Cris ‘Cyborg’ Santos’ Manager Says Fight With Rousey Will Happen, but Not at 135

September 7, 2012
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Cris "Cyborg" SantosCris “Cyborg” Santos’ manager believes a bout with Ronda Rousey will happen, but not at 135 pounds.

UFC Hall of Famer and former light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz now manages former Strikeforce titleholder Cris Santos.  He spoke with about Santos’ career, her return and a possible bout with Ronda Rousey.

“It is going to happen, for sure.  The fans are going to get that fight – at 135-pounds, no way.  She can’t do it healthwise, but the fight is going to happen, for sure,” said Ortiz about a Cyborg match-up with Rousey.

“When Cris Cyborg dominates and takes out Ronda Rousey then she’ll be right back in the shoes when she was a world champion and taking out some of the biggest names in the women’s division.”

Santos was stripped of her title after testing positive for a banned substance following her technical knockout win over Hiroko Yamanaka in December.  The win has since been changed to a no contest and Santos is currently serving a suspension from fighting.

“I know the mishap she happened to have last year,” said Ortiz.  “She was just in the wrong hands I think.  She stood up for herself.  She said, yes, I made a mistake.  I sat down and talked to her and told her we can’t have this happen ever again.  I kind of want to revamp you and make you the true champion you are.

“She said, ’yes, I made a mistake. The people around me were bad people, but I’m the one that made the decision and I shouldn’t have and I’ll never do it again.’

I said, ‘I’ll put my stamp on you. You’re a great fighter. You’re one of the best in the world.’ No girl can touch this girl. This girl is amazing. She is an amazing fighter.”

In her time away from competing, Santos has been working to make herself more marketable in the U.S.

“We actually have her in English classes right now.  I’m trying to help build her brand.  She promised me that she’s going to do everything in her power that she possibly can to continue to be a world champion.  We’re just waiting for her suspension to be lifted.  I think it’s in November,” said Ortiz.

“I want her to defend her title as long as Anderson Silva did… because the women’s division has taken off.”

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  • I hope Rousey just goes up in weight and fights her. Cyborg is not going to go down in weight at all. Isn’t it still to soon in both of their careers to be taking super fights? Cyborg just got stripped of the title and lost all credibility by testing positive. Rousey is still getting a hard time from fans with people insulting her striking. 6-0 vs 10-1-(1) Super fight? Idk. The build up to the fight is what’s really entertaining though.

    • macgrubber

      super fights in womens mma? no such thing bro. womens mma sux.

      • mcgrubber You’re obviously NOT an MMA fan,you’re only an MMA follower because it’s”cool”to be one!!!You also obviously have never watched a Woman’s MMA fight,coz if you did you wouldn’t say Idiotic stupid **** like you do,about Lady’s fights.Every time when there’s a Lady’s fight on Strikeforce or SFL they’re(the Ladies)ALWAYS outperform the Men.But you’re just repeating *** you heard Dana White said and you’re try to show yourself as an MMA expert,which you’re so far away from,than I’m from China!!!You’re probably one of those new generation of MMA”fans”whom are pissed off if the fight goes to the ground and no fighters getting knocked out cold or get badly hurt!You would be much better off going back to watch ONLY WWE,while believing it’s totally real!!!Cheers Matey woof,woof,woof!!!

  • Ketsugo_John

    Why did Tito get involved with this career long juicer? 🙁

    • atmosphere

      Tito and Cyborg had a nice chat while next to each other at the urinal

      • Ketsugo_John


  • maddawgmar

    Steroids aside, Santos is a serious threat to anyone. But if there is one woman that can beat her, it’s Rousey. Cyborg, has been taken down before. As a matter of fact she was mounted by Carano at one point and Carano just stood up. Her lone loss was by submission. Now Rousey who hasn’t used hands much will be at a huge disadvantage standing. But she is working on it, and if she waits the fight out a bit to train stand up then she just might be able to survive long enough to get the fight to the ground.

    This weight cut health thing is jus plain BS. If she can make 145 on roids then she can make 135 off of roids.

