Cris “Cyborg” Santos Tests Positive for Steroids (UPDATED)

January 6, 2012
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The California State Athletic Commission on Friday announced that Cris “Cyborg” Santos tested positive for her most recent fight.

Cyborg blasted Hiroko Yamanaka in just 16 seconds at Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Masvidal in San Diego in December. That fight now, however, has been overturned to a no-contest.

Cyborg tested positive for stanozolol metabolites and was immediately suspended for one year and fined $2,500, according to a statement from the CSAC.

“Our primary concern is for the health and safety of fighters,” CSAC Executive Officer George Dodd stated. “Anabolic agents and other banned substances put not only the users of those agents at risk, but their opponents as well. The commission simply will not tolerate their use.”

Cyborg has long held the top pound-for-pound position in the women’s class among most pundits, but testing positive for steroids certainly puts a pall over her reign as the top female fighter in the world.

Santos has the right to appeal the commission’s findings. Her urine sample was tested by a World Anti-Doping Agency approved lab in California, however, and will likely be verydifficult to dispute.

Following our initial report, Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker released a statement both supporting the CSAC’s drug testing policies and his fighter.

“Strikeforce has not seen the test results regarding Ms. Santos. However, we have a consistent and strong stance against any use of performance-enhancing drugs.  We also have a long history of supporting effective drug testing of athletes by authorized regulatory bodies. Therefore, we will closely monitor the matter and will work with the California State Athletic Commission regarding any information we may be asked to provide,” Coker stated.

“We also recognize that Ms. Santos has administrative process rights under California law and we hope that she is not prejudged before she has the opportunity to exercise such rights.”

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  • Women’s MMA is in sad shape.

  • MikeMc1983

    Who would have thunk it???

  • I expect Carano to hold a press conference next week and announce she’s coming back…

  • Iamrozylo

    no way!!! Really? hahahaha

  • Yep. I don’t think a single person is surprised by this. Can we finally abandon the women’s super heavy weight division and focus on the good ones, like 105 and 115?

  • b-soc

    This is a big blow to women’s MMA. Funny thing is, there was no way she needed it. Her reputation is ruined. I don’t think she will bounce back from this. Especially where there is no competition left for her in the division, and the division is more or less being phased out. On top of that, there is no way on earth she makes 135 considering the struggles she’s had with 145.

    • She could lose a good deal of muscle by going off the juice….

    • fitefan

      I agree. Ruined. I don’t see her recovering credibility from this.
      Pity, regardless of what we all suspected, now that it’s confirmed, it’s gonna have a huge negative impact on womens MMA.

  • maddawgmar

    There was never any doubt. Women who have muscles like that always take something. They just don’t produce the growth hormones to built muscle like a man.

  • JohnnyUprise

    that’s ****** up. i think zuffa might have to dissolve the women’s 145 division. because, seriously… there’s no one fighting there any more.

  • RonnieV


  • Mario


  • afk

    maybe now she won’t have trouble getting to 135 lol

  • browill70

    The sad thing about it is she would’ve won her matches without the “stuff”. She definitely had the skill and power.

    • Prodigy815

      What do you think gave her the power? Always knew she was either a hermaphrodite or juicing.

  • also tested positive for a penis

    • fitefan

      *tears in my eyes*
      that’s so damn funny.

    • jmsbjj

      I think you can see a nut hanging out.

  • Madmaax9

    Are any of you really that surprised?? She’s a mirror image of her husband only with more hair on her head. She is too big and too aggressive for her to be natural. I still have my doubts about Overeem as well!!!

  • phrankthetank

    Way to go cyborg, you single handedly ****** over women’s MMA. Her weight class has to be toast. Even Dana white said they were “keeping the 135s and cyborg”. Minus cyborg what is there at 145? 1 Carano fight? Too bad, some of the female fighters have serious talent and this is good for no-one.

  • D-rail

    OH NO! her penis is going to shrink and she won’t be able to bang dudes anymore.

  • davestiles


  • This lady is one bad ass fighting machine. She can probably beat down the average man walking down the street. Definitely the best female MMA fighter right now. However, if these steroids allegations are true, that puts her reputation at rock bottom. A straight up cheater. Hopefully she’ll clean up her act next year.

  • LMAO! This is just too perfect.

  • jamesstenbeck

    But what is this “No Contest” business?

    It should be a LOSS for Cyborg, and a WIN for Yamanaka.

    Cheaters must LOSE – otherwise there is no real deterrent to cheating.

    • b-soc

      I couldn’t agree more. If you win and test positive, it shouldn’t be a no contest – it should go in as a loss on your record. I can understand the fight that ended recently because of a headbutt and some things getting overturned. Those are grey areas, but this is cut and dry. She cheated – she deserves the loss.

    • No deterrent? What do you consider the fine and 1 year suspension?

    • maddawgmar

      I agree it a should be on the record as a disqualification. No contest is for instances like a accidental foul causing an end of the fight i.e. Overeem v Cro Cop. I’m glad they striped her of the belt, and hope they make her jump through hoops to get her license back. And one year suspension, okay. But 2,500 dollars fine is a joke. She should have to forfeit half her purse to Yamanaka.

      • fitefan

        agreed. The fine was pitiful. But instead of half her purse, she should lose all of it. Why pay her anything at all to cheat? Not much of a deterrent to still get paid.

  • alhmiel

    Ban Cyborg forever as she disgraced the sport and all the clean hard working woman who got got pummelled by this medically induced machine. I am sure if more tests were run the results would be conclusive that Cyborg is really a man.

