Cris Cyborg Committed to Bantamweight Drop and Getting a Shot at Ronda Rousey

August 14, 2014
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Cris Cyborg

Bellator MMA was busy on Thursday announcing its restart of the women’s featherweight (145-pound) division by signing Marloes Coenen and Julia Budd.

Speculation has also swirled that the promotion is competing with the UFC for the services of former Strikeforce champion Gina Carano, and would also like to sign Cris “Cyborg” Justino.

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While Carano may still be an option for Bellator – as UFC president Dana White has said that negotiations with her have grown complicated – it appears Cyborg has no immediate plans to join Coenen and Budd.

After news broke on Bellator rekindling its women’s division, sources close to the fighter reassured that Cyborg currently has no intent to join Bellator’s 145-pound class. She instead wants to stick to her plan of dropping down to 135 pounds and eventually getting a shot at UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.

Cyborg faces several hurdles, including statements that it was medically unsound for her to drop down to 135 pounds. Those comments were made while under the management of former UFC champion Tito Ortiz, whom she has since separated from.

White has said that the door is not closed on Cyborg, but made it clear that she would have to conform to the UFC’s weight classes, which means dropping down to 135 pounds, as that is the heaviest women’s division in the promotion.

“Either you wanna come (into the UFC) and try to be the champ or you don’t,” he said of Cyborg recently.

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The door for Cyborg to enter the UFC is right now probably as wide as it has been since the promotion first ushered in the 135-pound division. At that time, the UFC and Ortiz locked horns over Cyborg’s services, primarily clashing over the weight class. The UFC wouldn’t budge, and neither would Ortiz and Cyborg.

Now, however, the UFC has a strong partnership with Invicta FC, where Cyborg is currently the promotion’s 145-pound champion. Invicta has shown itself to be fully open to allowing its fighters to move into the UFC as the opportunity presents itself, and Cyborg, sans Ortiz, has embraced finding a healthy way to make 135 pounds.

Invicta FC president Shannon Knapp has also been open to her featherweight champion making the drop to 135 pounds with the hope of eventually getting a shot in the UFC. Cyborg realizes that she’ll need to do just that, drop to 135 pounds and get at least a fight or two in the weight class with Invicta under her belt before the UFC would be willing to take a chance on her fighting in its bantamweight class.

And as of right now, it appears that is what Cyborg fully intends to do.

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  • Cassio Ludewigs

    Gina was never the Strikeforce champion

    • TheCerealKiller

      She only fought twice for Strikeforce, 2006 and 2009. 1-1

      • Jaclyn KissmyGrits

        LOL riiight. She a poser.

  • brad king

    wow wont that be great if she armbars rhonda for the ufc title!

  • lowlb

    I think Ronda will kick his ass.

  • Thomas Dailey

    reality check,At 135 not a fair fight. I dont think Rousy will ever get to the ground Justino WILL knock her out.

    • Mike

      You are crazy. Rousey will slam her to the ground if need be. And if she can strike against her she will do that too. But if not…. SIDE SLAM Extremely hard and arm bar. There is no way Cyroids beats Rousey.

  • JonBonus

    Cyborg will be a much more frail opponent at 135. And being a muay Thai style Chute Boxe fighter at heart, she will be too comfortable in clinch range. Ronda Rooster will Judo that.

  • Mark McDowall

    If she can make the cut properly and isn’t completely F’d after doing so…then I think it will be a great fight. If it stays on the feet then its all Cyborg…on the ground…well Cyborg is great at BJJ too so who knows if it turns in to a ground fight. Either way…until these 2 step in the cage together it will always be debated…

    • Mike

      No way Cyborg beats Rousey. Its not happening. Not in this lifetime.

      By the time Cyborg gets into the UFC Rondas punching will have been improved to the point where Cyborg wont be able to trade punches with her.

      And on the ground? No way Cyborg beats Rousey.

      I don’t think Cyborg is at the same level as Rousey.

  • She can

    She used to fight at 135 lbs in 2008… Women do not put that much muscle on in a naturally…

    • She can do it

      Check out the pics, it is all ripped muscle..

  • eddie eagle

    Rousey doesn’t need Cyborg and the UFC doesn’t need Cyborg. Rhonda would beat him anyway.

  • bob goe

    Cyborg is not welcome in the UFC go stink up elsewhere.

    • eddie eagle

      great point bob as Cyguy is a stench not needed in the UFC.

  • james j

    Bring back Tito. He is hilarious.

  • eddie eagle

    Cyborg is not needed in the UFC. Who wants a man as woman’s champ. Go away steroid guy.

  • eddie eagle

    Cyborg got some jewels hidden up there somewhere. two of them.

  • Mike

    Cyborg WILL NOT beat Rousey.

    Look at their fights round times.

    Cyborg has had many many many Women take her the distance or close to it.

    Rousey hasn’t had anyone but Miesha Tate take her out of the first round and probably because of the coaching gig.

    Cyborg cannot be Rousey period.