Cris Cyborg Dropping to 135 Pounds to Retire Ronda Rousey, “Like I Did Gina Carano”

February 22, 2014
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Cris Santos vs Gina CaranoThere has long been tension between UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey and Invicta FC featherweight champion Cris Cyborg, as their willingness to fight each other.

Rousey vs. Cyborg was the first big fight that the UFC wanted to try and put together when it instituted the women’s 135-pound division early last year. Cyborg, however, was reluctant to drop to 135 pounds due to health concerns.

Since that time there has been much conjecture about the weight concerns and due to the fact that Cyborg has tested positive for performance enhancing drugs in the past.

Rousey has gone on to become a superstar as the face of women’s MMA, particularly in the UFC. That obviously doesn’t sit well with Cyborg, who arrived on the scene well before Rousey.

Cyborg apparently has finally had enough and released a statement to AXS TV’s Inside MMA on Friday, revealing her plans to, with the assistance of a doctor, move down to 135 pounds for three fights. She intends, per her words, to capture the Invicta FC bantamweight championship and then challenge Rousey with the intent of defeating her twice before leaving the division.

Below is Cyborg’s full statement:

“In reference to Ronda’s statement that I am looking for a payday so that I can retire, you’re right, I am looking for a payday to retire you like I did Gina Carano. But to show it’s not only about money, I challenge you to a fight – winner takes all.  Or better yet let’s fight for FREE. ANYTIME! ANYWHERE! Ask your daddy Dana to make it happen. 

My English is not that great, so sorry if I was misunderstood. I didn’t literally mean I would die if I made 135. What I meant was that my doctor recommended that I did not fight the rest of my career at 135, which is what the UFC wanted.

You have fought 154 in the Olympics and 145 in MMA. You can meet me at 140 easier than for me to go down to 135. The only reason you want the fight at 135 is because you feel that is your only chance because you hope the weight cut will affect me. You guys say I’m irrelevant, yet watch my highlights. The true MMA fans not only know me, but know I’m the best. Sad that you give the true MMA fans no recognition by saying that they don’t matter.

I’m currently training to fight at 145 on March 28 and in early May. My team has hired a medical doctor to help me make 135. I plan to challenge and win the Invicta 135 championship in the summer and challenge you, champion to champion, for your 135 belt in December.

Now I know critics will say ‘I thought you said you would die if you made 135.’ All I’m promising is that I will give 100 percent to try to get to 135 to make this plan happen. If I do, I will still listen to my doctor’s advice and fight no more than three times at 135: first to win the Invicta belt, the second time to kick your ass and the third time to kick your ass again so that the world can see it wasn’t luck. You can even have me tested every week up to the fight. That way you will not have an excuse after I kick your ass.”

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  • The Prognosticator

    This is it for the fans of Ronda Rousey that proclaim her the best female MMA fighter in the world. She will be seriously humbled via KO or TKO in round one against this monster. I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if Ronda Rousey retired after this fight.

    • joe c

      I wouldn’t be surprised if she retired BEFORE this fight. I think she knows she would lose. I could see her “Taking time off to make movies”, just to aviod fighting Cyborg

  • jpgagne

    Can’t wait to see this happen. Whatever haters of both fighters will say, these are the two best women in the sport, and it will be a very technical display of incredible skills.

  • Shred Man

    She had her chance to drop to 135 and fight in the UFC over a year ago and she refused because she and Tito said she would die. Since then, the women’s division in the UFC has blown up while Cyborg has become irrelevant and forgotten about. So now she talks smack before the biggest women’s fight in the history of MMA so she can try to be in the spot light again. At least she wised up and got rid of her retard manager Tito. She has never fought anyone near the caliber of Ronda or Sara. they are on a much higher level. Either Ronda or Sara would destroy her now. It might do her plastic surgery nightmare some good though, I don’t think it can get any worse.

    • used2bgood

      Last time I checked Christianne “Cyborg” Justino was the pound for pound BEST FEMALE FIGHTER in the world. So if you say she is irrelevant and forgoten about, Ronda might get her a** handed to her by an IRRELEVANT fighter.

      • John Bunch

        Or if he thinks she’s irrelevant, all he watches is the UFC. Most of the best men may all be in the UFC, but this is not true for the women, not by a long shot. With only one working weight class atm (yes a second in the works) no rational individual could believe most of the best women are in the UFC.

