Cris Cyborg Says Test Failure Due to Supplement

January 7, 2012
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Cris "Cyborg" SantosThe California State Athletic Commission on Friday announced that Strikeforce women’s featherweight champion Cris “Cyborg” Santos failed her required drug test for Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Masvidal.

Santos tested positive for stanozolol metabolites, an anabolic steroid. She was fined $2,500 and suspended for one year.

“I would like to sincerely apologize to Strikeforce, the Zuffa organization, Hiroko Yamanaka, and my fans for my failed drug test,” Santos said on Saturday in a statement on her personal website.

“I am ultimately responsible for everything I put in my body, and at the end of the day, there is no excuse for having a prohibited substance in my system. I do not condone the use of any performance enhancing drugs by myself or any other professional athlete, and willingly accept the penalties and fines that have been handed down to me by the California State Athletic Commission and those of the Strikeforce/Zuffa organization.”

She did not, however, admit to knowingly taken a steroid. Santos said that she believes the positive test result was due to a dietary substance she took to cut weight for her fight with Yamanaka.

“While I was preparing myself for my last fight I was having a difficult time cutting weight and used a dietary supplement that I was assured was safe and not prohibited from use in sports competition. It was never my intention to obtain an unfair advantage over Hiroko, mislead Strikeforce, the Commission or my fans. I train harder than any fighter in MMA and do not need drugs to win in the cage, and I have proven this time and time again!

“My only mistake is not verifying the diet aid with my doctor beforehand, and understanding that it was not approved for use in the ring. Unfortunately in the end I suffer the consequences and must accept the responsibility for my actions.”

UFC president Dana White has stated that Santos would be stripped of her title, and that the entire 145-pound Strikeforce women’s division is in jeopardy.

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  • Iamrozylo

    My ass! She’s been cranking since she debuted. Maybe if she stopped she’d make 135.

  • fitefan

    blah blah blah dietary supplement

  • jmsbjj

    WOW!!!!!!never heard that bullshit before,change your name to barry bonds and die!

  • bdono554

    There are dietary supplements that raise your natural steroid level in your body… but they all have big bright labels that say “DO NOT TAKE THIS IF YOU ARE BEING TESTED! YOU WILL FAIL THE TEST!” So yes she didn’t take steroids she just took something that still gave her an unfair advantage. Marquart and Sherk used this excuse so they can say they’ve never used steroids. But there cheaters none the less.

  • bdono554

    Never mind my last comment she tested positive for an animal steroid. She still a cheater she’s now just a dumb cheater.

  • johnt

    actually she was found having stanazolol in her system which can be used on animals but it is also used in humans and manufactured by several US drug companies under various names. One of which is Winstrol V. It is a well known cutting agent.
    Interesting side effects too, see if they sound familiar ok?
    in women – hoarse deepened voice, hair gets very dried out and strawlike, skin gets rough texture, increased muscle mass with drastic fat loss, enlarged coochie, and increased aggression.
    the dietary supplement thing is no longer viable because there are no supplements currently available that will raise your metabolites. That “warning” they put on the bottles is for marketing. Only Androstenadiol and Nor-Androstenadiol caused increased levels. Also, fyi, only Nandrolone is raised by supplements. NEVER anything else. ONLY NANDROLONE.
    i hate liars

  • alhmiel

    plain unattractive girls fighting is worthless to the sport and MMA. there is no appeal for ugly woman to fight. sara kaufman offers nothing to mma and is dull. Santos is half man as a future check-up will disclose. If woman’s MMA is to survive it will be with an attractive array the of fighters that the fans want to see and look at. Listen to Dana White he made the Rousey-Tate fight for ratings and appeal. because they are both attractive and talented. DUH???

    • fitefan

      You got issues dude.

      Talented girls fighting helps MMA, ugly or not. It isn’t a beauty pageant. It’s a fight.

      Ugly girls fighting just don’t seem to satisfy your need to be visually bombarded with eye candy. And you are trying to speak as if you are the representative of every male MMA fan. And you are not.

      Besides, how long do you expect an ‘attractive’ girl to stay attractive in a full contact combat sport?

      Rousy is young and cute, but resembles a rather shapless girl.
      Tate has a much better body, but I can barely call her attractive with that nose of hers.

      Go watch some mud wrestling, and leave the fighting to the real fans of MMA. Last thing I, and I dare say many of us want to see is a bunch of no talent ‘attractive’ hacks, flailing away pulling eachother’s hair in a serios competitive combat role.
      It will devalue the sport, yes, even the men’s MMA would suffer because of it.

      And Dana can talk all he wants about how he is solely driven to advance the sport. But he’s just a money man. Whatever generates more revenue is what he is behind, everything else is just convenient coincidence.