’s ever seen,” Hardy said in reference to his 4-4 record inside the Octagon.

Hardy opens up about what went wrong against Lytle, while also expanding on what he needs to do to show the UFC he belongs in the promotion.

Check out comments from Dan ‘The Outlaw’ Hardy following UFC on Versus 5.

  • Mario

    Are you kidding me?

    Why is this punk rock delinquent even getting another shot in the UFC?

    He just lost, cough* pardon me, he just got CHOKED OUT by Chris Lytle…. Why the hell does he deserve another shot?

    GSP couldn’t even submit him. The fact that a guy who never fought for a title submitted him, means he can’t hang in the UFC.

    If you ask me, his title shot was premature. Who did he beat exactly?

    Marcus Davis via Split decision.

    Mike Swick via Unanimous decision

    Akihiro Gono via Split decision

    The only fight he ever finished was against weak ass Rory Markham who’s known for getting knocked out easily.

    Dan Hardy sucks when you REALLY think about it. Even when he broke into the top ten, he was number 8. He never actually broke into top 5 status.

    The guys all hype and no show.

    • Whitey

      He is still there cause he is an EXCITING FIGHTER.

      Yeah his shot at the belt came way to early.

      He will be cut if he looses again though.

      • Unador

        er, not an exciting fighter.
        A willing fighter? yes.
        exciting? no.

        3 round slug fest going to decision entertaining? yes
        exciting? no.

    • wonggfan

      I would say that it is the same reason why they are keeping Akiyama around. The UFC needs foreign fighters to appeal to the foreign fans.

      From the UK it’s this punk and Bisping. Daley got cut. From Japan it’s only Yushin and Akiyama.

      Let’s be honest. While this punk will never be a champion, he is good enough to be a gate-keeper.

      I was never impressed with Hardy’s striking. And he is one of the most one-dimensional fighters in the UFC.

      My prediction is this. Hardy is going to get an easy opponent. If he wins via KO, Rogan is going to scream, “HARDY IS BACK!!” If he wins via UD, Rogan is going to say, “Hardy OUTCLASSED the other dude.” (Rogan did this for Vera). If Hardy loses, however, he is most likely be cut or given another chance in the UFC-facebook-prelims.

      • Unador

        I agree with everything said here, word for word, and in the same order.

        Hardy is a one dimensional fighter with limited power. He would be an excellent gate keeper. Maybe not as good as Leben. But comparable to Don Flamingo from Mike Tyson’s Punch Out by Nintendo.
        Same poor execution of striking skills.
        Same over confident attitude. ” Don Strikes back”, ” The Return of Don “

        • wonggfan

          Don Flamingo?? HAHAHAHA!! LOL!

          You got me laughing there.

          Yeah, pretty much his striking is good but not good enough to make him a top striker. And his grappling is one of the worst in the division. Hardy’s grappling is on the same level as Pat Barry’s grappling.

          Chris Leben is no longer a gate-keeper. He is a low ranking contender now. LOL! I never imagined that Leben would one day be in this situation.

    • KyleZombie

      “The fact that a guy who never fought for a title submitted him, means he can’t hang in the UFC.”

      Since when is that the criteria for determining if someone is good enough to be in the UFC? Since when does tapping out mean that you suck? Lytle tapped out A LOT of people, that doesn’t mean they don’t belong.

      • wonggfan

        The concept of so and so “belongs in the UFC” is confusing.

        UFC noobs would say shit like, “Josh Barnett sucks because he is not in the UFC.” But Josh Barnett clearly belongs in the UFC. He would kill guys like Pat Barry, Fat Rothwell, and other UFC cans.

        So yes, Dan Hardy belongs in the UFC as much as Pat Barry or Patrick “the Predator” Cote.

        I think a better way of putting it is, “Dan Hardy would be better off by signing with a smaller organization to rebuild his career.”

        How small of an organization? Well, I could see him being competitive in Dream, although I am not sure if he could make champion. He can also try Bellator.

        It is better for someone like Hardy to go to a smaller circuit, become champion, defend his belt multiple times, and then get another shot at GSP.

  • Nah Dan, Mark Coleman had the quickest rise and fall. Exploded onto the scene in July 1996, starts fall July 1997 and gone early 98.

    • wonggfan

      Yes in 1998, he got pwned by Pete Wilson and Pedro Rizzo. Then he went over to Pride and got pwned by Takada in 1999.

      But he did resurrect his career through the Grand Prix and was considered the best fighter in Pride until Big Nog pwned him in 2000.

      So between 1999 and 2000, Coleman did have another buzz.

    • wonggfan

      The funny thing is, these days, being a Pride fan is considered a hardcore MMA fan. Conversely, UFC fans are ridiculed as UFC fanboys or UFC noobs.

      But in 1999, if you went around saying “Coleman is the best since he won the Grand Prix” the hardcore MMA fans (the UFC fans) would have called you a Pride noob. “LoL at this Pride noob thinking that Coleman is the best! Must not have seen his fights in the UFC!”

      Of course, back then there was no internet. So people couldn’t take smack like the way they do now. I believe Sherdog was around in 2000, I remember using my dial-up in 2001 to look up Sherdog.

  • browill70

    Dan Hardy sounds like he’s a broken man.

    • Unador

      Well then atleast he is done lying to himself then. If he’s finally realized he isn’t even remotely what he thought he was.

  • bajafox

    Was never a fan of Hardy and never will be, but his fights do entertain.

