Cyborg Says She Can Make 135 Pounds to Face Ronda Rousey, but Why Wait?

May 3, 2015
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The only thing holding up a clash between UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey and Invicta FC featherweight champion Cris “Cyborg” Justino is Justino’s ability to make 135 pounds.

Following Rousey’s 14-second finish of Cat Zingano at UFC 184 in February, UFC president Dana White said that the fight would happen as soon as Cyborg makes the weight.

“Cyborg has to make the weight,” said White during the UFC 184 post-fight press conference. “Make 135 pounds and this fight is going to happen.”

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Cris CyborgJustino appeared on Friday’s edition of UFC Tonight and claimed she can 100-percent make the drop to the bantamweight division.

“I have a professional nutritional guy and he helped me much easier to make 145. I can 100-percent make it,” said the 29-year-old.

Justino has been calling for a match-up against Rousey for years, but the fight and making the 135-pound weight limit has eluded her.

“I’m ready for this fight. When she was in Strikeforce, I wanted to make the fight. I try 100-percent to make 135. It’s annoying. I want to fight her,” she said.

For Justino, a fight with Rousey isn’t about winning a belt. It’s a fight she’s sought for years. And although she says she can make 135 pounds, Cyborg continues to call for a catchweight fight against the UFC titleholder.

“All fighters want to be a champ in the UFC. I think for now it’d be great to see me and Ronda fight. I don’t want her belt. I just want to fight her. Let’s go fight. Let’s go meet at 140. Let’s do it,” she said.

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  • Jason Mayele

    So if you are saying you can make 135 lbs ,just shut up and make it.How long if going to take you to make it ? 5 years? Stop wasting our time. One day you can make it , another you can’t. If don’t want to make the weight it is fine. Just say so and we will put the ball in Ronda corner. Talking trash to be relevant not gonna help. More i hear her talking , less i want Ronda to grant her that wish to fight at 140.

    • jamie

      The one thing I can say with full confidence is that there’s not a snowball’s chance on the sun that Ronda will voluntarily move up for Cyborg. She wouldn’t accept a catchweight of 135.000001 lbs much less 140. If the UFC asked her to accept the catchweight I’m fully confident she would but Ronda isn’t going to volunteer to make an exception for Cyborg.

  • No fight at the proper 135, DOUCHE

  • ac

    “I don’t want her belt.” – Cyborg.

    This is why the fight won’t happen. Until she wants to win and keep defending the belt the UFC won’t make the fight. They got burnt once when Randy tried to leave as champ but generally they pull out all the tricks to keep their “Champ”.

  • TheCerealKiller

    They have about ten more minutes before nobody cares about this fight.

    • Seth

      Mostly because Cryborg is scared and doesn’t want to fight. But you are kinda right here. They post article, s&^t storm happens in comment section and…nothing more.

  • The Rampage

    What hurts Ronda is that she already been caught in a lie. Will only fight people above her weight if she believes she can beat them…cough’, aka Gina Carano who hasn’t fought for 6 years. Ronda is running scare because she and Big Money Dana know what would happen now and especially couple of years ago, Ronda getting KO.

    Ronda needs as much time as possible to work on her striking to even stand a chance, which Dana knows and that’s why he’s protecting her for as long as possible.

    • Seth

      …Do you really believe that Ronda Vs Carano would be a fight? That would be exhibition at best…

    • SlickRick

      Not a lie bro. Rousey won’t accommodate a cheat and someone she suspects is still on the juice. She has no problem fighting bigger athletes she respects and looks up to. If Carano was a juice head, she wouldn’t be interested in her either. As far as needing to work on her striking in order to have a chance, more ignorant nonsense. Her strategy wouldn’t be to strike with Cyborg. Simply to get in and dump her on her cro-magnum skull for the victory.

      • earlsimmons

        Do you have a post or something of her saying she will fight in a higher weightclass as long as they never juiced? It sound sounds like you are making things up for her since she has been caught in a lie. Also it doesnt matter what he strategy is. Fight starts on the feet bro which mean she has a chance of getting her head taken off.

