Cung Le on Potentially Fighting Anderson Silva: “Of Course I Would Love to Fight the Legend”

August 20, 2014
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Cung Le

Former Strikeforce middleweight champion Cung Le will return to the cage for the fist time since November 2012 to take on Michael Bisping in the UFC Fight Night 48 main event in Macau, China, on Aug. 23.

Bisping, The Ultimate Fighter 3 winner, of course, is no easy fight for anyone. He’s 24-6 and having spent the better part of his career in the UFC, he’s long edged close to a championship, but not quite gotten over the hump. He has, however, taken out a lot of other contenders along the way. Though the odds are stacked against him (you can view official UFC odds here), Le has no plans of being part of Bisping’s list of victims, feeling that he matches up well against the British fighter.

That, however, hasn’t quenched Le’s desire to one day fight Anderson Silva, should the opportunity arise.

A match-up between the two prolific strikers has been talked about and debated among MMA fans as far back as 2008 when Le was the reigning Strikeforce 185-pound champion and Silva sat atop the UFC’s middleweight division.

“Of course there is,” Le told The Great MMA Debate Podcast when asked if there was still interest in fighting Silva. “He’s one of the greatest.

“If there’s an opportunity to fight Anderson, of course I would love to fight the legend. He is a legend. I look up to him, and it would be an honor to fight him,” added the Vietnamese-American mixed martial artist.

With Silva being 39 years old and Le recently turning 42, Le hopes the two get the opportunity to mix it up sooner rather than later.

“Hopefully soon because Anderson and myself aren’t getting any younger,” said the Saigon native.

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Silva returns to action for the first time since suffering a broken leg in his December 2013 loss to Chris Weidman to take on Nick Diaz at UFC 183 on Jan. 31 in Las Vegas.

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  • Sir_Roy

    Um, let’s see how he does against a second stringer like Bisping first. I mean, knocking out a past his prime Franklin is OK I guess. But Silva manhandling a Franklin that was still on top of his game, twice, is another thing altogether. Could be an interesting striking match all the same and a good test to see if Silva still has it. Power against finesse type thing.

    • Jon Doe

      He’s 42.. knocked out a younger, larger former champion that is known for his excellent fitness and conditioning. Please do not diminish Rich Franklin, he contributed so much to the sport of mma. Bisping is another accomplished mma athlete, he is bigger and younger and all bias aside, referring to Bisping as “second stringer” is very disrespectful and childish imo. he is more than capable of competing at the highest level. You dont make it to the UFC being “second tier”

      We all get older and we all lose a step, that’s like criticizing Jordan for not putting up 30pts per game in his 40’s. We age, it happens, it doesn’t give you the right to discredit what he has done.
      Cung vs Silva would be 2 striking legends going at it that YOU and I would more than happily watch. Grab some beer, get some snacks, call some buddies over and enjoy. This is a Fact

      • Sir_Roy

        Insofar as the UFC top 10 Middleweight division is concerned, Bisping is second tier. Wasn’t touting him as such to the world of MMA in general, so don’t get your panties in a bunch.

        Bisping is not title contention. Even when he was being billed as such, no one saw him stepping in the Octagon against Anderson as a bonafide credible threat. While popular for his mouth and attitude, he is not a top tier 185er in the UFC. He is now a gatekeeper and a showman who has a long road ahead before being once again title contention material.

        And where the hell was I diminishing Franklin? What did I say that diminished him pray tell? Franklin was at the butt end of his career when Cung sent him sprawling and that’s a well known fact.

        Would I watch Cung fight Silva? Yes. Yes I would. Would I be hyped about it? No. Not really. Do I respect them both as fighters? You bet I do. That includes Mr. Rich Franklin and Mr. Bisping too by the way.

        • Jon Doe

          “Insofar as the UFC top 10 Middleweight division is concerned, Bisping is second tier.”
          1. He’s ranked number 8 on
          2. He’s “second tier” says who? You?
          3. “so don’t get your panties in a bunch.” no need to be rude, lets show some manners, unless.. you are a child, then by all means, vent me some of that adolescent sass.

          • Lucas Freire

            Jon, he’s a solid top10 whose highest peak on his career was a top5. He’s always one or two fights away from the title. He’s not getting younger, he has a lot of time in the organization. That’s why he’s second tier on the UFC MW division.

            I think you’re getting overly sentimental. Of course he would wreck havoc on any other organization. But on the UFC he’s a gatekeeper.

            I really can’t recall any fighter getting his first title shot with 20+ fights on the organization and I don’t think he’ll be the first to get it.

          • Jon Doe

            Your perspective is based off of opinion. I understand the reasoning of your explanation but the reality of the situation is not that Bisping has had over 20 fights without a title fight but the FACT that Bisping has survived 20+ fights in the worlds premier organization. This is proof positive a testament to his skills and abilities. All of the guys who are currently in the UFC are ALL premier fighters, every single one of them. There is no such thing as a “second tier” UFC fighter. That’s like saying “second tier” NFL player. The sport is so competitive it will not allow “second tier” fighters. That is why fighters get cut after 3 loses, sometimes even 2, those are second tier. Mayhem Miller is second tier, Leonard Garcia is second tier, all those guys who come in gets manhandled and bumped back down to minor leagues are “second tier”

            Bisping is hated, I am aware of the extreme bias but the fact is, he is Professional UFC fighter, he gets paid well and he is very good at what he does. Just because a few individual have opinions* and downright hate does not diminish his credibility.
            Also, it is unfortunate in this day and age that showing respect for an individual is now somehow translated to “sentimental” or “panties in a bunch” sad…

  • brad king

    hey we can bill this one as the mma version – Geezers at Ceasears only if they hold the event there.