    He would have lost to Lytle by UD had he not shot in for a takedown. He really needs a lot of work to be considered a top 10 any time soon

    • Unador

      problem with Hardy ” doing a lot of work to be considered a top 10 mma guy” is that he lost to GSP a year and 3 losses ago. And Dan should have done nothing but work his ground game. And he hasn’t. If he has, well, it’s a lost cause, cause he didn’t get any better.
      If he didn’t? then he’s likely to continue to not develop a bjj facet of his mma toolset.
      He’s got great confidence, necessary for a fighter to fight, but too much confidence preventing him from being humble enough to evolve.
      I like Dan because he is game.
      I dislike Dan because he talks smack like he really is somebody, and he’s not. He clearly has the ability to be better, but imo, chooses not to be.
      That makes for a bad MMA fighter.
      he sux

      • bajafox

        He lives and dies by the sword, that’s his biggest problem.

      • wonggfan

        I didn’t even know Dan Hardy until Koscheck called him out before Hardy vs GSP. So I am not sure if he is cocky or what he exactly did to get on people’s bad side. But I think it’s probably along the Bisping line.

        Dan Hardy is going through what Brett Rogers went through a few months ago. Pretty much being used as a stepping stone to show case someone else’s talent and later realizing that he was never good.

        Both Rogers and Hardy never deserved a title shot. But they were given that opportunity for one reason or another. And they got pwned pretty badly. They both believed that they were the #2 fighter in the world challenging the #1 fighter. Well…it took less than a year for both to realize that they clearly don’t belong in the cage with top 10 fighters.

  • Unador

    A smaller circuit for Hardy would be good.
    He’ll fight, and that’s important. Maybe I was too harsh about not being capable of putting up an entertaining fight. Tho I still do not think of him as an entertaining fighter.
    If he won’t/can’t round out his skills, then a smaller circuit would be best for his career, and best for the fans of the smaller circuit becuase they are sure to appreciate Hardy.
    I didn’t even remotely think he should have had a title shot. But I was looking forward to seeing this guy as much much better after the GSP fight.
    and…. nothing…but disappointment. Why? he’s young, he’s got good muy tai backround striking base. Important for an mma guy to have decent striking skills.
    He won’t tap, I thought GSP permanently damaged this guys arm, and he never looked like he was willing to tap. Hardy was forcing GSP to break his arm to win, and GSP lacks the killer instinct to do it.

    I figured with some offensive ground work he might be a real mothe r fu cker to fight against in two years.But….
    Nope. And it looks like Lytle might have beat the spark out of this guy to boot.
    So, time to find something else to do Dan.
    Or get flaming better!

  • webs24

    my vote is for Matt Serra after he won the belt

  • Bogle

    There are just too many things to respond to here so I’ll say a quick 3. 1. Dan IS a great fighter. Ask anyone who’s ever fought him including Chris. Watch Chris in interview talking about how excited he was to fight Dan. 2. Dan is in my apparently lonesome opinion, one of the most entertaining and exciting fighters in the sport. That’s not something that can be argued by me or ‘you’ as it’s relative. 3. Christ Lytle is a highly skilled fighter and losing to him hardly constitutes a lack of skill or the ridiculous question of whether or not he belong in the UFC. Actually I will add one last thing to all those that think he’s so terrible and doesn’t belong…exactly how many do you think DO belong?? Are you criticizing all the guys in that weight division that fight on the undercard? You know…the ones Dan would peal through? Love him or hate him, Dan is in the upper echelon of fighters. Not saying he’s in the best or arguing why he should be in your top 10, but he’s better than MOST in the UFC so if you feel he doesn’t belong, then I guess the UFC should have no more than 10 to 15 totaly fighters per weight class. It seems you guys want to see him cut solely because he’s not as good as some of the others (though I personally think he’d give trouble to almost anyone in the division). Apparently the consensus here is that losing to top fighters such as GSP, Chris Lytle, Carlos Condit, and Anthony Johnson means you’re awful and don’t even belong among the worst allowed in the UFC. I’m never surprised at what people say anymore, but I’m continually surprised at how many. A bunch of half retarded kids see someone lose to a fantastic fighter and they all echo each other of how bad he is. It’s utterly ridiculous. I was glad to hear that Lorenzo said he’s not getting cut and how much they love him. Not surprised though. He’s one of my absolute favorite characters in the sport. And a great fighter as well. Oh and kids…this guy has amazing power. Even in his short punches. As much of a beast as he is, he’s got even more room to improve, and that means the best is yet to come.

    • Unador

      For me, the reason I think Dan is a poor fighter is the fact that he does indeed have plenty of room to improve to be that much better.
      But he hasn’t. He lost those fights, and didn’t really exhibit a different battle strategy, or a new set of skills.
      And he lost this fight too. Admittedly, all tough opponents with these 4 losses. Like someone else said, he would have lost a UD if not submitted. I don’t recall him showing any promise of winning any of those other 3 losses either.
      UFC fighters should be well rounded on three sides. Striking, Grappling/wrestling, and submission/jujitsu.
      Plus excellent cardio. And as much as I hate to say it pysical strength. I know it’s all about technique. But I despise watching Bonner fight, he’s got plenty of technique, but he’s too weak to be effective in the upper tiers of competition.
      As UFC fans we expect to see the best of best, and the best each fighter can be.
      WIth Hardy you don’t get that. We saw a guy talk some smack. we gave him a chance, he got beat down but amazed us with his will not to tap, we saw some potential. We gave him 3 more fights after his title shot and we got NOTHING.
      just the same ol Hardy. Beat again.
      Nothing exciting watching the inevitable.
      This is Dan’s Muy Tai, boasting of power, yet displaying none.
      This is Dan’s poor excuse of a take down attempt.
      There is Dan continuing to exhibit a lack of bjj.
      oh, there’s Dan’ getting knocked out
      oh, there’s Dan getting submitted
      oh, there’s Dan getting the hell beat out of him all rounds of the fight.

  • Castor Troy

    its because he got lucky, then luck ran out, and now hes a tebow!