Cris Cyborg Gives Up Bantamweight Bout, Intends to Defend Featherweight Belt

December 3, 2014
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Coming off of an injury and expecting to be back in the cage early next year, Cris “Cyborg” Justino has scrapped plans to drop to bantamweight for her next fight.

Cyborg is the current Invicta FC featherweight champion, weighing in for fights at 145 pounds. She has long wanted a fight with UFC 135-pound champ Ronda Rousey, but it has been made all too clear that she would have to be the one relenting on the issue of what weight to fight at.

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She was working towards making a drop to 135 pounds for her next fight, which had been scheduled for this weekend’s Invicta FC 10 in Houston. If successful, she would then try to build towards challenging Rousey. An injury forced her out of Saturday’s fight, and with that setback, Cyborg’s planned move to bantamweight has been put on hold.

CyborgFinney291SF“I haven’t fought in a long time. With this injury, I believe the best option now will be fight in my division,” Cyborg told “I can’t wait anymore, I need to fight. I’m the featherweight champion and Invicta FC needs me to defend my belt.”

The current plan, as she sees it, is to put her featherweight championship on the line in February, and then reassess a drop to bantamweight. The cut to 145 pounds is already a difficult one for Cyborg, who hasn’t lost a fight since the first bout of her career in 2005, so whether or not she ever sees 135 pounds is still a looming question. But her desire to fight is never up for debate.

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“Before I got injured, I was around 162 pounds with 12 percent body fat,” she said. “The weight cut is already tough for my division (at 145). I need to do a long work, and that’s why I prefer not to wait much longer and fight in my division.

“I need this motivation. I love to fight. Keeping me at home without a fight is the same to offer candy to a kid and then take it away.”

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  • Seth

    Blah, blah, blah, blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. You just proved you are scared and you prefer to stick to the weight class when you can bully ppl with some help from…hmmm…science. You talked so tough that you WILL make 135 and that you WILL fight at that weight…well, I guess your words are as legit as your former manager’s are. Good luck at 145, though. Im have funny feeling you will be on top there for a loooooooong time, Ms. #2-female-fighter-on-the-planet-for-ever.

    • Jason Priest

      Dude, you are one salty M**thaF**ka lolz.

      • Seth

        Im just saying how it is. She “wanted” to fight at 135 so badly, she was saying “Yes, of course, I will make the weight”. Then she pulls out of the fight because obviously she can’t make weight – and if you weren’t convienced that this was the case with her pulling out of the fight, this article now should make you 100% sure. She has (and she had) NO INTENTION to ever make 135. She knew she won’t make it, thanks to roids and PEDs, so she TRIED to play this drama and make ppl believe that Ronda doesn’t want to fight her. Now we can clearly see which on of those two backed down from a fight first. But of course – people will still blame Ronda, because that 145lbs she-hulk roid-abuser is amazingly clean fighter, which deserves all the praises in the world, right?

  • Kelly

    Who is left for Rousey? Holly Holm or Bethe Correia then it’s back to rematches. Could be more if any of the other girls can win consistently which it’s doubtful for many reasons. Unless some girl comes up through the ranks in impressive fashion this fight will need to happen sooner or later unless Rousey abruptly leaves the spot after her next 2 or 3 fights which is also doubtful for many reasons. I still see this fight indeed happening. I see it being her last MMA fight too that would be her picture perfect exit point from MMA win or loose. So really Cyborgs decision to wait plays well for both girls because Rousey is still busy and could still use some more fine tuning and Cyborg obviously needs time too so I say good cause Cyborg needs a couple more fights anyway to stay relevant and being on UFC fight pass gets other fans getting interested in her and they can market this thing properly and perfectly. This all just makes the fight more interesting more relevant the longer it takes, just not too long 😉

  • She can drop..

    She has fought at 135lbs.. Since Invicta does not test there female fighters for steroids she will continue to fight at 145.

  • Joe Dog

    It’s simple. Cris Justino simply does not want to wear a Reebok “uniform” any time soon.