Cub Swanson Wants a Title Shot, but Isn’t Going to Wait for One

July 15, 2013
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Cub-Swanson-WEC-41-460x270UFC featherweight contender Cub Swanson wants a title shot against champion Jose Aldo, but isn’t going to sit around and wait for it to happen.

Riding a five-fight winning streak and finishing four of his last five opponents, Swanson has positioned himself on a short list of names at the top of the 145-pound division.

Aldo is scheduled to face Chan Sung Jung, “The Korean Zombie,” on August 3 at UFC 163 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, and if Swanson has to take another fight before getting a crack at the title, he has some names in mind.

“Well, if they are going to give someone else Aldo then that’s way too long for me to wait.  I’m in prime position right now.  I’m doing well.  There’s no sense in me waiting, but I do want that fight and if I have to fight one more time then I would like the Ricardo Lamas fight or the Frankie Edgar fight,” Swanson told content partner Knockout Radio.

“There’s also Chad Mendes, but he’s got to get through my teammate, Clay Guida, first,” he added.  “So my first choice would be Aldo.  I don’t think The Korean Zombie is going to beat him and so then after that it would either be Lamas or Edgar.  They’d be my next choices.”

Taking another fight in the talent-rich 145-pound division is risky, but it’s a risk Swanson is willing to take.

“I’ve thought about that and I just think that if I did, for some reason, lose because the talent is so high, I wouldn’t get down on myself.  I would just make the adjustments and try to get right back on a win streak because at this point of my career and in my life, I’m having so much fun fighting and I just like to get out there and do it,” he said.

“The way I think about it nowadays, I put so much work into my camps and so many hours.  I’ve been doing this for 10 years, man.  And I’ve put in so many hours that people don’t see me training, so that 15 minutes in the cage or so, that’s my opportunity to showcase everything that I’ve been working and shine. So I get super excited to be able to be in that opportunity to be on a stage like that to do it and that makes me happy,” added the 29-year-old Californian.

Swanson is one of the most exciting fighters in the featherweight division.  In his UFC tenure, he’s accumulated two Knockout of the Night bonuses and one Fight of the Night honor.  That does not include his three Fight of the Night awards while competing in the WEC.

“Here is something that I actually brag about where a lot of people wouldn’t.  Even my losses have all been Submission of the Night, Knockout of the Night, which I take pride in because I refuse to be in a boring fight.  Either I’m going to win big or I’m going to lose big.  And I want the fans to know that I come to fight and I’m not trying to be boring,” said Swanson.  “I’m trying to have fun.  I’m trying to put on a show.”

Swanson would like a little time off to heal up from some minor injuries, but plans to be back in action before the end of the year.

“Probably sometime later this year just because I’d like to heal up a little bit.  You get these little knick-knack injuries through training camps and I like to do long training camps.  I like to do usually 12-14 weeks gradually getting better and better. So I want some time to prepare because I know it will be a big fight whoever it is and I want to be ready and want to be healed up and want to do one more this year,” he said.

Whether his next fight is a title shot or a top contender’s bout, Swanson is ready to put on another show.

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  • Eo81

    I feel like cub swanson and everyone else seems to forget his last lost was to Chad Mendes so why the hell would he get a shot before mendes who’s ha 3 straight first rd ko. the mendes swanson fight was a complete beatdown by mendes. also we have seen swanson vs aldo before. it was an 8 second ko by aldo that might be the fastest ever. swanson needs to just shut up and beat someone better than siver to get another shot and getting ko’d by aldo

    • You really told it as it is. Impressive win over Siver but your right, he does need to fight two more guys before thinking about a title shot. Mendes is a beast and on a roll again. I wouldn’t mind Ricardo L. and Swanson. I hope Frankie Edgar has at least two more fights as well before getting a title shot. A lot of those guys have put in their work in that division for a while now.

      • solo

        IMO Lamas deserves it the most. I mean guy has been impressive since he join the UFC. He’s 4-0 with wins over Swanson, Hioki and Koch. And to mention that he didnt fought Aldo. Mendes, Edgar, and Swanson all came up short against the Champ.

        • Lamas deserves either a shot or a fight with Edgar to help boost him even more. I really like that guy. He’s been looking really sharp lately.

    • Adam Vogt North Yarmouth

      If Cub was saying he wanted to wait around for a shot or that he deserved one immediately, I’d agree with you, but all he said is he loves being in the cage and listed two high level opponents that he would like to fight rather than waiting around hoping to get lucky with a title fight. Of course his first choice is Aldo…anybody on a five fight win streak would love a shot that the belt. I think one more fight against a top 5 guy and he deserves it. And considering their last meeting in the WEC wasn’t even a fight, I wouldn’t mind seeing these two scrap.

  • KIm

    That is a sick division these days!

  • Stephen Quadros


  • ufc greedy buttholes

    Mendes lost to Aldo in ufc. He had his shot. Cub lost to Aldo Yeats ago in wec and he’s way better now. Who has a netter winningbstreaknthank cub at 145? And his are knockouts. Joe Silva Dana white eat dix

  • Steady

    Mendes fought aldo and loss. Frankie hv to a lil longer coz im tired of watchin repeated fights.altho cub loss to aldo b4 but it was years ago and cub right now has improved alot since.cub shld fight lamas for da title!


    Swanson vs Lamas, (he can avenge his lost) and Edgar vs Mendez or Guida (if he wins)