Cung Le Wants “Super-Mega Fights” (video)

May 3, 2013
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Cung-Le-UFC-148-Pre-Press-9005Coming off of a victory over Rich Franklin at UFC on Fuel TV 6 in November, the promotion’s first event ever in China, former Strikeforce champion Cung Le couldn’t have been happier.

After losing his Octagon debut to Wanderlei Silva then bouncing back with a unanimous decision victory over Patrick Cote that left him injured, the 40-year-old Sanshou specialist wasn’t sure where his future was headed. A dozen or so movie roles to his credit, Le could easily forgo the bumps and bruises and broken bones for a life in film.

He couldn’t, however, pass on the opportunity to headline the UFC’s first event in China. So he worked around his injury, returned to the Octagon early, and knocked out Franklin – a former UFC champion – inside of the first round.

That victory and some tweaks to his approach to training has inspired Le to keep fighting. That and speculation that UFC middleweight kingpin Anderson Silva and his camp wanted a bout with Le.

The Anderson Silva fight never materialized – the UFC had different plans for Silva, who faces Chris Weidman at UFC 162 in July – but Le is chomping at the bit, ready to step back in the Octagon.

His one stipulation? The bigger, the better.

“Right now, it’s just one fight at a time,” Le answered recently when questioned about what is next for him. “If (a fight with Anderson Silva) does come up. If I keep my win streak on. Then I would be up for it. Other than that I want the super-mega fights.

“It was definitely fun being the main event in China and headlining for the first for UFC in China. I felt like if I did end on that note, it’d be great. But when you have a great performance like that, being injured … it all worked out good.”

No matter what happens, Le approaches his career, and his life, with a philosophical approach.

“Whatever the day brings, you just go with it.”

For now, Le continues to train, working around his injuries, while still strengthening the rest of his body and his overall game, preparing for the next “super-mega fight” that may be headed his way.

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    Le vs Vitor Belfort would make a great fight

    • Supaman

      It could, but Cung is getting old and has lost alot of quickness. He just started MMA too late in his martial arts career. By the time he was on Strikeforce, he was already on the decline.

      At this stage, I think Belfort would have this. Cung would have better chance at rematching Wanderlei.

      Nick Diaz would probably be the best “super-mega fight” for Cung. Otherwise, the more notable names would be:

      1) Yoshihiro Akiyama (esp. if fight was in Hawaii, Korea, or Japan)

      2) Tyrone Spong (if come to UFC)

      3) Chris Leben

      While these would be entertaining and excellent fights… i don’t consider them to be “super-mega fights.” Cung Le is deluded if he actually thinks he’ll get a shot at GSP or Andy.

      • Truth

        maybe if Rockhold loses to Vitor… then Cung could take a crack at Rockhold…

      • MMA Fan

        Akiyama vs Cung Le are both movie stars in Asia. Would be interesting to watch them fight.

        Cung Le isn’t even a Muay Thai style fighter anymore. He doesn’t use knees or elbows. He’s merely a Taekwondo style fighter now.

  • Diazforprez

    Nick diaz?

    • Supaman

      I think that’d be a great fight. Cung is actually a small MW and would actually be more built for WW, but he’s just too old (and probably not really used to) making the appropriate weight cut.

      • JOE SHINE

        Hung is broke and needs Yen. Movie career went south to china.

    • MMA Fan

      Would be an interesting match, boxing vs kicking.

      Cung Le would have a hard time keeping up with Diaz’s cardio though. He would need another early knockout.

      • Collideoverme

        People keep talking up the Diaz’ but they haven’t been winning, so until the fight happens, nobody knows s*** of what would actually happen.

  • dgs

    Hey Cung, win a couple of more fights against some big name, ranked
    fighters (meaning top 10 fighters) and then maybe you will be in a position to demand “super-mega”
    fights in the UFC. A decision win against Cote (no longer a ranked fighter) and a KO over Franklin (now a top 20 fighter at best) does not put
    you in that position.

    • jay

      but being a famous movie star/huge draw ala Lesnar does ..

      • John Bunch

        Exactly. And while Nick was climbing the Strikeforce ladder and Cung stepped away for movie roles, Nick talked some major smack about Cung Le. It could be really easy to market a fight like that…and I think it could be a great fight.

      • JOE SHINE

        Cung Hung’s movies are terrible and the 40 years old slant needs Yen.


      Cungger is broke at 40 and needs some Yen.

  • jrod27

    Diaz wants super fights too so a Le vs Diaz fight is probably tempting for Diaz and Le and maybe even the UFC.

  • The Count

    Cung Le vs. Michael Bisping!!


    The Hung is 40 years old and broke. Give it up slant eyes.


    Hung’s movie career went nowhere so now the slope wants back in MMA. Tell Hung to pick up his rickshaw and go back to china.


    Chung Ho actually thinks he is in demand and needed? Now that is funny.


    Cungie is 40 years old and no yen. Movie career bombed because Cung cannot act. Now Cunger wants money in the UFC. Tell Le to take a long hike back to china.


    Dung is broke and 40 deal with it rice man.


    Make Hung dung earn his way to a money yen fight by actually winning something over a real contender. Nice movie career Chung a dung.


    Cunge ought to make a movie with Gina Big frame 200lbs carano and end both careers at one time.