Cris Cyborg Unloads after Ronda Rousey Victory; Looking to Leave Strikeforce?

August 19, 2012
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Cris Cyborg - StrikeforceStrikeforce bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey kept her unbelievable unbeaten streak intact on Saturday night in San Diego, submitting No. 1 contender Sarah Kaufman with an armbar less than a minute into their bout.

The victory increased her streak to nine armbar finishes in nine mixed martial arts fights (including her professional and amateur bouts) for the former Olympic bronze medalist Judoka. Of those nine victories, eight of them came inside the first minute of the fight.

As soon as the fight was over, the talk about a possible fight between Rousey and former Strikeforce 145-pound champion Cris Cyborg Santos hit a fever pitch. Even Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker, who was asked about the hypothetical bout’s stature at Saturday’s post-fight press conference, said that, if it were to come together, it would be “one of the biggest fights in the history of mixed martial arts.”

It only took a matter of minutes, however, for Cyborg to throw talk of a fight with Rousey, and Cyborg’s own future with Strikeforce, into disarray.

She quickly took to her official Twitter account after the fight, according to Tatame reporter Guilherme Cruz, saying that she was awaiting her release from Zuffa since her weight class is no more. Cyborg apparently continued that she would look elsewhere for a promotion that has her 145-pound class, specifically mentioning Invicta FC in one tweet, although that tweet appears to have been deleted a short time later.

The timing of her outburst was particularly confounding because the Rousey fight had just ended, leading some of her Twitter followers to question whether or not she was ducking a fight with Rousey.

“Guys I have not changed my weight,” Cyborg responded. “I started where I am.”

Even if the fight with Rousey was never to come together because each fighter wished to remain in her respective weight class, Cyborg’s comments about Strikeforce no longer having a featherweight division for her to fight in seem to be without foundation.

There was, in fact, a women’s featherweight fight on Saturday night’s Strikeforce: Rousey vs. Kaufman fight card. Hiroko Yamanaka and Germaine de Randamie fought at 145 pounds in a preliminary bout.

Strikeforce officials were equally confused by Cyborg’s comments, particularly in her thinking that there would not be a featherweight division for her to come back to once her steroid-related suspension was completed.

“She must be misinformed,” Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker told’s Erik Fontanez. “I don’t understand why she’d be saying that since we just had a 145-pound fight on the card tonight.”

It’s not exactly clear what incited Cyborg to unleash on Twitter the way that she did. Rousey had just won her fight, setting up a potentially huge super fight between the two if they could agree on what weight to fight at. Having a 145-pound bout on Saturday night’s card and Strikeforce officials going on record backing the division erases any concern about a division for her to fight in upon her return, Rousey fight or no Rousey fight.

Perhaps it’s as simple as Cyborg feeling like she’s no longer wanted.

“I want to be respected as everyone wants to be,” Cyborg noted in one of her tweets.

She was the face of women’s MMA until her suspension. During her absence, the promotion, fans, and media have moved on to focus on the Ronda Rousey phenomenan. She’s being called out to face Rousey, even though that’s not even a possibility until after December, when she completes her suspension.

For now, however, Cris Cyborg remains a Strikeforce fighter, if one with an uncertain future. And we’re left to scratch our heads over her latest comments.


  • sc_bfb2a687d5fce074de33d058b18ee2b3

    Ronda Rousey fought at 145lbs for most of her MMA bouts. She competed at 154lbs (and cut much weight to make it) during the 2008 Olympics.

    Her BS about insisting Cris Cyborg fight her at 135lbs is Ronda’s way of ducking a fight she knows she can’t win.

    • Her insisting Cyborg fights her at 135lbs is because that’s her favoured weight and she is the champ.

    • You’re stupid…Ronda doesn’t have to move any weight at all, she’s the champion, Cyborg messed up and disgraced herself. Ronda doesn’t have to do Cyborg any favors by changing her weight class just to fight cyborg win or lose. Cyborg knows she would lose for sure without steroids, and even less of a chance if she drops weight and she knows it.