    • joe

      Women’s has not blown up in UFC. They just use it as a filler for fight cards. And Rousey headlining PPV’s is a joke. I mean look at the last title defense, against Tate who was coming off of a loss. Like it makes women in UFC irrelevant, and to think they even based a TUF show to hype the fight. UFC just keep forcing it down our throats. I mean when I am out and about I never here anyone talking about it, like no one is like “oh s–t, rousey is fighting this weekend” ..but more like “oh well who is the co-main?” lol so I don’t know.

  • used2bgood

    If Ronda gets mauled she can always go to Hollywood and make movies. I just can`t wait for them to fight. It will be a real treat for MMA fans around the world.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Ronda is no Gina. Gina still looks good without makeup and is likeable. Ronda brings nothing to Hollywood without the UFC belt.

      • used2bgood

        Gina is such a classy and beautiful lady! And she actually has some acting skills…in my opinion her movies are not bad.

      • Eric Tackaberry

        I’m glad someone else thinks the same about Rousey.
        She is two-faced and a bad ambassador for the sport as far as I’m concerned. This was shown on the TUF season she did and pretty much every press op.
        Women can be incorrigible douchebags too haha

      • dgs

        It’s never happened where every time I read someone’s posts on a message board I always agree with them. With your posts however, that seems to be the case, and once again, I agree 100% with your statement.

  • TigOlBitties

    Go kill her, Cyborg. Rousey likes to deny the death of children at Sandy Hook so after you remove her ugly head from her body, we can all pretend as though she never existed.

    • Jay A Nokay

      City full of actors.

  • Wade Lee

    I just became a Cyborg fan. Rousey will cower down in fear

  • brad king

    30 secs it will be all over. Another Dana White hype machine laid to rest. A lot will pay to see this so warranted annihalation of a cheese champion for sure.

    • Lawdog1521

      Don’t worry. Dana won’t let it happen for that exact reason.

  • Whackster

    She will murder Rousey. Bad move if Dana lets it happen. That girl will beat her head in. I will pay to see it. If Dana makes this fight happen, then Rousey will NOT go retire undefeated like she claims she will. This is a horrid match for Rousey.

    • The Prognosticator

      You suck at trolling lmao.

    • horace

      Rousey has zero stand up and Cyborg will break Rousey’s jaw.

  • War Cyborg!

    I will happily pay any amount to watch Cyborg kick Miss Piggy’s ass. She will end Piggy’s career!

    • horace

      Vegas will have Cyborg at 6-1 favorite

  • deepgrim

    things just got interesting, can wait to see how ronda responds to this one

  • joe

    Ronda will talk a bunch of smack but UFC won’t let the match up happen anyway. I admit I am not a fan of women’s mma, but I would love to see someone kick Rondas ass.

  • Mihael Hajdin

    She needs to hire Mike Dolche for this one, but it will be interesting to se her at 135, if the weight cut is done right she could be new champ..

  • Marc Livingood

    You guys all all f–ked Ronda is awesome and beautiful and very honest. Cyborg is a monster but at 135 she will be slammed to the mat and beaten up Ronda is a great athlete and very determined

    • TheCerealKiller

      “awesome and beautiful”

      Stevie Wonder, is that you?

  • TJ

    No 1 wants to see that half man fight….Its never been fair….

    • John Bunch

      If she’s half a man then it should be a fair fight between the two of you. You could be her tune up fight before Ronda.

  • Mma fanatic

    Dana White ! I issue you a challenge! From 1 of the UFC’s top fans ! Do not play captain save a Ronda ! This is they only fight that matters to woman’s MMA! The UFC is where the best fighters prove who’s the best! Do the right thing and make this happen for the true fans!

  • John Bunch

    I’m not sure the intellectual integrity of these comments can recover from a sentence like that. Lowest common denominator for the win.

  • Stephen Quadros

    I challenge her to a gender test

    • horace

      cyborg got issues and probably is a guy under close inspection but if it’s hidden so be it.

  • keith

    Who is Cyborg anyway??? Ronda would destroy her, break her limbs and send her in a box back to Brazil. Fight will never happen under the UFC umbrella, UFC will not accept ignorant/arrogant/cheater/current & former drug abuser.

    • horace

      cyborg beats Rousey into a bloody mess fast.

