Cris Cyborg Says She is Willing to Fight Holly Holm, but No Discussions Have Occurred

April 8, 2014
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Cris Cyborg JustinoFormer world champion boxer Holly Holm’s camp recently said that preliminary talks are underway for a possible pay-per-view bout with Invicta FC featherweight MMA champion Cris “Cyborg” Justino, but it seems someone forgot to mention that to Cyborg, who has denied any knowledge of such a fight.

“I like Holly Holm. She is a great boxer, but neither myself nor my manager has spoken to anyone about a fight with Holly Holm,” Cyborg posted on her Facebook page on Monday. recently reported that one of Holm’s coaches, Mike Winkeljohn, said that there have been preliminary talks for a possible Holm vs. Cyborg pay-per-view fight if Holm’s recent negotiations with the UFC failed to materialize into a contract.

For her part, Cyborg isn’t saying that she wouldn’t fight Holm. Quite the contrary, she surprisingly said that she would even consider going toe-to-toe with her in a boxing match.

“I will fight anyone, anytime, anywhere,” said Cyborg. “I would love to fight [Holm] – boxing or MMA – but first she has to sign with Invicta or at least have her manager contact my manager before her manager says that we are discussing a pay-per-view.

“Unlike Ronda [Rousey], at least Holly wants to fight me. I respect that! I’m ready!! War!!!”

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  • benoit

    we can say whatever we want but Cyborg is a true warrior. Respect !!!

    • Maddawgmar

      That’s right!!! A true blue warrior that wants to fight on an even playing field, without taking any advantages to give her an athletic edge.

      • The Prognosticator

        You must have an issue with virtually half the UFC’s roster too, right?

        • Maddawgmar

          Yes sir! If they have been caught and proven to use steroids while competing, then I will never be a fan of them. Not just the UFC, doesn’t matter, I don’t like cheaters.

          • The Prognosticator

            Valid position. No complaints here.

          • earlsimmons

            thank you for posting your opinion on steriod use. So many of us on here get up everyday to see what Maddawgmar thinks…get overyourself bro no1 cares if your a fan or not.

          • Maddawgmar

            I was responding to one persons comment to my comment. This is a discussion stream to post ones opinions. And obviously you care enough to respond, so thanks for the supports sweetheart. Muah!!!

  • Fred U

    Playing the ball back to Holly Holms camp — nicely done! Cris is a warrior indeed. Now, we shall see whether that was just hot air on the side of the Holm camp to get the UFC to pay attention or whether they were serious.

  • The Prognosticator

    This seems like a ploy by Holm’s management team to get the UFC to give Holm the high compensation she has demanded. However, if the fight did take place, I think Cyborg would TKO Holm with ease.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Genius move by Cyborg’s team. Take out the only other opponent the UFC has talked about fighting Ronda. They can only hide Ronda for so long.

  • brad king

    holm not fraid to tangle with cyborg.another girl more skilled than the ufc’s fabricated champion. 1-Cyborg 2- Holm 3- Rousey.4 Tate

    • The Prognosticator

      I feel like Marloes Coenen could beat Rousey too. She is such a bad stylistic matchup for Rousey, long reach, good jab, and a very technical ground fighter. I don’t think Rousey could secure the armbar on Marloes or get inside her reach if she utilized good movement. Just my opinion, but yeah, your list seems about right.

      • Ol’ Rooter

        I watch the women fights, and the only two women I see that start a fight like they’re possessed is ‘roidborg and Rousey. The other fighters, Holms included, tend to pitter patter at the beginning of the fight, trying to feel each other out. ‘roidborg will beat Holms, and Rousey beats ‘roidborg, let alone Coenen. Simple shiat.

        • The Prognosticator

          You doing more than drinking alcohol if you really believe Rousey could beat Cyborg. There’s a reason she offered a 145 lbs fight to Gina and not Cyborg. Rousey knows she’d get KO/TKO’d. Cyborg also is well versed in BJJ and would not be an easy armbar, by any means, if the fight hit the ground.

          • Ol’ Rooter

            You must be drinking the dregs out of my bottle if you think ‘roidborg can beat Rousey at 135. NewsFlash!!! Rousey offered to fight Gina at 145 for one reason, and one reason only…to troll the hell out of ‘roidborg, and her hangarounds…you included.

