Cro Cop Headlines in Poland, UFC Also Announces Scotland and Germany

January 23, 2015
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The Ultimate Fighting Championship on Friday announced three more European locations for events in 2015, including two new markets, Poland and Scotland.

Speaking at a press conference in Stockholm, three UFC athletes, each representing their home country where the events are set to take place, confirmed that the UFC would this year host events in Poland and Scotland, as well as a return to Germany.

Fedor vs. Cro CopThe announcement of Poland helped to shed some light on the recent signing of Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic, who will headline the UFC’s first Polish card in a five-round heavyweight match-up with Gabriel Gonzaga.

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Co-headlining at Kraków Arena on April 11 is Jan Blachowicz, an extremely popular Polish fighter, who will meet Jimi Manuwa in a light heavyweight clash.

“This means a great deal to me,” said Blachowicz. “UFC in Poland is growing so quickly and Polish fans have been traveling all over the world to watch MMA events for a long time now. For us to have a UFC event in our home country is truly amazing.”

The UFC’s return to Germany will come at the O2 World in Berlin on June 20. The news comes just a few weeks after the annulment of a broadcast ban on UFC events, which had been put into place by the BLM, meaning UFC events can now be broadcasted on German television without restriction.

“I was overwhelmed by the support of the German public last year,” said German fighter Nick Hein, who plans to be fighting on the Berlin card. “The journey that the sport of MMA has taken in my home country is remarkable and the fan base just keeps on growing. To know that the UFC will be back in Berlin this year is just fantastic and I would love, more than anything, to have the opportunity to fight in my home country once again.”

The final announcement was the UFC finally making debuting in the Scottish market, which will take place on July 18 at The SSE Hydro in Glasgow.

“People at home have been asking the UFC to come to Scotland for so long now, so I just know this will be a sellout,” said Scottish fighter Joanne Calderwood. “It would be a dream come true for me to fight in Glasgow for the UFC. The opportunity to step inside the Octagon in front of a home crowd would be something I’d never forget.”

The three added locations bring the UFC’s European total to four events for 2015, including this weekend’s UFC on FOX 14 in Stockholm, but David Allen, Senior Vice President and General Manager for UFC in EMEA, indicated that they’re not done yet.

While the UFC is still in talks over several venues and locations, Allen said that the hope is to increase the UFC’s European presence to a total of six to eight events by year’s end.

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  • wer

    Nice. The CroCop nostalgia is very big in Poland as Pride was a lot more popular over here than the UFC is right now. Too bad Manuwa will probably humiliate Błachowicz in front of the home crowd. But that will show the local fans what the best MMA league is all about.

    • shakejunt

      i wouldn’t be so sure. manuwa has no ground game and jan has 7 wins by submission. he’s also no slouch on the feet. should be fireworks!

      • Seth

        Blachowicz is KSW-made talent. He won’t survive till Rd2. 1st RD KO for Manuwa. This dude hits like a mad truck. There is NO ONE legit in KSW at this moment. We only have phony “gimmick” guys, like Pudz, because typical polish MMA fan think that Pudz is top HW in the world and Mamed is Top 3 MW in the world…I hope my fellow polish fans will educate themselves more and see that KSW is no where near being legit MMA promotion…

        • shakejunt

          kingsbury, diabate, jimmo: murderer’s row.

          jimi has no ground game and gasses pretty quickly. i’m super excited to see how it plays out though.

          • Seth

            The thing is – in order to take it to the ground, Blachowicz has to get close. And with Manuwa’s nuclear weapons he has in his hands, that will be daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn tough. I dont expect Blachowicz to survive 5 minutes with him

          • Gary Fredericks

            ….but if he does and beats Manuwa, you have your Polish version of Ireland’s Connor McGregor. Instant marketable talent for the UFC expansion, just add water. I too feel Manuwa has a decent chance to lose against Blacowicz for the same reasons….not much ground game, gas tank, and I will add the past fighters each has faced being not a whole lot different. Manuwa has the edge in past competition sure, but aside Jimmo and Gustafson, there isn’t much of a divide between the two.

          • Seth

            Version of Connor? Lol, Blachowicz will NEVER gets a title shot, not to mention getting him way to soon without really earning it. And market here doesn’t even exist, so I doubt UFC will even care about him….