    • Fckyocouch

      Keith I like what your dumb ass said
      (UFC will not accept ignorant/arrogant/cheater/current & former drug abuser.)
      They let Josh Burnett, Overeem, Sonnen, vitor belfort, nick Diaz ECT. Think before you talk son!!!!!

      • keith

        @Fckyocouch why don’t u come to Oconto WI n say that 2 my face and I can show you what we n Spec Ops do 2 terrorists like u!!! Your just a bitch that types words and cant back them up unlike us chosen few.

        • John Bunch

          But what about Barnett, Overeem, Sonnen, etc…? Are you cool with them being allowed in the UFC?

        • Joey Kostons

          What the f is wrong you dude? Srsly, you are trying to be as alpha as you can in the comment section of an mma weekly post after you post some brainless redneck bs? And you expect people to take you serious :D?

      • keith

        OH were is the TROLL of MMAWeekly now, a liver shot wouldn’t be taking the win in your case…

      • julian moran

        Also Mir, Carwin, Lesnar and Big Foot…

        • beer

          Anderson Silva!!!!

    • Baller31

      Rousey would be crushed by cyborg, not even a good fight

      • julian moran

        It will be enjoyable to watch Rousey get koed.

    • Always nice reading this in hindsight. Stupid morons hahah

  • Maddawgmar

    The mere fact that Gina Carano had Cyborg mounted, I have no doubt Rousey could take her down over and over. The question would be, would she be able submit her on the ground, and would she be able to not be hit before she can take her down?

  • Collideoverme

    I think everyone is looking passed tonight’s fight which hasn’t happened yet. Don’t count McMann out…

    • Maddawgmar

      Absolutely right. I have been a huge pundit for McMann. Everyone, including experts are underestimating her. She has the skill set to beat Rousey.

      • Collideoverme

        I am not sure what’s going on with Dean, but last night he let one fight go too long and the Rousey/mcmann fight was stopped early, but Ronda took some shots right off the bat and walked right through them.

    • ty270

      Well said

  • uncle

    Cyborg is a cheater Ronda is number 1 period she made
    the bridge for women in the UFC, and that is more then
    what Gina did for the sport. everybody hates her because she doesn’t have the cookie cutter personality, people want a woman to be prissy all the time,and that’s not her she got heart and guts she is the best female fighter in my book

    • TheCerealKiller

      Learn to use a period, it helps us reading your posts.

      Cyborg comes in clean and on weight… still kills Honda.

      • uncle

        Cyborg comes in clean, forget a drug test
        she needs a gender test you probably have bigger tits then her she does ,Cris is a steroid abuser that don’t even belong in the UFC.

        • Guest

          I hate grammar Nazis but please stop…you’ve said plenty. It hurts reading your posts.

          • uncle

            So tell me which cereal box did you get your degree
            from ?

          • L

            Who cares if Cyborg is female, or on steroids? What I want to know is, who wins in a fight? And I take Cyborg.

        • beer

          Armstrong was also not a user!!!!!!!!!!
          The users in the UFC are more than the clean fighters
          Look a the users caught the last time

    • horace

      Rousey isn’t qualified to hold Cyborgs jewels.

      • uncle

        Don’t speak so soon she have to lose
        weight first

    • Rouseysdad

      People don’t like her because she’s annoying and looks like honey boo boo

    • Lawdog1521

      I don’t like her because she acts like a white Diaz. All she needs is the lisp.

    • beer

      She made no bridge
      The ufc did

  • knockout67

    Finally…screw being politically correct,I applaud Cyborg..Rousey has been talking s— for to long without a reply from Cyborg.If this fight ever happens Rousey will take an absolute beating.

  • horace

    It’s about time as Rousey has perpetuated the biggest fraud on fake fights for years now while Cyborg was avoided like a bad disease. Hopefully Cyborg destroys Rousey within one round. end this sham.

    • HoraceIsObsessedWithRonda

      Are you that obsessed with ronda that you have to post 6-7 times on one story about her?! Get a f–king life, or even better, as you obviously got no balls, get in the ring with rousey so she can snap your arm off <3

    • factsobill

      In your dreams maybe!

  • horace

    Dana will not let this fight happen. Tito’s stench is all over Cyborg. and Dana hates Tito and Loves Rhonda. also Rousey losing will cost dana $50million.