    • onehitwonder

      maybe they can meet at 140lbs, if someone losses a fight, i don’t think 10lbs would have anything to do with it, i’ve fought many larger guys than myself and of those that i lost i wouldn’t blame on size.

    • Challenging at the weight class you are champion of = Ducking the fight

      Crying on twitter and quitting the promotion = ?????????

    • MrAdidas

      I understand what you are saying, just like I understand what the other replies to your comment are saying, BUT if you are challenging someone CHAMP or NOT, the fighter offering the challenge “should” move to whatever weight division he or she is issuing the challenge to. How does it make sense for Cyborg to drop in weight, when it’s Rousey challenging Cyborg?!? Not to mention Cyborg hasnt/doesnt fight at 135lbs.

      Why do you think BJ PEnn moved up to fight GSP?!? B/C he was the one who wanted to fight GSP, BJ was ISSUING the challenge. How does it make sense for GSP to fight BJ @ LW?!? When he was the one getting called out?!? Not to mention Rousey has fought @ 145lbs.

      I understand Rousey is the champ, but she’s the one who wants to fight Cyborg & not the other way around. If anything I think they should have a catch weight fight. To say Rousey is ducking Cyborg is not very intelligent, just like saying Cyborg is ducking Rousey … very stupid. Cyborg can barely make 145lbs, yet Rousey wants her to drop to 135lbs?!? It’s smart on Rousey’s part, b/c if Cyborg doesnt drop, you will have people like those who are stating “Rouseys champ, Cyborg needs to drop down … blah blah blah” (which is BS), OR if Cyborg attempts to drop to 135lbs, she will be withered to DEATH & she wont have any energy to fight 3 rounds, let alone 5 rounds.

      Catch weight, or Rousey moves up to 145lbs where she fought b4, to ask Cyborg who barely makes 145lbs to move down to fight someone whos CALLING HER OUT, is stupid.

    • cyborg was the one who called rousey out first all rousey did was tell her if you want the fight you come to my weight class. there is nothing wrong with that. If cyborg really wants the fight then she will drop to 135

  • You do not have to have a degree in psychology to know that after seeing how awesome Ronda was against her good friend Sarah that she is running scared. She knows she can not beat an olympic level fighter. She knows that roids are her fuel of choice. Now that she has to fight clean to make 135 she knows her main weapon is not going to be there so she is running away from the champ. I want to see how her followers defend her now.

    • her “followers” will defend her with common sense. theres no way cyborg can make 135 , but rhonda competed at that weight and higher. anybody with any fight knowledge is going to know that cyborg cuts to the extreme to make 145, to ask her to do more is pure b.s. it would weaken her and take her stamina, while a fight at 145 would be better for both fighters. rousey wants nothing to do with cyborg , she only called her out because she knows cris wont cut to 135.

      • Sde lano, you’re an idiot. Ronda is the champ of the weight class she is in. Why should Ronda have to put any work in adding weight just to fight someone who doesn’t even deserve a title shot at all? If Cyborg wants to fight her, cyborg has to put in the work of cutting weight, and also fighting through the ranks to earn her title shot the way it’s supposed to be.

  • Scared of a one trick pony?
    Cyborg would destroy her, Ronda is at 135 because she can pick on the smaller ladies. any higher of a weight class and her 2 steps to victory wouldn’t work as well.
    Step 1 – Judo throw
    Step 2 – Crank arm

    Keep hiding behind the roids excuse, Cyborg is a FULLY trained fighter and not just an armbar junkie.

    • maddawgmar

      Here’s what is wrong with your post. Rousey is not a one trick pony. She has been developing her stand up with top boxing coaches. She has been rounding out her game with top MMA fighters like the Diaz brothers and Dominic Cruz, plus she even spent a little time with team Alpha Male. As she goes on her game will develop into a fully rounded mixed martial artists. Just because she doesnt get to show it because no one can stop her bread and butter doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a plan B or C.

      • Lesnardo

        Pretty much, anyone that wins fights via one particular method is a one trick pony <— this is kinda dumb.

