Czar Sklavos Plans to Leave No Doubts at RFA 27

After coming up short in the finals of Vale Tudo Japan’s flyweight tournament last year, Idaho veteran Czar “Gunfighter” Sklavos rebounded with a win in his first fight of 2015 against Benny Vinson at FSF 4 in February.

For Sklavos, the win over Vinson was just the thing he needed to help him get past his disappointment and start the year off on the right foot.

“I didn’t really have a strategy going in, but in the second round I was able to get (Vinson) down and get the finish,” Sklavos told “He was tough, but it just made me a little more determined.

“It always feels great to get a win. There’s no greater high than putting in all that work and having it pay off at the end of the day with a win. It doesn’t negate the loss, but it sure helps you cope with it a little better.”

Back on the winning track, Sklavos (11-4) steps up into the RFA for his next bout on Friday in Boise, Idaho, against fellow newcomer Nicholas Burgos (9-3) in a feature flyweight bout.

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“He’s a tough guy and it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out, but I’m going to do what I always do and get in there and try to choke him – that’s what I love to do and in my mind is the clearest way to win a fight,” said Sklavos of Burgos.

“To finish a guy leaves no doubt in anybody’s mind who won. If there’s a decision, people can always argue it, so I don’t like having any doubt. I put it all out there, put it on the line and walk away with a victory.”

With an opportunity to showcase himself on a national stage, Sklavos isn’t going to take anything for granted on July 3 and plans to make the most of things.

“I think that this is the biggest fight of my career,” said Sklavos. “The RFA is a really good promotion. A lot of guys go from the RFA to the UFC. But I’ve got to win in order to make that happen. This is the first step towards making it there.

“I’ve had a great training camp, I’ve worked really hard, and we’ll know soon how that plays out. He’s a tough guy, but I’ve got to beat him.”

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