Cung Le Believes Wanderlei Silva is a Dangerous Draw at UFC 139

September 28, 2011
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Cung Le has only ever known one elevation… the highest one.

He rose to the top of the kickboxing world before venturing into mixed martial arts, where he quickly ascended to the Strikeforce middleweight championship.

While he’s kept himself busy in the acting world of late, Le is back to the world of MMA. He will step into the Octagon for the first time when he faces former Pride champion Wanderlei Silva at UFC 139 on Nov. 19 in San Jose, Calif.

“To be a part of the UFC is definitely a dream come true,” Le told recently. Although his dream went in and out of focus briefly when original opponent Vitor Belfort had to drop out of the bout. Silva was quick to step in, however, keeping Le’s UFC debut date on the docket.

A lot of people have said that Le is getting an easier fight in his replacement. Silva has been on the skids lately, losing three of his last four bouts. Le is buying into that shell game.

“He’s kind of like a warrior that has his back on the wall. A lot of times that’s more dangerous,” Le said. “Wanderlei is not ready to retire. He’s gonna be more dangerous, he’s gonna come a lot harder.”

Most of the talk of an easier opponent comes from anonymous posters and apparitions that quickly vanish into the ether.

“It takes a lot to step inside the cage… there’s plenty of keyboard warriors out there that think they know it all and they never respect a minute the things we do.”

  • bryansaunders

    no=know. I know that much as a keyboard warrior.

  • jared499

    Wow, I completely agree with what Cung has to say here. There are a lot of people out here commenting that can talk some major crap about these athletes who get in the cage and fight. Reminds me of the “Entourage” episode when Johnny Drama was taking smack to Chuck Liddell and then when Chuck got out of his truck, Drama was peeing himself. All these smack talkers, even those who claim to be MMA athletes themselves, would get killed by any of these UFC/SF fighters, why because if you were good enough to beat these guys you wouldn’t be wasting oyur time talking about it, you would be in the big show.

    • I can speak my opinion because I’ve beaten all these guys asses before. I created a fighter on UFC Undisputed and they didn’t stand a chance.

  • jared499

    P.S. I still think that Wanderlai is going to lose the fight. Because no matter the degrading skill set, Wanderlai still goes out there and stands up and fights, he doesn’t back away. He will stand toe to toe with Cung Le and fight, trying to give the best dang performence he can for the fans. Thats what makes him a true champion in my eyes.

  • eldinsalkic

    Im going for Wanderlei. Hes my boy, plus I wanna see this movie star get knocked out. Hes not a true fighter, since no one wants this ass in movie so he wants to take UFC money now.

    • tsszaltax

      He’s not a true fighter? This guy is a kick boxing legend AND former strikeforce champion. He’s lost one fight in his MMA career. Ya see that part about keyboard warriors he was talking about in his video? *points to you jackass*

    • ThecungLeeBoy

      Shut the Fuck up Shamrock looking motherfucker Chung Le was undefeated in San Shou and he broke your arm in a fight. Chung is my boy and he will be a success in the UFC…………..