    • NOZARK81

      From what has been reported the steroids she used were for cutting weight, so making 135 may bery well not be possible for her.

      • NOZARK81


        • maddawgmar

          She took Stanozolol. Which is used for increasing body mass without gaining weight. Inflames the muscle as it burns the fat. It’s the same thing Baroni and Leben took. There is no medical proof that says it helps in losing weight. If she stops taking it her muscles will shrink and she could make 135. The losing weight thing was her claim and no one believes it for a second.

      • She’s a man now, no longer woman.

  • BlackDog2009

    At this stage in their careers I give Cyborg the edge. Juice or not, she will KO Rousey and no way will Rousey hold on to Cyborg’s arm the way she’s done with the smaller ladies she has faced so far.

    • Jiuce or not? She already juiced you idiot! She’s permanently a man now, that’s the only reason she would win against Rousey, which is why Cyborg needs to drop to 135 and shed off all that manly muscle she gained from jiucing, but she can’t drop the weight because she juiced. Cyborg probably wouldn’t KO anyone if she never juiced at all ever.

  • Ronda is the champion at 135 and earned it with hard work and great talent. It is her natural weight. If Cyborg wants to fight Ronda she must come in at 135 clean, no if ands or buts.It is strictly up to Ronda if she agrees to a catch weight of 140 to make this fight happen.For Cyborg to have her way would be a little like the Reem taking on Sonnen.By the way I would bet that Ronda’s standup would surprise everyone!

  • pooby

    Congratulations to Tito for retiring from fighting yet still finding a way to be an incredibly annoying presence in the mma world.

    • rsnowbass

      My thoughts exactly. Just go run your clothing line and be gone already…

  • adam1848

    I like Rousey, but calling a bigger fighter down to your weight class is just lame. I don’t understand the “Reem Sonnen” analogy above. I see it being more like Bones calling out JDS but saying come to 205, or Bendo calling out GSP but refusing to move up. If Rousey seriously thinks she can hang with Cyborg, at least offer to meet at 140, or move up to 45 and take the belt. Champions don’t clean out a weight class and then call people down to them, they move up.

    • BlackDog2009


  • GiovanniB

    I love Ronda but she needs to meet Cyborg at a catch weight or move up to 145lbs to take that belt. Rousey cuts to 135 anyway, so why not move up. Ronda’s always talking about how she doesn’t owe anything to Cyborg, but hey, Cyborg doesn’t owe her anything either, so as much as I love Ronda she needs to stop making a fool out of herself with her dumb trash talk. You want to fight Cyborg go up or meet half way to make this mega fight happen, but don’t be throwing BS around with dumb stupid illogical comments.

    Love ya Ronda! 😉

  • So if she won’t fight at 135 and 145 does not exist…I guess they will be fighting in the high school parking lot? Three o’clock high… Gonna be a brawl. Tell all your friends. IT’S TEN POUNDS CHRIS, you loose that every day doing cardio and jits. What gives? Any idea how hard ten pounds of functional muscle is to put on? Naturally? Man up. Do some cardio and spit a little, you can have it off before recess. Any wrestlers out in the world disagree? Just saying. ~s.rimer. Cincinnati.

  • They should fight at a catch weight of 140lbs,if Rousey has the”balls”to face Cyborg!Well Cyborg is a legit ground fighter just got her black belt of JJ and also ******* strong like a Horse.She used to be an Olympic calibre Handball Player and played with the Brazilian Woman’s National Handball Team.Her arms are strong and she can defend the Arm Bar!!!I cannot wait to see her knock Rousey’s teeth out and shut her big loud mouth for good!!!lol GO CYBORG KNOCK Rousey the **** OUT!!!!!

    • REALLY check out this GUY he likes dudes to beat up on women apparently, of course she is strong she juices. And if u really think brute strength can block an armbar…rephrase an olympic level armbar you have obviously never been armbarred. if u dont know the technical way to get strength aint gonna help for crap. and what is a atch weight gonna do womens mma although fun to watch has not developed super fights to be done at catch weight…YET. Cyborg u r still suspended u have plenty of time to stop juicing eat right do some cardio and drop the weight.

