D.J. Linderman Wants to Redeem Himself and Face Tyrone Spong Next

December 3, 2012
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D.J. Linderman was not happy with how things turned out for his debut in World Series of Fighting.

The former heavyweight took on Anthony Johnson in the co-main event on the broadcast, and heading into the fight he knew he was the underdog, but Linderman wanted to show the world what he could do against top competition.

Unfortunately for Linderman, he ended up on the wrong end of a highlight reel knockout.

The knockout was precipitated by an accidental eye poke that almost caused a pause to the action before the referee told both fighters to continue on. Linderman rushed in and Johnson floored him with a single punch.

“When he said he got the eye poke, I don’t believe there was one and I was giving him his time and Herb Dean said to come in, so I was kind of hesitant coming in and I caught that overhand that he has, and it was over from there,” Linderman told MMAWeekly.com.

“I don’t take nothing away from him, it was a shot that happened and I’m looking to come back.”

While post-fight video and photos seem to show Johnson had quite the red eye from an apparent eye poke, the bout was over regardless and now Linderman wants to move on and take his next challenge.

The fight he’s targeting is against Johnson’s teammate, Tyrone Spong, who made his MMA debut on the same show. Spong defeated Travis Bartlett by knockout in the first round.

Linderman’s desire is out of respect because Spong had seven different opponents turn down the fight with him for his debut, so he wants to be the man willing to step up for his second trip to the MMA cage.

“As a veteran fighter you want to go out there and fight someone else that has a name, and Tyrone just didn’t have a name out there in MMA yet. He has his name out in kickboxing, but now he has his name out in MMA, and he’s a great striker, and I want to put on a great show against another striker out there,” said Linderman.

The loss leaves a bad taste in Linderman’s mouth and he just wants the chance to go out and show what he’s all about, and give the fans of World Series of Fighting another fight they can appreciate.

“I didn’t get to put a show out there like I should have,” said Linderman. “I really want to get a chance to get a good striker on my second go round, and I’m looking to come out against Mr. Spong himself.”

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  • d Llewellyn

    We can get em, DJ!

  • MuayThaiFood

    Let me see if I got this right. Linderman pokes AJ in the eye. He then sees an opportunity to take advantage of it when Herb Dean doesn’t stop the action as he should have to let AJ recover. He rushes in as AJ is blinking and looking at Dean and gets dropped. LInderman makes excuse that he was hesitant coming in and doesn’t take anything away from AJ. How charitable of him.

  • Tommy Blingshyne

    so he gets KTFO’d brutally by Rumble and now he wants to fight Spong next? hahaha wow…not sure thats a healthy career choice…