  • garyfredericks

    I hope this IS the death knell for women’s MMA. I cannot stand watching it! Same for women’s boxing. I do not care if somebody feels the need to spin my opinion as chauvinist. Women’s combat sports just do not jibe with me. I cannot stand to see a woman get hit and aside that, it is really boring to watch. Not saying it should be banned, but man, put it on it’s own card at least for those not into it.

    • fitefan

      It’s not fair to the women who want to fight, to be banned from fighting just because it goes against your ‘jibe’.
      Same argument can be brought against every contact sport men are involved in. It doesn’t ‘jibe’ with someone or a group of someones I can garantee you.
      Instead of all of us bending over backwards to accomdate your delicate sensitivities, why don’t you just go make a snack when a woman’s bout comes on? Why does the whole sport of women’s mma have to be isolated. It’s not like you are strapped to your chair, or they are showing a man’s fight at the same time so you are forced to witness it.

      • garyfredericks

        Why are you so worked up over an opinion fitefan? Using your same logic, why did you not just skip my OPINION to begin with??? Because it is there, and you did not enjoy or agree with it, perhaps you too were not strapped to the chair at your computer desk??? LOL

        • fitefan

          Because my opinion isn’t a desire for the “death knell” of women’s mma, denying them the right to compete in mma.

          Because my opinion isn’t an imposition of my will to remove women’s mma from the same event as the men’s because I don’t have the stomach for female contact sports.

          Because your opinion is not something I am repulsed by. The ‘logic’ is hardly applicable by the means you suggest.

          LOL? really? laughing at me? because you failed to understand my response so you immediatly tried to use my own words against me?
          I’ll never engage in an attempt to belittle you ‘garyfredericks’ by E-laughing at you.

          Perhaps I wasn’t respectful enough… lemme rephrase…

          Why should the entire world be denied access to women’s contact sports because it doesn’t sit well with you?
          And how did you expect a fovorable response when your opinion walks on the toes of the rights of us all?

  • mitchelrabin

    This is the FIRST TIME that Cris Santos has tested positive for steroids after years of being tested before and after many fights in her pro mma fighting career. So to infer that all of her success was due to steroids may be just a bit prejudicial. She has a right to appeal the results as the law allows and as Mr. Coker mentioned in his comments. Lets allow that process to proceed before a final determination is made.
    Also, the individual who indicated that Overeem abuses steroids is doing so without facts. Overeeem has been tested and retested for years and again, no positive results have ever been produced.

    • fitefan

      I agree. Santos has appeal options available to her. But rarely does someone get caught doing something for the first time. Still that’s no excuse. But if she got poped positive this time, and there is no significant change in her size since the last time. Then it’s not likely she just started. Or she would be noticibly bigger than last time. So it may be premature to say she was on them the whole time, but it is a logical conclusion nonetheless
      We should all know there are many ways to test negative for roids. Testing isn’t foolproof. It isn’t a garantee that if you ever did roids then the test will indicate it.
      Overeem is big, but he isn’t massively swollen up everwhere like ‘users’ tend to be. He’s ripped, and his head is still small. ‘:-)
      And he’s only 256 at 6’5″.
      He isn’t as easily tagged as a steroid user as say, someone who is 6’3″ and 265+lbs who used to be a WWE wrestler. Who also never tested positive for ‘roids’ but is a more likely candidate with that malformed head.

    • thegliphic

      So , 3 years later … you were so wrong it hurts to read your post . Come on man !Testing negative for steroids doesn’t mean that guys like Overeem and Cyborg aren’t using them . Do you not know that newly create PEDs haven’t had a chance to be discovered by anti-doping agencies due to the fact that anti-doping tests don’t know how to test for them yet? It sometimes takes years for anti-doping agencies to catch on to a new PED that athletes that have been using for ages , but because that new PED isn’t on the watch list means it hasen’t been classified or identified as a PED. Its a game of cat and mouse . Hence, the ability to test negative for years. The PED’s have to be known in order to file them as an illegal substance and that takes time . And the time it takes to discover new PEDs can be the time it takes to make a champion
      . Its not like the second a new PED is created , anti-doping agencies instantly know about it.


        Agreed. If the testing agencies kept a second sample and put it on ice like they did with Lance Armstrong, eventually the testing will catch up to the blood or urine donated. If she’s using now, she was probably using then, and any old samples (if they were kept) will demonstrate that. The MMA is not like the biking agencies who have been battle doping for decades, so my guess is that the old samples are long gone.
        It’s her word against the worlds suspicions, but she certainly looks like she’s been doping all along. If she decides to come down to 135 and Dana White makes her pass two drug screens, one while training (at a random point determined by the MMA) and one on the day she makes weight, she’s in trouble. They all have to pass a post fight screen, and I don’t see Cyborn dropping the weight, passing three drug tests and beating Rousey. She’s talking it up to get those PPV numbers up there, but my money is on Rousey.

  • evilpenguin

    Least suprising headline on


  • garyfredericks

    Didn’t they put that Santos guy in Playboy before too???

  • mikewinfield

    I’m quite certain she uses HGH as well.

  • kzinlm

    For anyone who thinks that the use of stanozolol was the reason she was such a great fighter is just simply ignorant. This is an agent that assists with weight loss and creating lean muscle. It does not have anything to do with making her the fighter she was. This is a huge loss for the MMA world. Why don’t they start testing NFL players, 98% are using!

    • Bill

      you are also forgetting it gives you, abnormal endurance and some stregnth gain.


      NFL players are both routinely tested and randomly tested for steroids and now HGH. Their biggest beef was the threshold for marijuana use, which a lot of black players seem to prefer (instead of beer) and off season testing for amphetimines and marijuana. From training camp through the Super Bowl they are probably the most tested athletes in the world.