        What about the double leg takedown defense? What about throwing punches to set up a takedown?

        I mean…so JDS is a one trick pony too since he has only won via punches.

  • Oh and how is 6 fights an “unbelievable unbeaten streak”? that’s pretty common, maybe after 9 or 10 fights you might be able to call it Unbelievable. Maybe.
    Kind of sad to see that 90% of MMA fans and media buy into the hype of fighters so quickly. Ignorance is bliss, right?

    • you’re “kinda sad” defending a cheater and talking down about a woman who just destroyed two “former” champions…. who looks ignorant??? we get it,,, you’re a cyborg fan. and that streak of 6 fights is incredible NOT for he number but for the fact that they were ALL ARM-BAR FINISHES. but you keep making excuses…….

      • Jeff

        I would say the most impressive part is that they all but 1 came at under a minute.

      • calling somone kinda sad and ignorant doesnt make your point any more valid. the fact is if the womens division were more stacked rousey wouldnt be able to armbar her way to victory every time. there are great female fighters out there that could destroy rousey, but untill the division gets beefed up and promoted properly, you’ll just keep sucking on the nutz of whateverthey sell you .

        • Ememay

          Saying “anybody with any fight knowledge…” doesn’t make your point any more valid either.

          Cyborg is viewed as a cheater, and her baritone voice does little to change that perception. Root for her if you like.

        • Lesnardo

          This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. and it is stupid on so many levels.

          First, your argument goes something like this. The women’s division is not stacked. If it were more stacked, is a good chance that Ronda would not make champion. Therefore (and your conclusion is unclear but I guess the following) Ronda’s victorys are not as impressive as this article makes them out to be.

          The term “stacked” is a relative term. Relative to what? The Men’s HW and LHW division in the UFC? That’s ridiculous. Women’s division is not stacked because there aren’t as many women who would fight for money as there are men who would.

          By your own reasoning, JDS and Jones’s respective victorys are not impressive since the HW division could be (in theory) more stacked than now. And if the division were more stacked then JDS or Jones would not be champions.

          Second, the theoretical possibility that a division could be more stacked than now does not in anyway render a dominant champion’s achievements any less impressive. When Thomas Jeffereson was elected, there were not as many smart men and the population was smaller. Does that make his achievements less impressive?

    • phrankthetank

      She actually is unbeaten in 9 fights. 3 amateur, 6 pro, all armbar finishes in the 1st rd

  • stevemcz11

    most fighters fight at the lowest weight class they can physically make… Just look at Cruz and Jones. Rousey is no different. She will beat Cyborg definitely! That is if Cyborg decides to fight her. Cyborg makes weight she will get a title shot. The ball is in Cyborgs court at the moment

    • Jeff

      The ball or balls?

  • Here is a name to throw into the mix:
    Sara McMann

    • somecokehead

      doesn’t mix well!

  • ChiTown420

    1 trick pony huh well if thats the case everybody she faces just has to train one thing and they know exactly what she wants to do and still does it in under 1 round…..So whats ur point

  • why would ronda fight her at 145 she’ can’t even make 145 she always blames it on her women issues to get away with it so she’s always that much bigger it’s like trying to put aldo vs gsp she’s a huge chick ..and then she cheats sooo nothing to prove to her or u dumbasses that think she’s ducking her clearly know anything about mma just want to run ur mouth

  • A 6 fight winning streak is rather impressive, a 6 fight winning streak without ever leaving the first round is damn near unheard of. As far as some people saying that Cyboyg is a great, well rounded mixed martial artist, shes not that good. She wins because she is huge and overpowers people. Her technique is kinda sloppy. Im pretty sure Gina had a dominant position on her a couple times in that fight, and Gina wasnt a great fighter. If you take away Cyboygs size advantage by making her drop to 135, Ronda armbars him all day. Even at 145 i think Ronda beats him.