          • Gary Fredericks

            I should have clarified that my point was for marketing possibilities in Poland compared to how the UFC markets Connor in Ireland. My bad. I in no way meant that comparison between the fighters talent levels or success.

          • Seth

            And again…no. That dude isn’t marketable. I had aweeeeesome opportunity to meet him and train with him once. He is nicest dude you can ever meet, he is like totally NOT AWARE of his own success and that didn’t change him one bit. And in modern days you need to be kind of an a$$ to be marketable :/

  • TheCerealKiller

    This should be the cover picture.

    • Seth

      Im just curious why they want Blachowicz to lose in Poland…I mean, it will be great for polish MMA – as it will show that KSW-made “champions” are worthless (I hope Mamed will be next…he deserves to get his ass kicked in UFC, to end his silly run against 40yr old semi-retired guys), but usually UFC wants to have homeboys to win on international cards, right? That co-me sounds somehow weird to me…

  • shakejunt

    fantastic news for the whole community. cro-cop shouldn’t be headlining, but i understand why. psyched to see jan back too, his finish of latifi was super impressive and manuwa is the type of guy to bring the fight to him. that’s the real main event to me. maybe jojo vs juliana lima or aisling in scotland?

  • Seth

    Why..the…F…we need Cro Cop? Take him o Germany. Or Sweden. No one wants washed-up wanna-be pro-wrestler here. Just take him anywhere. He can go back to winning fake K1 tournament in Croatia, like he did last time.

    Also, it sucks that they gave Blachowicz Manuwa to fight…Normally they try to give homeboy easy fight for international cards…I guess they don’t plan anything more for Poland, if they feed Blachowicz to Manuwa. Jimi will KTFO Blachowicz, to end his winning streak…

    • Gary Fredericks

      I think they are feeding Manuwa to Blachowicz myself. Manuwa has beat names like Kingsbury and Diabate but got killed by Gustafson. The rest of his record was mainly against sub UFC/prelim talent…same as Blachowicz. Now, if Blachowicz wins at home against 14-1 Manuwa, the UFC has an instant Polish star to market…since that is all the UFC is these days is full contact WWE business.

  • Sarge

    nobody wants to see Cro Cop vs Gonzaga 2. Gonzaga deserves better competition than the guy he KO’ed and basically ended his first UFC run altogether.

  • Gary Fredericks

    CroCop vs Gonzaga 2 is akin to a public workout with more bells and whistles. Here is a PERFECT example of what is wrong with the UFC now. You take two big names, both years past their glory and just shells of their former selves, and put them in a headliner. They do this as if their are no more talented fighters left in the world and keeping talented fighters on the undercard. In other words, they are not building future stars today and will now keep grabbing backwards for past name’s to push. STUPID STUPID STUPID. I mean hell, are they so greedily blind now that a fighter currently on the UFC roster could become the next Andersen Silva or Chuck Liddell were it not for the UFC Brass’ “money NOW!” practices? These cards are lopping off longtime UFC fans interests. I haven’t spent money on a UFC PPV in a couple years now, and neither have my group of friends that took turns getting them for this reason. I find myself not even caring much about some of the free TV cards (like the one in this article). It’s not like Bellator has anything better to offer either. God only knows what is in Coker’s head with the match ups/freakshows they put on now.

    UFC is really sucking farts from SWINE’s ASS these days with each new announcement and business decision.

    ….come on now, can one of you young feller’s help this old man down off this here soap box please? LOL

  • CroCopMOm

    This fight should have happened five years ago.

    Gonzaga’s beating Cro Cop took a lot out of Cro Cop. He hasn’t looked the same since.

    The whole theory about Cro Cop never being good is just not true. Just look at how former PRIDE guys are doing (or can do) in the UFC against Roy Nelson, Brendan Schaub and Cheick Kongo. No doubt Josh Barnett would mop floors with these guys. Mark Hunt has KOed two of these three guys, one by KO in the first round. You think a prime Cro Cop can’t beat these three guys?

    Again, had Cro Cop immediately rematched Gonzaga and won, perhaps we may have seen a different cro cop.