  • Seth

    She can make 135? Then make it! Don’t look for an excuse why you won’t fight the best female MMA fighter on the planet. People say Ronday is running scared? How about Cryborg saying she can make 135 (which would guaranteed her fight with Rousey, since UFC would give her a title shot even when she doesn’t deserve one at 135lbs) but she refuses to do so. For me it’s clear who doesn’t want this fight to happen and its not UFC, which would make s&%t load of money on this one. Man up, Cryborg (pun intended).

  • Adnan Steady

    A fan of cyborg but shes the challenger.shes the one who has to make weight.ronda is the champ.challengers shld work hard and fight her not juz talk blindly.make weight and u get to fight the champ.

  • cheflacsto

    Stop whining and make the weight, you are not the champ. Why should the champion accommodate you.

    • earlsimmons

      Because that is how the champ proves they are the greatest….not that hard to understand. No1 left in her weight class to fight so why not fight the one person who can give her a tough time? Afraid?

      • cheflacsto

        Yeah that’s it, Ronda is afraid. Maybe she should just fight someone at 205 by your logic. Prove she is the best right. If Cyborg thinks she can beat her, she is going to have to do it on Ronda’s turf. I don’t even like Ronda, but she’s not going to chase an opponent that is not even in the UFC.

        • earlsimmons

          yes that’s it over exaggerate to the most extreme. We are talking 5 lbs bro not 70. Tons of other fighters move up and down weight classes yet the greatest female athlete has a problem doing it? Keep trying to make excuses bro she is afraid.

          • cheflacsto

            You are funny, 5lbs really. Its only 5lbs the day they weigh in, Cyborg is considerably larger than Ronda. Holly Holm got herself down to 135 and looked enormous on fight night, so give it up. If she makes weight Ronda will more than likely smash her. I don’t even like Ronda, so don’t think I am defending her. The Champ just doesn’t need to chase.

  • rhona is overrated

    yes stop asking for the fight that Rhona is scared to take. Yes Rhona is scared, she will fight someone who hasn’t fought in over 5 years at 145 but wont fight someone who has been active.

    • Mr Smiff

      who is Rhona? did she take roids like Cyborg?

  • KJK

    This topic seems to pop every month or 2…get a little play…and then get forgotten. Like her or not Rousey is the champ and doesn’t owe Cyborg a thing. A lot of people think this will be such a tough challenge for Rousey….I don’t….I’d bet Rousey submits her in side of 2 rounds and walks away unblemished. Cyborg just keeps using it over and over to generate press….enough already….book the fight….make the weight….and do it….tired of hearing about it.

    • earlsimmons

      Well I think she gets KTFO by cyborg but we will never know. She doesnt owe Cyborg anything but she loses a lot of respect from people after you hear her calling Cyborg out and saying she wants to fight but wont do a catchweight at 5 more lbs? She is a joke. This is why Couture is one of the most respected fighters. Fighting at LHW then moving to heavyweight to fight a man who is 6’8 and much heavier and winning. Pride had openweight grand prix. Now we have the amazing all time greatest female athlete RR who wont move up 5 lbs… can look at it both ways. I see it as RR, the champ acting like a child. If she truly thought she was the best and can easily beat Cyborg then fight. But i guess at 135 she destroys Cyborg and at 140 she somehow loses? Makes no sense other than she is afraid. you fanboys are trying to make it sound like moving up 5 lbs to fight is this completely insane idea when tons of other fighters do it all the time no prob.

      • KJK

        I guess I just accept and respect her reasoning when it comes to the 5lbs…Cyborg is a confirmed PED user so why give her any leeway…she’s already been a cheater so she gets no favors in the future. Cyborg needs this fight a lot worse than Rousey does. The Randy thing is a stretch for a comparison….he had already fought at Hwt many times in the past….had trained with Tim many times….and when asked why the come back to fight for the Hwt title said “I saw something in his game I thought I could exploit”….which he did.