    • beer

      roussey loses against cat
      Cat will make the 50 million

      • factsobill

        Cat lasted what? 14 seconds! LMAO at your willingness to hate the Champ! Cyborg would love to fight RR at 175 lbs..but it ain’t gonna happen! She can’t make that weight so go take a flying kick at the moon! Rhonda has no worries at this time and Cyborg isn’t even on her horizon!

  • Derrick McCormick

    SHe did not retire Gina, Gina was leaving and she was all hopped up on Steroids. Im tired of both these guys.

    • Lawdog1521

      If you watched the fight, she retired her. And really, why should Gina take a beating like that when she could make more money elsewhere for less punishment?

  • Darth

    All she did was pull the Fedor card. We all know Dana won’t do a cross promotional fight and he shouldn’t. So until Chris signs with the UFC, there won’t be a fight between the two. BTW, Rhonda would whip her ass!

    • Elle Murad

      They are scared ! Very scared

    • Lawdog1521

      Dana lets other female fighters fight in Invicticus. But, no, he won”t let the fighter who will beat the **** his girlfriend do a cross promotional fight.

    • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

      Cyborg was in the UFC but demanded to be released when the UFC announced random testing

  • The second best eva

    It’s sounds to me like they just wanna make out and sciccor

  • horace

    Dana should make Cyborg fight 3-4 times before getting a shot at Rousey. The UFC cannoty let this non english speaking man child dictate waht he/she wants to do in the UFC. basically tell cyguy to go to hell

  • horace

    Cyborg cannot tell the UFC what she/he wants to do

  • horace

    Cyborg who cannot speak english cannot tell the UFC what she/he wants to do and at how many fights. make Cyguy fight at 135lbs for 2 years and 5 fights before Rousey. This is America and Cyborg ain’t American.

    • Lawdog1521

      Apparently she’s not the only one that can’t speak english.

      • brad king

        by the way horace lives in a magical world. Faber is an elf to him! His elder sister used to beat him as a kid

  • L

    Everyone knows Cyborg’s the better female fighter. More well-rounded, more powerful.

    • brad king

      i agree!

    • FastEddie

      Less skillful, and can’t take a punch as well as Rousey.

  • Elle Murad

    Cyborg is the only female I pay too see !!

  • Elle Murad

    Cyborg will clean the house like Anderson did !!

  • horace

    Carano makes 100 times what Cyborg currently makes so who retired who.

    • MmaFan

      Well she beat her out of a division in what was her profession, so id still say cyborg retired her, mug.

  • horace

    cyborg has no money cyborg has backing cyborg isn’t American cyborg cannot speak english. Cyborg and his big mouth and Tito brain has ruined any chance of this guy ever fighting in the UFC. ever.

    • junior

      Cyborg is a girl??? Unless u are perferring to her husband which is not the topic of this whole convo haha

      • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

        Cyborg is more man than most men. Cyborg has basically transformed into a man via 5-10 years of abusing steroids

  • julian moran

    Ronda will shut down, turtle up and start crying as soon as Cyborg touches her.

    • burgerman7

      lets just hope rhonda’s mommy is there with her dolly, after the annihalaion of the soon to be former champ..Cyborg will win the match with ease overunning RR in the process.

  • h0lt

    Maybe if Cyborg accomplished all of that without using steroids, I’d be impressed. But as it stands now, she is an average fighter whose made a career of fighting girls 2 weight classes below her, while constantly using PEDs..

    F–k Cyborg, hopefully Ronda rips her arm off and puts her out of action for good

    • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

      Best post in months. Finally someone who isn’t afraid to speak the truth about Guyborg

  • ergtergr

    get her cyborg, f lousey rousey

  • Ranch Guy

    Cyborg, losing in July to the skinny Dutch fighter was nothing compared to the ass kicking you would get from Ronda. Stay in Invicta where can fight all the unranked nobodies to fuel your doped up ego.

    • lol

      That skinny dutch fighter would destroy ronda in a muay thai match, and it was in march when cyborg lost to baars get ur factss right..

      • FastEddie

        Then put the skinny dutch fighter in the octagon with Rousey.

    • kimo-sauve


  • beer

    Cyborg would demolish rhonda
    She is too strong
    Rhonda knows it
    Thats why she will fight at 135

    • FastEddie

      Good thing for Cyborg that she can run her mouth and not have to back it up, as long as she doesn’t drop to 135#.

