Cub Swanson Refuses to Beg for UFC Title Shots

June 29, 2014
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Cub Swanson WEC 44While fighters of late have received title shots with witty post-fight quotes or clever social media campaigns, UFC featherweight Cub Swanson has set himself apart from that crowd.

Following a win over Jeremy Stephens at UFC Fight Night San Antonio on Saturday, Swanson proclaimed that title shots, while they remain one of the most desirable fates for him, aren’t going to be asked for by him. Instead, the fighter said he would like let his fights do the pleading for him.

“For me, winning a title is just like a dream. It’s something I want to do so bad, but it’s something I feel is going to come to me if I just keep doing what I’m doing,” Swanson said at the UFC Fight Night San Antonio post-fight news conference. “If I keep doing what I’m doing — what I’m supposed to do — it’ll come. I just don’t feel like I have to beg or try to ask for it. If I just keep putting on good performances, it’ll come.”

Swanson outpaced, outstruck and outlasted Stephens in the main event for the fight card in Texas, grabbing a unanimous decision, as well as Fight of the Night honors.

The performance might have warranted a call-out of UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo or No. 1 contender Chad Mendes, but Swanson refused to make any comment demanding a title shot.

Aldo and Mendes are currently scheduled to fight in rematch at UFC 176 on Aug. 2 in Los Angeles. Swanson likely earned himself a shot at the winner with his performance on Saturday.

When asked if he would be able to step in for either Aldo or Mendes if one of the two were injured before their bout, Swanson acknowledged that he would. The fighter joked that his post-fight snacks may hinder his ability to make weight in time.

“As long as I don’t eat any cookies tonight,” he said, laughing.

Swanson has history with both Aldo and Mendes. In 2009, he lasted only eight seconds to Aldo before being the recipient of a flying knee that stopped their WEC 41 bout. In 2010, Swanson dropped a unanimous decision to Mendes at WEC 50.

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  • Dickus

    Smart. At my gym, we still call an immediate ko getting “Cub Swansoned”

    • Chris

      Shows your respect. P.S. Your moms basement training UFC your little brother isn’t normally considered a “gym”.

      • Chris

        P.P.S. never post comments from a tablet. you need an edit option.

        • bajafox

          If you have a Disquis account you can edit

    • Kelly

      This guy thinks he’s funny. I bet an immediate KO would be named after you if you ever stepped in the cage.

    • RoBeRtOe

      Smart. At my gym, we still call an immediate ko getting “Cub Swansoned” – (Puff’s Chest) Big Upper body, gut, No cardio…

  • Pat Garret

    Its funny, because if he ask for a title fight, he will get that beast Aldo. The last time they fought ,Swanson got absolutely raped. Went straight to the hospital, Cub’s no dummy…lol

    • Lucas Freire

      He got flash KO’d. Just like Cain got flash KO’d by Cigano.
      I don’t mean to say Swanson would dominate Aldo, it’s just that he wasn’t raped. He got hit. I’d like to see this fight happen again.

      • Pat Garret

        Maybe I was a bit, overly dramatic with the rape comment.

  • MMAfan

    To be honest I don’t know why some fighters choose to not campaign for title shots. I mean we saw what happened with Matt Brown. Took him forever partly because he didn’t speak up for so long. Is it because Cub doesn’t feel ready? That’s how it comes across. Came across that way with Phil Davis who admittedly at one point said he felt he still needed to get better for voicing to challenge Jon Jones. He’s an articulate guy so I don’t see him having problems with being able to sell himself to get a title shot. It’s not like it’s a degrading thing to do.

  • mmalive

    Cub is an intelligent guy. He will no go to level of Sonnen talking trash to get title shots. Cub will rack up wins and give Aldo the ultimate test. They fought 4 years ago and both fighters have changed big time.

  • Ranch Guy

    You just fought a #15 ranked fighter and did not look that great. Why not fight Lamas or Mendes and get a nice payday before you fight Aldo and get your ass handed to you.

    • Lt. Dangle

      Stephens was ranked #11 and before that Cub beat the #8 and #6 guys, and he’s on a 6 fight win streak with 4 KO’s and 2 FOTN. He more than earned his title shot. Im not saying he would take the belt but he definitely deserves the winner of Aldo/Mendes.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Sherdog has Stephens ranked #6 after the loss to Cub.

  • Stephen Quadros

    Cub is someone i suspect of being on peds