Cyborg vs. Anderson for UFC Featherweight Title After Champion Stripped

June 19, 2017

Cris “Cyborg” Justino will meet Megan Anderson to lay claim to the UFC featherweight championship after Germaine de Randamie was stripped of the belt. 

UFC officials on Monday announced the move, explaining why de Randamie was forced to relinquish the belt.

“UFC has informed Germaine de Randamie and her management team that she is being removed as the women’s featherweight champion due to her unwillingness to fight the No. 1 ranked contender, Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino,” the UFC said on its website. “Subsequently, top contender Justino will face newly signed Invicta FC featherweight champion Megan Anderson for the UFC women’s featherweight title in the co-main event of UFC 214: Cormier vs. Jones 2, July 29 in Anaheim, Calif.

“UFC maintains that any champion is expected to accept fights against the top contenders in their respective weight classes in order to maintain the integrity of the sport.”  

Cris CyborgHaving held the Strikeforce and Invicta FC titles, the UFC belt is the only one that has thus far eluded Cyborg. In fact, the division was created for her last year, but she was dealing with health issues and then an anti-doping violation charge, which led the UFC to match de Randamie against Holly Holm for the inaugural featherweight title. 

Since she won the belt, however, de Randamie has dealt with a hand injury and recently declared that she would not put her belt on the line against Cyborg because she was a “proven cheater.” 

Anderson, meanwhile, won the interim Invicta FC featherweight title early this year by defeating Charmaine Tweet. She was promoted to full-blown champion when Cyborg relinquished the Invicta FC championship in March to intensify her pursuit of the UFC title.

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Anderson had been scheduled to put her Invicta belt on the line at that promotion’s event on July 15 in Kansas City, Mo. She was removed from that fight and released from her contract in order to sign with the UFC to fight Cyborg for the vacant UFC featherweight title in July.

Invicta has not yet announced how it will fill the newfound vacancy in its 145-pound division.

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  • Shoejojack

    Finally the UFC does something I agree with…champions “afraid” to face worthy opposition aren’t champions at all, and should be discarded as such.

    • shakejunt

      unless they’re popular in a niche market… then they can dictate who they fight, when they fight, and how much they get paid.

      • Shoejojack

        Agreed!! That falls under the category of things I don’t agree with at all. McGregor isn’t the best 155 pounder, Khabib and ferguson would eat him alive among others. Same with Ronda and Cyborg, Nunez, or Holm. And ofcourse there’s Bisping, who would get crushed by anyone in the top 5. And GSP not being gift wrapped a shot at the middleweight title even though he would never defend it if he won because the top 5 would crush him there too. It’s a popularity contest, might as well vote match ups like they do at American idol…damn shame

        • George Sperry

          Having trouble following you. Are tou saying Cyborg isn’t the best? The vest 155 pounder? Or that anu of those women could beat McGregor?

  • TKDGuy

    “UFC maintains that any champion is expected to accept fights against the top contenders in their respective weight classes in order to maintain the integrity of the sport.” — anyone else find this funny or at least slightly ironic?

    • deepgrim

      yes when it suits them, off course germaine took the title fight knowing that cyborg was the only fight that was going to be giving, as she was the only other person in the division, its not like there was a different fight available.

  • Paul Benvin

    How ironic is it that de Randamie wouldn’t fight someone she percieved to be a “proven cheater” after cheating to win the belt in the first place. Jesus, the UFC is such a mess right now. Circus-like fights, champions refusing to fight rightful contenders and everything in between.

  • Muaythai4life

    So we should expect Mighty Mouse to be stripped soon too right? And Bisping? Lots of titles being stripped coming soon I guess.

    • shakejunt

      dj is trying to do exactly what they claim to want, fight contenders in his weightclass. but yeah, bisping and conor better watch out.

      • Roscoe Gauldin

        unfortunately conor has nothing to worry about, conor does what he wants. de Randamie isnt a big name so the ufc will make an example out of a nobody. but yeah, would be nice if these consequences happened across the board.

  • shakejunt

    should’ve just been like this to begin with, but the ufc was too hellbent on beating bellator to the punch on making a belt and got stuck with a lemon.

  • Murdock

    Looking forward to this fight.


    Oh great, the debacle continues, this time with the willing participant, walking around with UFC blinders on, Megan Anderson added to the mix. And MMA fighters wonder why the UFC doesn’t pay them their fair value, well, look no further than a fighter like Megan Anderson who jumps at the first offer the UFC throws her way instead of using her leverage to get the best possible offer. Oh well, everyone wants to join the circus I guess. Oh well.

  • jess fenchley

    Great to see an Aussie do what holm had 3 opportunities at but her and her team have run scared……
    Win or lose shes already way above many others