  • Cyborg seems to think that Rowdy Ronda owes her something.
    Guess what? You don’t deserve ****.
    You got busted for cheating and you are full of ****.
    Dominic Cruz is 5’8. Same height as Cyborg and he can make 135lbs. Dominic Cruz isn’t even the tallest person in that division.
    Cyborg needs to move down to 135lbs or STFU.

    • BlackDog2009

      except that its ronda whos makin the challenge, callin cyborg out. cyborg had nothin to say about ronda, but ronda started taunting. as many others have pointed out with examples, frankie edgar cant challenge anderson silva n ask silva to drop weight. so how do you come to the conclusion that its cyborg who thinks ronda owes her something, when its ronda who keeps calling her out?

      • Blackdog your comment is so stupid I don’t know where to start. Frankie Edgar isn’t champion to be calling out Silva to ask to drop weight. Ronda can call out whoever she wants, and Cyborg really wants to fight Ronda also, but wants Ronda to gain weight to fight Cyborg, Ronda said no, I’m champ you move to my weight class if you want to fight me. Why should the champ have to take on a diet and training to gain weight? The challenger wants the belt maker her cheating steroid taking self make the drop.

        • BlackDog2009

          now i get it! ,your anger, namecalling… some shemale broke yur heart huh? lol fukinretardd

  • horaceharter

    The stench surrounding Cyborg just got worse with Tito Ortiz joining her as manager. Cyborg is a dude and will destroy Rousey which will basically end Woman’s MMA/ Dana hates Tito also so that hurts Cyborg more. Face it Cyborg is one mess of a guy confused in gender and one ugly woman. Tito makes it worse.

    • I agree. Ronda doesn’t have to be forced to fight a man.

  • Do any of you realize the reason Cyborg cannot physically ever move down in weight? It’s because she’s a man baby! A woman taking steriods compared to a man taking testosterone is completely different, she’s a man now, you can’t reverse that ****. We want a fair fight! Take her manly ass down to 135, Ronda has no obligation to change her weight at all. The rule breaker/cheater is the one who has to torture her body to drop weight.

  • passingthru

    Blah, blah, blah with the Cyborg roid use. Whether she was “enhanced” or not, she still is a fighter. And from what I’ve seen, a pretty complete one. Stronger or faster on PEDs, she still knows how to bring it. And I can’t help but believe she’s full of heart. All Brazilians do. The Rousey fight needs to happen for women’s MMA advancement. Should Rhonda have her way? Possibly. But not at the expense of moving her sport forward. Too many issues made about weight in the lower levels. Catch weight and rumble! This is THE women’s fight worth headlining or PPV. Even worth throwing under a UFC headline – IMO.

    • passingthru

      Sorry, not main event, but main card on UFC on PPV draw.

  • FACT of the matter is, if Cyborg wants to be relevant again she ll drop the weight no matter how long it takes, she’ll have to quit juicing and power lifting and it may take awhile so she should start now, if she doesnt fight Rousey at 135 what or where or who is she gonna fight at 145 no one in that division anymore and only a hand full were in the division post suspension, if Julie kedzie dropped to fight, Cyborg will have to as well, Cyborg messed up not rousey she owes cyborg nothing cyborg is no longer a champion and ever since rousey crashed in the door of womens mma,Cyborg is in the back of the bus, so like i said if she wants to be relevant again she will drop the weight take the fight against Rousey, if not good luck finding an opp. or an organization that has women fighters in that weight class,

  • Cyborg is the champion!

    Cyborg will rip Rouseys head of! Douglasray why r u repeating Rouseys words we’ve already seen the dumb unprofesional videocomment she made.

  • I love you Chris cyborg, you are one of my favorite fighters of all time! I’m really excited to see you fight again, and have no doubt that you will become champion again! 🙂

  • Laguna

    rousey fought at 154 in the olymoics won a bronze in judo..she also started at 145 in MMA Tuff-n-UFF tournament..

  • imturtle66

    Can’t wait to see Cyborg Knock-out Pig Face.