  • Are people serious with half of these post!? How are you kidding to talk trash about Ronda Rouse? She’s an olympic judoka and the Strikeforce champion. What the hell does she have to do get respect? A one trick pony? Is that the best you people can come up with. What martial artist isn’t going to use their top trick while evolving other aspects of the game. I’m pretty sure she’s not afraid of Cyborg. But if she’s the champ at that weight and feels comfortable there why would she go up?

  • DrkDisciple

    There is only 1 fight that matters in women’s mma its Cyborg vs Rousey. If those women want to make any money they will make it happen. Once that fight is over things get back to normal and no one will give a sh*t about female mma.

  • horaceharter

    Cyborg is a dude with nuts. Let Cyborg beat Faber first since the midget faber never wins anyway. Cyborg is a man. deal with it and he will beat Rousey.

  • horaceharter

    Cyborg should leave and take her manish ways with him.

  • collideoverme

    One trick pony…lame. Nobody says a thing when somebody specializes a move, say like Cody Mckenzie (the Mckenzitine???) Just because she specializes in a submission does not mean she is a one trick pony. She uses the armbar because NO ONE CAN STOP HER from doing it. Until someone steps up and forces her to change her game plan, why should she change? Cyborg just can’t cut the weight on the juice and she obviously has no intention of getting of of it, and Ronda owes her nothing…she cut to 135 herself to get the title. Cyborg should stfu and cut the weight off the juice, or quit.

  • horaceharter

    Strikeforce should tell the guy Cyborg to go to hell and leave and take her balls with him.

  • Anthony

    Making fun of Cyborg because she made a stupid mistake and got caught never gets old…– thank God the idiots who point fingers at her are so flawless themselves. I admire cyborg haters sooooo much-( yes, im being sarcastic)-change the record boys, it doesnt feel good getting kicked repeatedly when your down. Shes a great fighter , dont let this steroid b.s define her–we all make mistakes ,give her a break. Its crazy what people are willing to do in their quest to be a world champion—I know alot of athletes who take steroids(male and female) but not many have achieved the heights Cyborg has .Give the devil his due

    • horaceharter

      what an idiot you are. Cyborg is a dude. Took steroids to become more manish. Cyborg has no role in MMA. BYe

  • I hope every one of you clueless cyroid blowghards are ready to put your money where your big mouths are! Because i’ll be happy to take every last penny from every last one of you if and when strikeforce or the ufc are ever able to force cyroid to fight ronda. Because, trust me, cyroid wants no part of a fight with ronda rousey! Ronda would not only finish her in less than one round; ronda will probably literally break cyroid’s arm for good measure!

    and all of you pseudo mma gans clueless about who the real talent is (rr) and who the real pretender is (roids), i’ll gladly take every dime you can muster if anyone is able to catch cyroid as she runs as fast as possibly from having to face the real star and talent in women’s mma – ronda rousey!

    • horaceharter

      I’d be willing to out up $10,000 on Cyborg at 140 lbs. How do we set this up????

      • MikeMc1983

        Lol, can I go in with you? We can make it $20k.

        • horaceharter

          My guy in Vegas told me Cyborg at 140 lbs would go off at 2-1 odds in Cyborgs favor.

          • MikeMc1983

            I bet it’d be 3 1/2 – 1 before its all said and done.

          • Lesnardo

            For some reason I believe this. I would bet on Ronda if it were 2-1 but 2-1 is not unreasonable.

            Ronda is a great fighter but Cyborg is one a different level. YES…she is a f*cking she-man. The way she rolls up her fist, the way she holds were arms, the way she kicks/punches/sprawls resembles that of a man more so than that of a woman.

            Ronda doesn’t want to do 145lbs? I don’t know why since she was at that division not so long ago.

            At 140lbs, I really want to see this.

            I don’t think Ronda could take Cyborg down easily. And on her way in to clinch, she could get clipped with one or two punches that would make her think twice before Brock Lesnaring her way thru like how she has been doing.

