Damacio Page Aiming for Legacy FC Title, Another UFC Run

October 15, 2014
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Following his release from the UFC in mid-2012, flyweight veteran Damacio “Angel of Death” Page has won three of four fights, though he feels he could have won all of them.

Looking back on his lone loss during this recent stretch, a split-decision loss to Marcelo Costa at Strength & Honor Championships 8 just over a year ago, Page feels the fight could have gone his way.

“Me, personally, I don’t feel I lost in Switzerland (to Costa),” said Page. “I felt that the decision wasn’t correct.

“I don’t think I’m 3-1 right now, but am on a four-fight winning streak. I feel like I’m coming into my own. I’m more relaxed and am not forcing stuff. (My fights) are still action-packed, but just more controlled. I’ve been showing my dominance everywhere.”

Page has won all three of his fights for Legacy FC, earning himself a shot at the promotions flyweight championship this Friday.

For Page, while a title is great, it’s not the only thing he’s shooting for.

“It’s just an extra thing,” said Page. “A title is a title, and I’m fine with getting it, but my main goal is getting back to the big show. Everything else is just extra on the way up.”

At Legacy FC 36 in Allen, Texas, Page (18-9) will face Brian Hall (7-2) for the company’s 125-pound championship in what could be one of the fall’s most exciting matches.

“He’s very explosive and has good striking and wrestling, so I’ve got to control the cage,” Page said of Hall. “He throws big overhand rights and big hooks, so I’ve got to control the fight and not let him fight his fight: gas him out, make him tired, and take control.”

In his previous fights, Hall has managed to start quickly and put his opponents behind early in the fight. Page, however, doesn’t think this will happen on Friday night.

“(Hall) does come out very aggressively, but I think he needs to come out a little smarter, because he knows the power that I possess and that it can end the fight at any moment,” said Page.

As Page mentioned earlier, winning a title is good, but at his age, 32, he feels he needs to make a push to get back to the big show sooner than later.

“I want to just keep on winning and getting those W’s and wait for that call,” he said. “I’m an older fighter, I train smarter, but I don’t see myself fighting for more than four more years, so I want to end my career in the UFC.”

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