          • The Prognosticator

            Newsflash! Rousey has no opponents that will be decent draws other than Carano and Cyborg as very few people even know of Holly Holm. The reason Carano is likely going to get a 145 lbs opportunity to fight Rousey is to keep women’s MMA profitable for the Station Casinos Inc. and the UFC.

            This same courtesy is not being extended to Cyborg because she’ll win easily against Rousey by KO/TKO and effectively stultify women’s MMA as a financial investment. No one will want to buy a PPV Cyborg is headlining because she is unattractive, unmarketable, and inarticulate.

            Personally, I think this is a shame because she is clearly the best women’s MMA fighter in the world, however, I understand the financial underpinnings of the choice that has been made by Station Casinos Inc. and the UFC. This is why I sometimes wish Viacom would invest more heavily in Bellator MMA, so a truly premiere MMA organization could be created that was not as sensitive to market forces and thus not forced to make these types of business decisions on a regular basis, i.e. refusing to sign or cutting good fighters that have marketability flaws, such as Jake Shields, Yushin Okami, Jon Fitch, Ben Askren etc.

          • Ol’ Rooter

            Ha! newsflash is mine! Simple shiat here…’roidborg needs to show she’s not going to die at 135 if she wants to fight Rousey. That’s it. Nothing else. Can she? We don’t know because she said she would die at 135. 135 is where Rousey is. If ‘roidborg wants to fight Rousey, Rousey is waiting at 135. ‘roidborg is ducking Rousey if ‘roidborg doesn’t want to fight at 135. It’s 135 dude….135. Other than 135, go back into your hole, and STFU/

          • The Prognosticator

            I love how you don’t respond to my counterpoints but rather unleash a series of emotional attacks which shows how childish you really are. Newsflash! The fact of the matter is simple, Carano is being offered a 145 lbs opportunity, but not Cyborg, because Cyborg will knock Rousey’s head clean off her shoulders in round one. If Rousey was a real fighter, she would try to prove she is the best fighter and not try to emaciate a dangerous opponent for a chance at victory. Also note that Rousey began her MMA career at 145 lbs. It’s obvious that Rousey is afraid of Cyborg and not the other way around. Rousey has nothing for Cyborg, except a big mouth. Class dismissed young man, you can go out and play with other four year olds now.

          • Ol’ Rooter

            newsflash…Ronda trolled this shiat out of ‘roidborg, and you…take it….take it….

    • Fawn Lopez

      Hey genius! Who has Holly Holm fought? She only fights cans. God, you’re stupid.

      • The Prognosticator

        I agree with you about Holm as two. That choice was the only one I was uncomfortable with. I would put Marloes in her place and to all the people that will state Tate beat Coenen, I will simply state that I believe Coenen was winning that fight rather easily until she gassed out and got side choked. I doubt Tate could win a rematch with Coenen.

  • Fawn Lopez

    So Holly Holm’s people are liars? What a shock! They only want a UFC deal and are using Cyborg. Invicta is on life support and can’t pay Holm crap.

  • Wes Thomas

    Didn’t cyborg just lose to a kick boxer?

  • i know

    Rousey is terrified to fight cyborg. It sort of reminds me of anderson silva coming up with excuses to not fight weidman for 2 years, when weidman was the number one contender. At least silva overcame his fear even though he got mauled by a superior fighter. Hopefully rousey will follow suit.

  • Jacob K

    Yeah you’re right she’s only 8 time champ… Not that good.

  • Jacob K

    The two fighters who many would like to see challenge rousey next but are being ducked. Everyone here says holm is garbage, then why is Dana scared of her? If he hates her management so much, book her against rousey and let her smash holm if you are so sure of that outcome. You may have to pay holm more than you want, but you will shut the guys trap and ruin holm as a possible UFC fighter. Unless you think holm has a chance at popping your golden goose…
    Same exact s–t with cyborg except it’s even more pathetic and a virus ducking because there is no management dispute…she wants to make 135, she can, Tito is gone… What do you want Dana? There are plenty of fights made and title shots given in the UFC with less warrant than what cyborg has.

    In short I will be watching this ppv if it happens.