  • Really children! Its fun to make fun of the Fugly girl aint it, and being on the side of the champ, who happens to be fairly good looking is of course the in thing to do!
    The thing is that besides all the grade three insults and crap you are all missing out on two facts…first off it would be a HUGE fight for MMA and a fun one to watch. The killer striker against the grappler with crazy skills. Second, It aint going to happen, it would be like saying that Anderson should drop weight to go after Bendo! the weight loss is impossible unless Cyborge lops off a leg! Look at her she is skin and…well over develped muscle when she fights.

    Now instead of being d-bags and saying she has balls…just admit that she aint a beauty queen and she wont win any modeling jobs! She does not have a sack and she got caught cheating. Dont make it anymore than it is or distract from the fact that this may be the best fight the ladies MMA will ever see.

  • Ketsugo_John

    Cyroid wants no part of Rousey. She knows clean, she has no chance of beating her!

  • MaritalArtist

    Id really like to see that fight. I hope they can agree on a weight. If rousey doesn’t want to move up, and cyborg doesn’t want to come down, maybe they can meet at 140. I mean, there simply aren’t a whole lot of female fighters out there like in men’s mma.

  • horaceharter

    Let Cyborg leave Strikeforce. Cyborg will then show up somewhere else as a man and fight there.

  • fightfan

    How would you feel? Cyborg getting screwed with badly. Now they have Rousey, they no longer need Cyborg.

    They even kicked Cyborg out of the arena for the fights last nite. What would you think? Overeem dodged the commisions test, and left the country. Then after 10-12 days(after dope was out of system) contacted them. Then he was stupid enuff to start using again and got that surprise test at the press conference. But The Reem isnt being treated like dirt, like Cyborg

    • Lesnardo

      What did Cyborg do that prompted her being kicked out? I didn’t really follow.

      SF needs Cyborg even more so than UFC needed Fedor. And you saw how not having Fedor affected Dana emotionally. Dana was forced to make comments that he knew to be false (that is, Fedor sucks…he is not even top 10 circa 2008) to protect the legitimacy of the HW division, the flagship division of any combat sport organization.

      “The baddest women on the planet is NOT in SF!” <—how would that sound to SF execs?

  • fightfan

    Cyborg getting screwed with badly. She was kicked out of the arena when she showed up for the fights Saturday nite. How would you feel? You got Overeem who is being treated like royalty compared to her

  • WhiteboyGBJJ

    If Cyborg would just have her dick and balls cut off, she would drop weight due to lower testosterone levels and no one would suspect her of doing steroids….

  • The13oss

    Wow. I love how a lot of MMA fans rip Cyborg, but was all forgiving when it was Chael Sonnen when he got popped for roids. No one ripped him apart like they do Cristiane, why? If it’s that serious, then rip everyone guilty of it. Barnett, Belfort, Bonnar, Sherk, Damm (Woman), Silva (Big Foot), Leben, Shamrock, SONNEN, Santos, etc…if it’s wrong, it’s wrong for everyone.

    • Drewsiph87

      Chael Sonnen was not caught using steroids… If you do the research he was suspended for failing to notify the commission of his TRT use. Which is not steroids, it’s a replacement therapy because his body stopped producing normal levels of testosterone, most likely due to steroid abuse 😛 Barnett does get vistimized by his history of steroid use, have you ever been to a show that Barnett fought on? I have and the entire crowd was chanting “STEROIDS” during his entire fight.

    • Lesnardo

      Dude, people here have ripped Reem for using drugs.

      Not sure if we are ripping Cyborg more than we ripped Reem.

      I think Cyborg can beat Ronda at 140lbs.

      Let the two fight.

      Until Ronda beats Cyborg, I wouldn’t call Ronda the baddest women on the planet.

  • odiodio

    Well, Rousey vs Cyborg appears to be drawing near. Visiting the strikeforce fighter profiles, Cyborg is listed at 135 lbs. So it looks like she dropped weight. Oh wait, Gina Carano is listed at 135 too, oh, and there is no featherweight division anymore. Maybe strikeforce is trying their best to manipulate Cyborg into the fight. However it happens, I’m excited. Maybe they can arrange it in time for christmas. Please, Santa!