  • Philip Bagwell Sr

    Cyborg at 175# just after UFC184 night was finished…don’t think she’ll make it to 135# or even if she want’s to after the latest Ronda romp

  • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

    Everyone knows Guyborg was juiced to the gills when she fought Gina Carano. Everyone of Cyborgs wins should either be changed to NC or at least have an asterisk next to them just like Barry Bonds home run records.

  • polk14

    Cyborg might have beat Ronda a few years ago but not anymore. In fact I think Zingano or Nunes would beat Cyborg.

    • kimo-sauve

      NEgative There

  • kimo-sauve

    great ! hope the cyborg kicks the living Schit out of RR and all her Fans , lol

    • DRATON

      I do to she talks a lot of s–t. and even thinks she can beat male boxers she is afraid of Cyborg.

      • who what huh

        At least when Ronda talks s— about things she isn’t doing it’s fighting. Cyborg talks s— but STILL hasn’t gotten around to seriously attempting to make 135.

      • Jerry Lavoy

        She never said she could beat male boxers, you Cyroid fans love taking things out of context. The quote was that she could *Theoretically* beat 100% of male bantamweights, etc. Well hell i could theoretically do a lot of s–t. Including getting my ass down to 135 pounds. Unlike Cyborg. Three years later. Who’s scared?

    • factsobill

      Cool! Cause hope is all you have! LOL!

  • burgerman7

    i think it’s time for RR to retire before she gets run over by this true destroyer. Bet that Rhonda and Dana both are shaking in their boots!

    • FastEddie

      Why would you bet that?

  • Low

    Why the f— should the champion make exceptions to fight the challenger when the challenger is the one begging for the fight? If Cyborg wants to fight in the UFC then she needs to drop down to the weight required to do so in that division instead of throwing a temper tantrum every time Rousey appears on tv. This article is over a year old and she hasn’t done it yet so she must not want it too bad.

  • clem wilson

    Make Cyborg fight 5 figts at 135lbs before even getting a chance at Rousey. Rousey is the superstar face of the UFC and superstardom and the movies and commercials. Why infect and lose all that with the stench and rot of Cyborg?? makes zero sense having Cyborg anywhere near the UFC to ruin everything? just dumb and no speakee English either?? WTF?

  • Bobazarre

    Been watching Cyborg fighting for the past 5 years, I have no doubt she will beat Rousey at 135. I think Rousey needs to step up in wieght- Rousey is a pretty much a Dana White UFC spokesperson- any true mma fan would know that UFC is such a joke now- $$$ is everything. Would love to see Cyborg vs Rousey in the next few months, but $$$ is everything, it will be a long time before that happens and when it does Cyborg will be on the downslide of her prime giving Rousey the obvious win.

    • FastEddie

      I have yet to see Cyborg beat anybody at 135#. I’ll be surprised if she drops weight to fight any MMA fighter.

  • Jerry Lavoy

    Pfft, tell ya what, *WHEN* and *IF* you ever get to 135, then shout it from the rooftop.
    I’ve been hearing this garbage for going on 3 years. Just do it already or STFU. Seriously.

  • Suerte Bebe

    Cyborg just be professional you talk a lot, you say sorry after you let go a real loud smelly fart inside a half full elevator and everybody stares @ you…..I believe you…Ding!!! Elevator door opens people rush out and one person throws up….

  • Andrew Joiner

    Steroid freak angry, very angry! She roided up to get to her size. Get off the juice, sweetheart, and I’m sure you’ll find your way back down to 135. What does the doctor say about your roid use? LOL!

  • rottiforyou

    They are going to play this,and play this some more for all it’s worth. It’s all about money, and nothing more, just money. Now how lame is that. More then half the punches are pulled anyways. Blood packets do wonders. Now they are trying to put LOUD MOUTH RHONDA in the movies. Um ok! Wish someone would hurry up and knock her on her ass, but we all know the fights are fixed anyways, just to cheat people out of their money. Becoming more and more like the WWE. All show, and nothing more. I know the truth hurts.

  • Todd Winne

    It is a doomed event at 135bs. Not fair to Cyborg. It would be easier for Honda to go to 145lbs. Then, it will be a fair fight. It will be a joke at 135. Not fair to Cyborg.

    • FastEddie

      What top contenders has Cyborg beaten at 145?

  • jimmy777

    you were on roids when you beat gina, no?

    • Karl Matthew

      She still is. Look at her face. Wonder how she rationalizes to herself that its a fair fight. It about as fair as a man fighting a woman.