        And dude….before you pull out the lame “fan boy” cliche realize there are educated fans of the sport that can objectively take a point of view on a particular fighter without hanging worship posters on the wall or wearing a 1 size too small tap out shirt.

  • Groinstrike

    She could make 135 easy if she got off the juice. Crap she could probably make 115 if she was off of it. Notice she got caught on steroids at 145, and is supposedly clean but still has muscles like a man? A woman cannot physically look like a man without steroids. It’s not possible, they don’t have the testosterone . That’s why Ronda Rousey is a beast, but still actually looks like a woman. There are female athletes, and weight lifters who are strong, but still built like women.

    • earlsimmons

      You have no clue wtf you are talking about.

  • shakejunt

    semi off topic, but has ronda actually said she wants this fight? or just that she “would” take it?

    • Groinstrike

      From what I have seen of Ronda she is disgusted by Cyborg. The impression I get is that she feels Cyborg has cheated her way to the top, and doesn’t feel she deserves it. If this is how she feels, I agree with her. I think Cyborg using steroids is pretty much a man beating up women. Chances are she literally has more testosterone in her system than a man in his prime.

      • shakejunt

        i’m not sure that really answers my question.

        • KJK

          I have never heard or read that Rousey says she wants the fight. So far as I know she has said she will fight Cyborg at 135lbs and is unwilling to compromise the weight out of principle.

          • shakejunt

            yeah i guess it’s a personal thing.

    • jamie

      Ronda has indicated multiple times that she wants to fight Cyborg. However, she believes Cyborg has spent the majority of her career circumventing the rules, trying to gain unfair advantages (ie messing with the scales) and that if Cyborg can make 145 on steroids (she doesn’t buy that the PED was for weight loss- I don’t either) than she can make 135 without issue off steroids. Due to these beliefs she’s taking the stance that she won’t do anything to go out of her way to accommodate Cyborg or give her special treatment.

      Personally,the impression I’ve gotten since the beginning is that, for Ronda, it’s more the principle of the matter than anything else.

      • shakejunt

        so i guess she wants the fight, but won’t say it because it would make her an enabler?

  • SlickRick

    Hey The Rampage, Not a lie bro. Rousey won’t accommodate a cheat and someone she suspects is still on the juice. She has no problem fighting bigger athletes she respects and looks up to. If Carano was a juice head, she wouldn’t be interested in her either. As far as needing to work on her striking in order to have a chance, more ignorant nonsense. Her strategy wouldn’t be to strike with Cyborg. Simply to get in and dump her on her cro-magnum skull for the victory

  • LY

    I can make 135 100%. I want the belt 100%. I want to milk this as much as I can before I get submitted or have my face slammed into the ground 100%. I don’t cheat to beat Rousey….errr 0% but I will beat her 100%. I’m scarred little girl in a man’s body; so, I’ll make excuses and ask for a fight at a weight I know the UFC will not accommodate…100%. Now I can keep on flapping my gums and pretend I’m relevant 100%.

  • Mark McDowall

    Get down to 135…sign the contracts and then we can talk. Until then this is all lip service that everyone is sick of hearing about.

  • Aaron Gustaveson

    Well she is giving ground, now she admits she can make it. Maybe in 2 more years we’ll see it happen.

  • steve

    We shall see the day of the weigh in. She will agree to 135 but show up at 140 knowing they will not cancel the fight after all the money involved. Cyborg cannot abide by the rules like everyone else because she must have an edge. Either its illegal steroids or weight advantage. If she shows up at 140 they should cancel the fight and ban her from fighting.

  • Stephen Kennedy

    Then shut up and make the weight

  • steve

    Why wait? Because it is a 135 pound Bantam Weight Division, thats why. By the way, no steroids are allowed either. Guaranteed if she agrees to fight at 135 she will show up at 140-145 because she has always been a cheat.