Cowboy Cerrone’s Lot in Life? Put UFC President Dana White On Edge (UFC 178 Video)

September 28, 2014
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There isn’t a lot that puts UFC president Dana White on edge, but that’s evidently what Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone‘s lot in life is, and it has very little to do with his in-cage exploits. No, Cowboy crawls under White’s skin by spending his final preparations on fight week with daily wakeboarding expeditions and, of course, there’s the occasional bullriding.

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  • dandogood

    Keep in mind Cerrone lost to average Nate Diaz.

    • Ian Price

      Yeah but I think Cerrone let Nate get into his head. If you look at Cerrone when he’s in the groove, he’s close to unstoppable.

  • Bob Sacamanto

    That was the same “average” Nate that destroyed an unstoppable Jim miller

    • Wayne

      Yeah if we are doing the “MMA math” then the same “unstoppable” Jim Miller Diaz submitted in Round 2, Cowboy headkick KO’ed into oblivion. I think it’s obvious Cowboy’s mind wasn’t in the first Diaz fight and we can all agree the fight would be much different this go around.


    cerrone would beat nate diaz if they fight again-cerrone was in a stupor when they fought

  • David Huenecke

    I say whatever gets him amped for the fight he should do. I get that his extra curricular activities are dangerous but he’s yet to get hurt and not be able to compete. When that happens Dana definitely will need to have a talk with him.

  • Joe Dog

    Cerrone has already killed 2 Budweisers at the press conference.